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I felt connected with most adults. I'm part of BSU, Student council and track and field which makes me feel more involved in the school. Being part of those different clubs and sport makes me feel part of the school. But I would like to see changes in the building. I feel the building is not being taken care of as much.
What is great about La Follette is the diverse culture and the strong support from parents and teachers. Our new principal has really made an impact on changing the schools culture and making it a more comfortable environment for students and understanding among teachers and students. The school administration such as the people that are working in the offices and those who make decisions for the school without us ever seeing them are unfriendly and don't understand the student situation. But that's true for every school.
there is lots of fighting and a lot of people not on time skipping and teachers not caring the overall class work is usually okay but lots of new teachers due to old ones quitting and the new teachers are not able to keep some of the classrooms in check
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I participated in cross crounty, track, and band. Through these activities, I was able to meet a lot of different people. However, at school, I did not always feel the safest.
The teaches and faculty took time to get to know students and visibly cared about them and their education at La Follette.
I enjoy the diversity and school spirit of the students and staff at LaFollette. The majority of teachers and other adults try their best to lend a helping hand and make our high school experience as painless and as fun as possible. I disagree with the implements the principal and the board (Dr. Cheatham especially) have tried to make at LaFollette. They both have a misunderstanding of the students and present media.
La Follette High School has exceptional academics and pays attention to how it's students are doing. Students are heard from and the school board is consistantly improving the school environment. La Follette is quite truly a very diverse school where everybody is welcome and everybody plays a part in something. Teacher help you like any other would, however they are not overly helpful and supporting. Overall, my experience at La Follette has been exceptional!
I have always had amazing teachers during my time at La Follette. Everyone had great school spirit and although we've had some rough moments we do a good job on focusing on the positive in our community.
La Follette high school was a very good school to attend. It really helped me build character and give in and help me be the person I am today. I was able to take my AVID class and other courses that other schools don't offer to have you ready for whatever career path you go down. I was able to get ready for the career I've choosen and feel confedient in going to college next year.
It has been very nice so far but I have not been the average student so I haven't had the same obstacles and struggles as many of my peers have had. First I am apart of the AVID/TOPS program so my college readiness is massively better than students who aren't in the program. The school's only college readiness teachings have come from the once a week meetings of homerooms. Second I got lucky with who I became friends with and what teachers I had, they are some the biggest reasons why I do well in school and have pushed myself to take honor and AP classes. While some students don't even know what AP classes are and some have teachers whose students complain about their teaching every year. It has only been recently since the school has been spreading the purpose and benefits of AP classes.
Overall, La Follette is lacking in the department of safety and handling stressful situations. We became the joke of the Madison Metropolitan School District which I felt was unfair because our academics are decent but the sports and activities are extraordinary. The teachers are inspirations to students, myself included, because for the ones who stayed, they showed true perseverance.
Overall, my experience here at La Follette High School was and still is the best it could've ever been. I was able to be a part of the schools' cheerleading team for almost four years, and it's been an amazing experience. I've created many friendships and bonds that I will forever be grateful for. I have learned what it means to work hard in order to earn something. The program has taught me how strong I am and the potential that I could have if I worked even harder. Of course, I came across many challenges and bumps down the road. With everything going on, La Follette High School became a support system for me, and I know that I could rely on them if I really needed the help. I am thankful that I was able to attend La Follette High School.
LaFollette is a great school, it gets a bad rep a lot of the time because of the occasional violence. The teachers are amazing and care about what they do. Faculty are usually a hit or miss, I've had many problems with the way LaFollette is run.
Robert M. Lafollette High School is an overflow school built back in the 60s to help alleviate the growing number of student attending the original east side of Madison High School. The school is old, dilapidated, and lacks funding compared to other schools outside district. There was a large amount of faculty that quit over the summer including the head of student scheduling, leaving students without a proper class schedule until the first day of school. Over the past few years the community at lafollette has become more frightening as gun violence and fights at school fill the local nighttime news. In contrast, academics have are pretty good compared to other schools in the district. Lafollette offers many foreign language and Advanced placement classes which have been very beneficial for preparing me for college. Lafollette High School isn't the most prestigious school in the country but it’s diversity, community, and all round character truly makes this school shine.
There is a lack of diversity among staff. There is only one African-American teacher at the school. There was a fight at least once every other week. My senior year the school was on lock down over 3 times do to gun violence.
I came to La Follette at the beginning of my Sophomore year and it was a very big change for me. There are so many more students, teachers, classes and freedoms. At LaFollette I have a wide range of classes that I can take. Also, I have the opportunity to play basketball at the Division 1 level. However there are some negatives that came with moving to LaFollette. There is a lack of community feeling among the school. With there being so many students, it often causes chaos. There are physical fights that break out often. There can be an overload of students requesting a specific class, which may prevent people from receiving that course. The lunch food is poor because they need so much of it for at a low cost. There are many benefits, and some negatives that circulate through La Follette highschool. However, I am still thankful that I chose to transfer there because I would have never met such a diverse, unique class of students that I’ll be graduating with this year.
LaFollette tends to get a bad reputation on the news and other media sources, however out of all the Madison high schools it is the only one I ever wanted to attend. The staff and students make it a worth while experience. The community created is unique and creates an opportunity for life long memories.
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Loved the teachers , always a lancer
Proud of lafollette and their sports team . The teachers encourage you to do well and always go to them for help. Great football seasons throughout the 4 years of my high school. The academics really prepare you for college
La Follette has a block schedule which is great but it also has many other problems. As a student if you just go to do what you have to do I feel you get an average high school experience.
I loved everything about LHS, it is such diverse place which welcomes every student. I learned a lot in there. You are supposed to respect every single race because equality is what our values must be built on. I remember how many people welcomed me, teachers are so supportive and helpful. You will smile every day of your life if you think about this place. It is such a wonderful place. There are some safety tips which should be included but in general it is a perfect place to attend to.
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