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Best decision we could have ever made!
In 2006, we visited every private school in San Diego that we could in order to find the perfect place for our two children (then 4 & 2). LJCDS was our choice and 14 years later we can confirm that it was the best school for our children!

When we were looking for a school, character education was very important to us. LJCDS was the only school that advertised their character education prominently in the admissions process. (Happily- they lived up to their promises too!) Today, LJCDS is still focused on character, through their emphasis of "dignity" in all things. It is truly impressive.

One of our children was academically gifted and a talented athlete but didn't appreciate the arts. Our other child is academically average but a gifted athlete and talented artist. Both found their way at LJCDS. Both have thrived. Both are better citizens because of attending this fine institution.
I have had three children at this school. I every time I attend back to school night I am blown away by the teachers. They are one hundred percent dedicated and care deeply about all the children. I describe the teaching as gentle but serious. Standards are high but the teachers are very eager for the children to succeed.
ljcds is an excellent school. The teachers care tremendously about their students and go out of their way to provide help, if needed.
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I have been a parent of two LJCDS kids for the past 7 years. We feel fortunate to be in a community invested in all aspects of our kids' education and growth, including - but extending beyond - academics. The school demonstrates a commitment to developing the whole child, promoting dignity and character, and making the world a better place through service and philanthropy.

The faculty are extraordinary. The extra time, personalized attention, and genuine caring they offer to their students has benefited my daughter in particular who has some learning differences. She's had some great teacher champions to support her along the way.

We've chosen Country Day to best prepare our kids for life and are very happy with an appropriate balance of academic rigor and a well rounded program meeting their diverse needs and interests.
Country Day has given me so many amazing opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to have anywhere else. I’m so thankful that I go to this school
The school, in general, is of really good quality, the teachers are great, very open-minded and helpful when needed, even though they do try and let you figure things out by yourself, but that is a good thing, because it helps us students really push ourselves and try and come up with better solutions to our problems or doubts.
a great school with teachers who truly care about every student. The community is welcoming, and there's so many great opportunities.
I attended LJCDS from 7th - 12th and didn't regret a second. I quickly found a good group of people to hang out. The teachers were forgiving but never failed to provide a challenge. They were very available at all times if I ever had any questions. The facilities are fantastic and any that are not up to standard are promptly renovated. I was never much of a sporty person but the coaches I did play under were all very kind and effective.
I can't thank all the students, teachers, and faculty at LJCDS enough for shaping my life these past 15 years. The school is remarkable in every category.
My son spent one school day at LJCDS 8 years ago and his worry about changing school was all gone. He explained that the kids at LJCDS were so friendly to him that he already made new friends. Now my son is about to graduate as a top student. One of his best friend's dad offered him an internship, through which he not only learned about medial profession but to experience it. It's also really incredible how much we have learned about college selection and application from parent liaison. My son and my family are very satisfied and very happy with LJCDS!
LJCDS is a school exceptional in a number of ways. The most impressive aspect of the school for our family is its ability to provide opportunities in many different facets of education at the highest caliber and to do so while maintaining a balanced school atmosphere where all feel valued, no matter what their interests, fortés, or contributions. In such an environment, one finds oneself in a school family where one can flourish, as a student and as a parent. Developing scholars, athletes, and artists of character, with student wellbeing at the forefront of that goal, is truly what the school aims to do and succeeds in doing with dedication to every part of that promise.
It's a great academic school with strong sense of community and inclusiveness. The curriculum is challenging which prepares students for college. The faculty is very hands on and helpful. The school recognizes the importance of athletics, arts and community service in addition to academics.
When we moved from public to private school in 7th grade, we were looking for an environment that would allow our child to grow and thrive. In my child's 6 years at the school, we have watched her grow as a student who is able to advocate for herself with her teachers, a musician who has been encouraged to take on leadership roles within band, and an athlete who enjoyed her time on the court and sand. Mostly, she is ready for college and for all the amazing opportunities that she will encounter in this very exciting next stage of her life.
As a student at LJCDS, I feel that this school is a great environment to be included in. It was easy for me to transition into Country Day, which was unexpected considering I had just moved from overseas. Not only is the faculty and staff involved in the students' lives and care about their well being, but the student body is overwhelmingly kind and making friends is not a tough process. LJCDS is also a very well rounded school. We embody the student, artist, athlete persona which allows students to explore all aspects of creativity.
Country Day has been an excellent place to study for the past eight years. The student body and faculty are very helpful and friendly!
I have attended La Jolla Country Day School for my entire life and it has truly become like my second home. I have had so many opportunities to explore different classes and activities in my time here and the school has shaped me into the person I am today. I am extremely grateful to La Jolla Country Day School for being such a welcoming community and allowing me to form amazing connections with teachers and students.
At La Jolla Country Day, I enjoy the community I am a part of. I am appreciative of the relationships I have built since middle school. I have made some great friends over the years and I'm grateful for the opportunity to attend this school. The academics have challenged me but has prepared me for my education beyond LJCDS. I hope this school will keep building a diverse community in order to help students feel included rather than isolated. I wish there was more diversity within the faculty and there needs to be more safe spaces for students to feel comfortable. Lastly, the dress code should be reevaluated because there are issues with it. I believe female students are dress coded more and this should be changed because the dress code doesn't involve the male students.
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Best school I could ever chosen for my son. He is a senior and been there for 15 years (since preschool). Great staff teachers super helpful always caring and always available for the kids and parents. He is leavening with confidence and well prepared to college. Amazing school
Country Day is an open and welcoming school with amazing and personal teachers. The school is difficult but rewarding and provides a gateway to college other highschools do not offer.
Thumb’s up! LJCDS had a higher level of open-mindedness and flexibility than Bishop’s rigid program and arbitrary rules. Our child was above grade level in math and science and got an individualized 4-year program. The school incorporates current research on teaching/neuroscience into the curriculum (teaching mindfulness for stress management, for example). Our child became excited about school; the English teacher made Macbeth very exciting and AP calc was an adventure. The biology teacher took the time to get to know our child’s interests outside the classroom and designed a year-end project (at much extra effort on the teacher’s part) to incorporate them. No school is perfect, of course. We wanted a stronger computer science curriculum since this was our child’s future field, so we found programming classes elsewhere.