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La Salle is the best private school in the state. The amount of opportunities and the supportive community is incomparable.
I like the opportunities you receive when you attend La Salle, for example, with a permission slip signed, a student is allowed to take a camera such as you would take out a camera from the library. Students are given a certain amount of independence during clubs and they can voice their opinions to the school, changing it for the better. Teachers thrive to get to know their students, for example, our Challenge Success event where teachers can talk to students who become ambassadors of other students. It's a welcoming community.
The Bathrooms at LaSalle always smell awful, kids are mainly spoiled and snotty and the teachers are biased towards the female population of the school. The school gives unjust punishments for students and religion is almost forced. The middle schoolers are the worst part about Lasalle. The teachers in the middle school are also awful and the high school ones are better.
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La Salle Academy definitely has it's up and downs. There are teachers that will care whether you fail or not and others that will purposely make sure you don't pass their class. But, overall if you put in the effort, teachers will show that appreciation. It's not too easy to get ahead within the school unless you are already up there, in the level of classes, but you will have to fight together moved up.
One of the best private schools in RI. I know they are a religious school but they force 4 years of religion which takes away the opportunity to learn other things. no diversity
La Salle Academy is an exemplary school for every type of student. The teachers are dedicated to the academic and societal integrity of every student. This school had adequately prepared me for my further education and life post graduation.
I love La Salle Academy but I feel as though teachers are not treated the best by the students and they have little power. This leads to kids thinking they can get away with anything causing issues.
I am currently a senior here at La Salle and I have absolutely loved my time here. I would recommend it for anyone who interested in a challenging high school curriculum and a strong sense of community. My favorite school event is the football games which are always packed and all of the students have great school spirit.
La Salle Academy is a great school with an outstanding athletic program and an equally achieving academic program. La Salle Academy presents its flaws but my overall experience at La Salle over the past few years has been some of the best of my life. La Salle is a great community to be a part of and I could not imagine a better environment to grow and learn in.
Great campus and beautiful sports fields and equipment. Football games are very fun and lively to go to. There are many clubs to join and elective classes to choose from.
Great School with great values. The teachers and staff are really supportive and do whatever it takes to make the students great. Sports are very conservative but fun and fair. Students come from all over the area so the student body is very diverse. The school itself resembles that of a small campus so prepares the students for transition into small college or large university.
If you choose to determine your son or daughters future by choosing a high school; then I urge you to choose La Salle Academy. From the moment you enter the La Salian community you are welcomed with open arms. This is done by the teachers, administrators, brothers, and the students. The curriculum has many levels that are able to challenge students and fit their needs. They push them to achieve not only in the classroom but on some of our many championship sports teams. Not to mention the amount clubs at La Salle are far too numerous to count, and I challenge any students to not find a club for them. It is true as far as the saying goes "If you come to school at 8:15 and leave at 2:30, then you only experience half of what makes La Salle, La Salle.
La Salle Academy is a very good school. Almost all of the teachers and administrators are shown to have great care for their students. However, certain students are treated much better than others and their is a great amount of favoritism. There is also the fact that the behavior of certain students is atrocious and the administration lets them get away with it. The most notable of this is the racist attitudes that some students hold. The academics are great, the sports and arts are amazing, but it doesn't really feel like a community.
La Salle is an oustanding college prepatory school with vigarous academics, a wide variety of clubs and extracurriculars, and competative sports teams. The teachers care about the success of their students. La Salle accepts students from all backgrounds.
My experience at La Salle Academy has been the best experience. There have been so many memories I've made that I will remember and so much knowledge I have gained. The school has so much to offer. There is something for every person to get involved in. There are many fun events to attend as a school community. It is a positive learning environment.
As an alum, I can say that La Salle not only prepared me for college but also helped me grow and mature. I have many opportunities to explore different activities/clubs and meet all different types of people from all over the state. I would not have been as successful or as happy if I want to my town high school.
I loved my experience at La Salle because of the family here. The inclusiveness at the Academy is outstanding and the faculty and students are kind and always willing to help. I am so proud to be a member of the La Salle community.
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La Salle was a fantastic 4 years of my life - I wouldn't be where I am today without it. I played varsity soccer for four years and loved every second of it with one of the best high school coaches in the country. Our program was one of the best and I am blessed for that opportunity. The academics were also critical to my future - teachers, counselors and professinals at La Salle pushed me to be the best version of myself, and I grew to be an outstanding young adult due to those intense, yet loving, pushes.
The academic offerings were excellent. Many AP classes offered and Honors level courses starting in Freshman year. It is a Catholic school, so there was a strong emphasis placed on religion and everyone was required to take a religion class each year. The culture definitely favored male students and athletes, which detracted from the academic environment.
Lasalle is a great school! The faculty and students are very welcoming and respectful. There are many opportunities to be involved in clubs or other activities.
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