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I transferred to the STEM Academy my sophomore year in high school from Central High School. The school is absolutely wonderful and making friends all over campus is incredibly easy. I've never seen a more open-minded environment and a school that is full of endless support for one another. While the academics are a bit tough at times and can be overwhelming, you always have support from your fellow peers and teachers that care so much about you and your success. My teachers at STEM have made a cemented impact on me and who I am today, and who I will continue to be and grow into as I go through life.
I loved the independence that the school gives me. They have found the perfect balance. I feel that I am ready to make the transition to college, yet they have still maintained watch over me and other students.
My experience at this school could not have been better! The teachers loved what they did, were passionate about student success, and created a safe learning environment for everyone.
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The LN STEM Academy is a lovely school. The curriculum is excellent and challenging for its students, and the resources available to them are incredible.
The first two years were great but then things got a little rocky the last two years. The math department could use some help. The science department was great.
I have been going to L&N all 4 years of my high school career, and I have to say- there could not have been a better school for me. There is so much that is amazing and cutting-edge about my school that I would not trade my experience here for anything. I have amazing friends and teammates and classmates and feel like I'm involved in my own little community while being treated at an adult level by the staff and teachers. If you live anywhere in east Tennessee, pick L&N!
Going to L&N STEM Academy was one of my greatest decisions yet and this could be school spirit talking but I believe it is the best school in our county. It is definitely worth applying to.
I love the L&N STEM Academy! It is overall a great environment, and very diverse. At the L&N STEM Academy, you are welcomed with open arms. It is a hard school, so there are many challenges. But along with challenges, are great victories.
The school is in a perfect setting with top-notch faculty and curriculum. Students are constantly challenged and push themselves to be high achievers. My favorite part of L&N is Genius Hour, which allows students to take a break during the school day to explore their passions, whether those be academic, artistic, or athletic.
I enjoy the community of students and teachers. I feel like I can talk to anybody. I also appreciate the many AP courses that are offered. These create many opportunities to get prepared for our college career.
Choosing to attend the L&N STEM Academy was the best decision of my life. I met so many students who had the same goals as me, and so many teachers who loved their jobs. I attended the school during its first four years, so we ran into logistical problems, but other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.
I have attended the L&N STEM Academy for all four years of my high school career. Throughout this time I have taken honors and AP Courses, and have constantly been pushed to do my best academically. The class sizes are reasonable, and all of the teachers always take time to give you personal attention, and do everything in their power to make sure that you succeed. The courses that are offered are intense and push you to your limits constantly, and there are many chances to take dual enrollment classes at either UT or Pellissippi State Community College, which allow you to get a head start on college credit. Similarly, the work load and the intensity that the teachers provide and run their classes with offer a great parallel with college level classes, and the skills they provide you with make it very easy to succeed in any college course you may take.
The L&N STEM Academy is a truly tremendous school to be able to attend. The teachers take the time to get to know their students and connect with them, resulting in more trust and engagement in the classroom. The students all support each other. They really do apply one of their STEM Habits, collaboration, in all facets of the school. All of the departments seem to work together, allowing for students to make connections and better understand material. Additionally, the school offers unique opportunities such as being able to utilize the Lawson McGee Library in downtown Knoxville, just a few minutes walk from the school.

However, despite all of the positive aspects, there some negatives. The school is in an old train station, not allowing for ample space for the amount of students they accept. While they are within the legal limits, classes get crowded they run out of chair and floor space in simple classes.
Great Clubs, they let you create your own clubs and clubs grow to be great and successful
I would choose this school again, because it made me a better me. It challenged me to great extents.
The teachers are the best of the best from around Knox County.
I have always felt safe at the L&N STEM Academy. It is a safe place
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Overall, extracurriculars are great. There's a pretty good mix of academic, athletic, and otherwise.
The L&N STEM Academy fosters a creative spirit and atmosphere of learning.
Truly the best teachers I've ever had. They all do so much for every one of their students.
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