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Academics: Fairly challenging, can sometimes depend on the teachers you get.
Teachers: Plenty of teachers will challenge you academically, but quite a few of them can also be fun even if you don’t really care for the subject. Watch out for new teachers, bc inexperienced teachers can negatively impact your grade but those teachers don’t usually stay. There are a couple of older male teachers that female students consider “creepy.”
Clubs & activities: There are political organizations for both sides. Performing arts department is top-notch. Plenty of Community Service clubs. You’ll find something that you enjoy as well as a group of friends with similar interests.
Football team is sub-par but most other sports teams are stellar. The students can be cliquey & we have some issues with vaping/drugs. Students feel pressure to take all the AP classes & get all A’s. Cafeteria food is ok at best. New wellness center is a plus
Pretty good education except the math department is rocky... definitely the worst part of LCHS. We do have amazing English, history (Shoutout to Mr. Beaty for being an A+ gov teacher) and science departments though! The atmosphere is decent, however it is a bit difficult if you are new to the district ( I was new in ninth) but we now have resources working to fix that like our new wellness center and the amazing peer support program which i was so grateful to be apart of, everyone should take advantage of these two resources because they are incredibly helpful!!! We kind of lack school spirit but we got much better about it recently and I hope it gets even better because I feel like it makes going to school much more fun.
Every student here is basically smart so you may feel dumb at times but that’s fine because they really prepare you for college.
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Let's get this straight, LCHS had GREAT teachers that wanted to help you every step of the way. Teachers were always willing to take time out of their days to help you understand concepts, explain a topic further, or just to get to know their students. The facilities were kept up-to-date with technological advances and the beautiful library. However, I was verbally assaulted time and time again by fellow students at this school, and when reported to administration was silenced by false promises of discipline. Many times I felt as if my concerns of safety were pushed aside for school reputation or PTA funding purposes. For such a sought-after school, you'd think they would have better/healthier food options for young scholars. The food was often bland, refried, or microwaved by a kitchen filled with people who gossiped openly in front of students.
The office administration is terrible, but there are some amazing teachers and great opportunities to participate in school activities.
The campus itself is very nice and most of the teachers are great. However, many people lack school spirit and the school itself isn't very unified. Furthermore, our senior class didn't have very much funding for activities so many of our dances (like homecoming and the halloween dance) were cancelled.
There's no doubt that the academics at La Canada High School is very challenging but rewarding. However, the drawbacks of this is that the school is very competitive and the students are constantly stressing with the mind to do even better than their counterparts. I suspect that this is the reason that our school has opted in not creating school ranks. Many teachers at this school are always making sure that the students at the school, but there are also some teachers that you'll want to completely avoid. This school has shown incredible efforts of trying to ease the students' stress levels with facilities and programs. Excluding diversity, this is a well-rounded school that will no doubt be a great preparatory school for university.
The teachers and the administration there are very friendly. Talking with them is relatively easy and manageable. Among them, there are some excellent teachers who really put all their efforts in improving the education of their students through interesting and unique opportunities. The administration though could be changed. Sometimes, their message is unclear and inappropriate, such as that time they decided to close off the second and third floor bathrooms due to students vaping in them. I feel like if they want to get in touch with the students, they should try switching away from fear tactics at least.
I went to La Canada High school from seventh grade to twelfth grade and it made who I am today. I had amazing teachers and classmates. I really liked the school district and I think that they have a good system. One thing I did notice though, was the judgment side of the community and I think every high school deals with this. There was always the "LC bubble" because people get so used to going to a good school, they don't even realize what else is out there.
The student culture is very stressful because of parental pressures to constantly get good grades and measure up to everyone else. That being said, the academic and artistic opportunities are (in my opinion) worth the stress. LCHS is generally a pretty good school, especially for a public school.
The school is very focused on getting kids to college. This has its ups and its downs, as most kids at this school feel very stressed and end up taking a bigger work load then they should. This is further pushed by the mentality and culture of this school.
La Canada High School can help any self-driven student reach their full potential with the abundant amount of educational opportunities offered. The numerous amount of diverse advanced placement classes allow students to explore their interests, while also rigorously preparing for college. AP teachers at the school typically take pride in their work, and engage their students in very interesting ways. This being said, La Canada High sometimes struggles to motivate students who have difficulty learning and require a more personalized approach. Because this school is so academically competitive, incoming students should expect an ample amount of stress, and sometimes, a lack of support in to manage this stress. At the very end of a student path at La Canada High School, a feeling of accomplishment is inevitable.
I feel fortunate for the opportunity to have gone to LCHS. Like any school, it's not perfect, but I consistently felt supported by the teachers and administers, challenged academically, and at home in the peer/student community. If students decide to take classes that challenge them, I truly believe LCHS has the rigor and college readiness of a private school, even as it is a public school.
I liked the overall community and involvement of students in their community. The students are very smart and it is a good environment to be successful when they go off to college after they graduate.
Great High School. Top Academics, lots of APs, great sports, great facilities. One downside is there are a lot of kids too stressed out about grades. Too much homework for AP classes. 6th period sport is a real plus though.
La Canada is good in many ways. Assemblies are fun as well as the school spirit as a whole. Mr. Cartnel (our current principal), is very enlightening and runs the school in the right way. Some of the flaws are the fact that we put much more money into just FOOTBALL, and they consistently do not make playoffs. It is very frustrating to see this, as other sports have to ride 3 different sports into one bus to an away game. It gets very crammed having 40+ people in the bus at one time plus all of our gear.
There are many extracurricular activities available, and due to funding from parents, the school has more funding and higher quality. The food deserves an A+++++++++ because it is soooooo delicious
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A place where I grew up and matured to the person that I am today. Grateful for all the people such as friends, teachers, and staff that made LCHS a wonderful experience.
La Canada High School is a public high school unlike any other in the area. It is a very competitive school with rigorous and time-consuming courses. Sometimes I felt like I was going to a private school with how hard the classes were and how invested all my peers were in getting the most out of their education. La Canada HS also has one of the best music and performing arts programs I have ever seen. I was part of the choir program for six years and acted in one of the school musicals. There was so much opportunity for growth and travel. I went to Italy, France, and New Orleans while part of the program. If you are a competitive student and like the arts, this is a school for you.
transferred this year and worst mistake. academics are great but socially every kid acts entitled and as if they’re superior to you, very degrading and makes you feel out of place. if you love your child allow them to get a fine education elsewhere, sparing their mental state. sincerely, a student who hates la canada with reason x
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