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The teachers are incredible and friendly. Being a part of the school is amazing and the admin are great. The all around connection of the students in the school is fantastic.
One thing I liked about LCC was the sense of belonging to one large family, and the lasting friendships I made while there and the comraderie that accompanies it. I also enjoyed the level and quality of education I received as I can approach college with the skill-set needed in order to not only survive, but thrive as a college student. I believe my teachers also played a large role in how much I enjoyed LCC as an institution, and a second home, as they acted as supportive mentors and assisted me in any way possible; as well as proving how hard and selflessly they work in order to help me in acheiving my goal. If I could change one thing about LCC, it would be the administration. I believe that while they think they have our best interests in mind, sometimes they ned to take a step back and look at certain situations with a different perspective, and accept the fact that though they may be right in most situations, their answer isn't always the correct choice.
School is nice and clean and safe. Teachers could be better. Food sucks. ASB plans lots of sick events. Its a fun time
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Great It was a good time and it was very informative and fun. High school was a bearable because of the great environment here
Best 4 years! I’m going to miss this school and my friends and how easy life was. However I feel the school prepared for what lies ahead. I would not change anything about this school.
La Costa Canyon High School has overall given me a positive and engaged four years of high school. The athletics and academics are very strong here with lots of school spirit. Our school does a great job with providing events for everyone to get involved with each other. If you have friends here, you will have a wonderful four years!
I loved the student-athlete community and the support for sports. I felt like I was part of the community when playing sports, and also succeeding in school. Additionally, both sports and academics are top notch compared to the rest of the U.S.
Students are generally friendly, they have very competitive athletics and tons of school spirit! Homecoming dance is always fun.
I liked that La Costa Canyon generally has good school spirit. I only went there for my freshman year of high school because I did not fit there. It's not that I didn't have school spirit, it's that the school didn't seem to have spirit for me. I didn't feel supported or connected to my peers or my school. There was huge disconnect between the students, which left me without a sense of community that I was looking forward to in high school.
I love how competitive LCC is. We have a phenomenal student body and an amazing sense of school spirit. Everybody is riled up over the sports events, and we are all there to support our teams!
La costa Canyon High School is the school I have been at for almost 3 whole years. I am a Junior there and have enjoyed the school every year I've been there. I have meet many friends ad have been part of many clubs, programs, athletics, and other cool community based activities. It is common to expect to be pushed by teachers here to do well in school, that is why many students at the school have very competitive GPAs (3.5-4.0+). LCC is a school that is well rounded in all things arts, academics, sports, clubs, programs, and mentorships. It is a public school meaning it is open to all students who wish to excel at their high school life. For anybody who lives in the La Costa area and is torn on what school to attend I definitely recommend LCC!
I've attended La Costa Canyon for the last 4 years, and it has never failed to make me feel like part of a "family." I have had the same principle for 6 years and he works his hardest to create a fun and friendly community for all students. I feel as though I have been able to excel and get all the help I need for my full potential. Overall, I am lucky I was able to attend LCC and be apart of the experience.
Awesome school, highly recommend! Don't go to SDA! I enjoyed most of my teachers and the extra curriculars were wide and varied. Don't go to TP. If you plan to play a sport, this is the place to go.
A good school with plenty of funding and classes, but it's more geared toward athletic students. One of the best schools in San Diego County, in terms of academics and sports.
The teachers and administration are really great. There are amazing sports and teams and clubs you can join.
The athletics program has a strong reputation for excellence and school support, which it lives up to. The other high school in the district, San Diegito Academy, has gotten an influx of students who are drawn in by SDA's academics and arts emphasis. While LCC is known as the "sports school," the academics are very strong, but the art program and art culture is not as well appreciated.
I would like to see La Costa Canyon high school become a more accepting place for LGBT students as that would improve the overall atmosphere. Also, I believe that some of the teachers should focus more on assigning work that benefits the students learning. They should refrain from giving them work that is for academic purposes, not just busy work.
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La Costa Canyon is a very school spirited school that embodies the motto “make a difference.” Although it’s been known for being a sports school, the arts have recently become increasingly popular. The staff is incredible and they are always looking for ways to improve the school as well as the communication system between students and faculty. As a student, I have noticed that it is a “clicky” school, however more and more clubs and programs have been created on campus, such as peer counseling, so that everyone feels welcome. The school also offers an abundance of classes from electives to Advanced Placement courses. I have loved my experience so far at the school, and go mavs!
La Costa Canyon high school was incredibly helpful in getting prepared for college. After graduating from this school, I soon realized that. It was usually challenging, which I needed, and had much school spirit.
LCC is overall a wonderful school. The only issue I have with it are the types of people that attend the school, the stereotypical image the school has, and a few of the administration members. LCC is known by others as simply a sports school, but LCC is much more than that. We have a wonderful theatre department and various art electives offered on campus. The people that go here aren't very sincere and a lot of times the interactions we have at this school are fake. The issue I have with the admin is that a lot of the teachers seem to have lost their desire to teach and simply go through the motions. It makes learning a lot more difficult when the teacher isn't motivated and excited to be there.
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