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La Academia Partnership Charter School Reviews

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The most thing I liked about la academia was that the teachers helped in everything, they even had a stem class where u have this experience to build different types of projects with team mates , I can say that this school is a great school they want to help kids grow and learn so they can have a good career .
La Academia is a great school. It has an amazing staff who cares about your education and your well being. Lapcs is like a family we all treat each other with love and care. It is the ideal school for everyone.
I love this school, I been there since 6th grade. I love how small the classes are and how everyone kmows each other.
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The teachers are amazing they all have been graduated from great Colleges, their lessons are very straight foward and anytime anyone gets stuck we all help each other understand.
The school is a very safe place, we are like a big family, the staff always tries to keep in touch with the family and the student. Also the school provides many safe ways in case anything happens.
At La Academia the clubs I have attended and seen have been very productive, there is anything from music to athletic sports, but mostly we focus not on enjoying what we do in out clubs but also to have fun while we do it.
My experience at this school has been amazing all the help that I have ever need it, the teachers have helped me a lot throughout all these years and i know for sure I would love to do it all over again because the benefits that you get from this school is very special.
The teachers at La Academia are very nice and welcoming, since i started attending this school I have felt at home all the time. I really enjoy my time here and I have made beautiful friendships that I will forever remember.
The teachers were okay. Faculty and administration was decent.
Decent variety. Could be much better, but at least it tasted good.
The food wasn't bad. Bathrooms and classrooms were clean.
The athletic curriculum was pretty okay. Our sport teams did good.
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