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I enjoyed the push for students to do better on state tests by motivating them through prizes but feel as though there may be better ways to help students. I would like to see the school stop putting athletes above all other students and allow them to get away with everything to their heart's content meanwhile the other students who have passions solely in the arts and sciences are left with little support to help them achieve their dreams out of a school that only appreciates their test scores purely for the benefit that allows them to continue to pay thousands of dollars towards sports equipment and other things that do not improve the education of the students. Sadly, this is a common archetype in America has many students have to endure the pain of being seen as lesser simply for not joining in a sport.
There are many great teachers and students at La Habra High school. There are many clubs and sports you can join at LHHS.
The school offers a lot--there's something for everyone! Teachers and administration are engaged. Kids can participate in a variety of extracurriculars and excel academically.
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As a student involved in varsity sports and the AP program at La Habra High School, I feel that La Habra High School allows anyone to excel. All the staff members are willing to help out any student to succeed in their studies in and out of the high school. They created a great environment for all the students and it makes every student excited to study here. The staff is also very communicative with the parents- always updating parents on upcoming events and opportunities for students looking to go to college after graduating. Everyone at La Habra High School made my 4 years great and memorable!
I truly enjoyed my experience at La Habra High School. I maximized the resources that were provided to me like after school tutoring, chrome books, seminars, and many more. During my time at La Habra High School, I was apart of an amazing cheer team that the school fully supported. I also was given the chance to open up Fashion Club, which currently I am the president of. All the teachers have given me extra help, their time, and patience.
This school has a very relaxed and welcoming nature that makes the school home. The basketball and football games are always fun to attend with the 8th student section in the county. The teachers care about the students.
This campus allows students to grow and experience a high school experience like no other. The faculty here at this school cares for their students and is willing to do anything to help the students here. This is an amazing school to learn from. My experience here, as a student, has shaped me to be the person I am today.
Great school if you are involved. With all the programs you can do whatever you want and are encouraged to do so. The programs work together to ensure that you can find your passion through how many programs. Academics are held high and the teachers are there to help. A great friendly community.
I have had a good experience at this school. They provide many opportunities for students to grow and learn.
I am currently a senior and this school has given me the ultimate high school experience. They have really pushed the students to get involved and step out their comfort zones and I would say they have helped me.
Best high school anyone could go to, to go here will be the best high school experience of your life. They are the best all around, and you will feel as though everyone is family.
Absolutely loved every second of it. The teachers were so loving, caring, and helpful. Every classroom felt like family.
Great school and teachers. They just finished remodeling the stadium and working on remodeling the gym, library and putting in a new performing center. Would love to see the band included with football and cheer and be able to go to away games
Great School! Teachers are actually committed to their students and genuinely want them to succeed. Great variety of clubs and activities available for students.
I’ve been going to La Habra for 3 years now, and I’m about to become a Senior. The school has wonderful teachers that are devoted to giving the best possible learning experience. Along with that, the Heritage program is great and gives all students in the program a chance at college.
My overall experience at la habra has been amazing I wished that I was more involved and more active then I was. There was so much to do and support from all the teachers I had and faculty. With all the programs it was if everyone had a home at school to be able to be themselves.
My daughter participated in the 4 year program FPFA and loved it. She also participated in other activities at the school that were very enjoyable.
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La Habra High school is a very freindly and open school but can seem very competitive at times the students there were very easy going and the teachers were the highlight of my time there.
I was a student in the Heritage Honors Program at La Habra High. It was a really amazing way to get honors credit and be challenged within the classroom without the amount of "teaching to the test" common to AP classes. The students in Heritage are extremely diverse in terms of interests, academics, ethnicity, etc. and that was formative during my high school journey.

The campus is also very chill compared to what I've heard of other high schools. For example: it's easy to take a break and go off campus whenever you need to, and there's some restaurants and a Starbucks on Whittier Blvd. It's a big enough school that you're pretty much guaranteed to find a niche of friends, and people are generally open and kind.
I like the overall environment. There is something for everyone to be a part of which will make them feel like they are part of a family. The many experiences like football games marching band competitions, and theater guild productions made high school better in general.
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