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While I spent my time at La Mirada High School, I noticed that funding for educational purposes were a bit lack lustered while funding for sports was adequate if not superb. Most of the teachers here were caring but there were a few in specific departments that did not have the best intentions in terms of teaching. I feel as though there were times where the teachers and staff needed to be the bigger person but chose to lower themselves to the standards of the students attending. There were also a few students in my graduating class who were threatened with not walking on graduation on falsified charges of uniforms that were allegedly distributed but never returned.
It's a plain school, and incredibly average. There are moments where it's fun, and being in ASB we try to make it more exciting, but the school is only as fun as the people who attend it. Classes get the job done, the architecture is average, overall the school is incredibly mundane.
Graduated from La Mirada High School and had amazing experiences there. The teachers are quality who make the material understandable. There are also plenty of options for clubs and sports.
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I went to La Mirada High School and so did my sister. The four years here honestly could have been better. My classes and teachers were great. Like any other schools there are teachers that are super easy to pass and others where you have to put in more effort. The administration at this school is a whole other story. I personally did not like our administration. I have never done anything wrong yet when it comes to communicating with them they make this little comments that are either unnecessary or wrong. For example calling my mom by a different name right after she told you her name. In my four years here I choose not to eat the food the school provided. It either didn't look appetizing or wasn't good. Our school is currently being remodeled but the overall campus need a refresher.
La Mirada High school was the best for me to grow and experience the medical path way i want to do when i get older. This high school has so many diffrent oppturanys in life experance for jobs when you get down that road. I would thank every teacher that for every thing that they have do for me to learn even harder and that to believe i can do this myself.
La Mirada High School really wants their students to be College & Career Ready. They have multiple resources that help students be ready for after high school.
High School here was good. Nothing too extravagant happened here. Although many dances were canceled besides homecoming and prom because no one would buy tickets. And we didn't get to have many home games because they started to redo the gym. But other than that, the teachers were good, other than those that got in trouble... they know who they are.
I really liked this high school because of how much they are concerned with you going to college. We have a teacher that does college readiness and helps with applying. Overall I think this is a great high school with good teachers, admin, and sports as well.
My high school experience here was average, to say the least. I had some amazing teachers and some horrible ones. However, during a recent cheating scandal, the administration has failed to do anything and has protected said student and allowed them to remain valedictorian and thus get into a prestigious university.
A lot of teachers at La Mirada High school are very passionate about what they teach the students, there are also lots of resources that are available to the students. One such resource is the college and career ready center that gives students the opportunity to research and ask questins regarding colleges or careers they are interested in. There are also plenty of clubs and extra circular activities the students can participate in, and learn responsibility. The school also provides many volunteer, and community service opportunities for the students.
I have had good teachers as well as not so good ones. I have had good experiences throughout these 4 years. There are lots of opportunities for taking more challenging classes which is something I really like.
La mirada high school allowed me to connect with so many different people and made high school an overall more enjoyable experience.
If you are in sports, you are recognized as a gold star, but if you are into academics, you are not as recognized. There are also some security guards that just don't have brains nor common sense, making experience at school a lot worse.
I liked amount of clubs and events there are at the school and the sports teams so you were able to get involved with the school. Some of the teachers there could be better at teaching their class.
What I like about the La Mirada is that the teachers around me. Because I am a new student from the Philippines. And, when I moved at La Mirada High School, a lot of personnels and staff that welcomed me to their new family. Also, what I like is that the students they welcomed me and understands about my culture and helped me a lot in adjusting to new environment im in. Moving to a new school is really hard. And when I moved here I faced a lot if difficulties in adjusting here but thanks to the teachers and classmate that helped I’m starting to love the country and their culture too.
La Mirada was very clique-y when i attended. There was a great divide between students involving their looks, skills, personality, and where they fell overall on the social ladder. I wish there could have been more opportunities to learn more about colleges, specifically financial aid.
La Mirada High School is a closed knitted community, therefore you feel support coming from all places.
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Such a diverse community with not so diverse opinions. The only reason why people would say it isn’t diverse is because the lack of culture. I felt stuck, as someone who lived in the Philippines for 10 years. Some people were really great, only a couple teachers stood out to me. My favorite was the guidance counselor, so a special thank you to Mrs. Nguyen for guiding me through senior year. I wouldn’t have gone to college or even been applying for this scholarship if it wasn’t for her.
La Mirada High School was very diverse. The teachers truly care about their students and want them to succeed. Although academics is not a strong suit for this school, sports have done super well.
La Mirada high school was a very great school with an excellent staff who focuses on prepping students for college and encourages them on their future throughout the four years.
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