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One of the best things about the L&N STEM Academy is the responsibility that the student has. As opposed to most public schools around the Knox County district, the STEM Academy treats students like responsible young adults rather than students. The academics are also very well above average compared to surrounded schools, making the time spent here very worthwhile.
This school cares about the students well-being and offers a diverse amount of coursework and extracurriculars. Students have freedom to make decisions and guide their high school career as they decide their interests and passions.
The school is very great for academics, making you feel obligated to stay at the school. It is really a great asset. The staff is also very helpful and kind. The course rigor is good, but sometimes forces students to stay up too late for their mental health to be well regulated. Also, the staff needs to not overload on homework and connect with the students and understand their background. Also, the social environment could be improved. I personally sometimes feel awkward at school and wish that some people would be a little less school oriented. It is great for anyone focusing only on school. It is very hard if you are trying to balance your life out.
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I love the L&N STEM Academy. The faculty cares, and the science teachers have real-world experience in the field. The fact that is it a remodeled train station from the early 1900s gets me excited to go every single day.
Overall, I have been very pleased with my experience at the L&N STEM Academy. It has given me opportunities that I could never have imagined had I went to my zoned school. I have been able to take interesting and challenging classes and even earn college credit through AP courses. Beyond the academics, the staff goes above and beyond what is required of them and they have made a huge impact on each and every one of their students.
I loved the environment of the school and that it is unique and offers many fun opportunities for all students that attend.
The L&N STEM Academy is the cornerstone of excellent high school experiences. Throughout my time as a student, not only was I encouraged to excel academically, but I was comfortable enough to explore myself personally and figure out who I am and what I wanted to do.

Overall, it is evident that the faculty and instructors cared both about their curriculum and their students. Though it has flaws in the neurotypical attitudes it often carries, my personal experiences was the best fit for me compared to what I would have went through in other high schools.
STEM was a great alternative to the classic high school experience. In my case, it provided a challenging and personalized approach to grades 9-12.
My Experience with the L&N STEM Academy was a surprising one, but a wonderful one. I came into this school my sophomore year of high school. My freshman year I went to a traditional public school in VA. I wasn't eager to attend L&N, but I am so glad that I did. The experience that I had there was different from any other that I would've received at another school. The academics are outstanding and the teachers are all extremely supportive and focused on you and what is best for your future. Every possible opportunity is given to you, and it has better prepared me for college than I believe that any other program would.
My experience so far at the L&N:

-Most teachers genuinely care about students' success.
-Most teachers are very responsive over email.
-The science, English, and history departments are great.
-The workload is considerably large but manageable, and will prepare students for college.
-The campus is great because (1) it doesn't look like a prison (which is what most schools look like), and (2) it is fairly large but cozy, which creates a scaled-down college environment.
-A surprising number of students openly cheat on assignments whenever the opportunity is presented.
-Group projects are assigned frequently, almost never work out, and are just infuriating in general. The main issue is that there is zero teacher supervision.
-There aren't very many so-called "high-achieving" students. Most students simply don't care.

The school has a lot of strengths but some considerable weaknesses. With this said, it's definitely better than any other school in the district.
The teacher student relationship is the most important aspect to my learning, and the teachers at STEm really try to care and connect with their students.
Experiencing L&N STEM Acadmey junior and senior year, I realized what I wanted to do in the Stem field-Computer Science. Because the school offered not only Computer Science but also Computer Principles, I was comfortable in two Computer languages-Java and Python. Not only did the school help me find my major, but the acadmey got me involved with clubs, such as JCL, that I would have never considered back at my old high school. I would, however, want the school to apply more technology, through the County School System, in order to live up to being a STEM school.
During my four years at STEM, I have achieved goals that I have never dreamed of setting. The teachers push your academic abilities and allow you to take initiative towards your own learning. STEM is a hard school, but it is also a home for every student that goes there. I would have never been as ready for college, if it wasn't for the tools and resources that I have learned at STEM.
Administration has created a facade of greatness under which only a select group of elite students benefit, while mainstream students are overlooked, and students with disability are discriminated against in attempt to drive them out of the school. The mathematics department is inadequate with high staff turnover.
Throughout my past 4 years attending, it has maintained the same, rigorous academic challenges for learning. The faculty and staff are constantly there to help you any way they can. I love this school because it allows you to truly own your learning, no one is telling you whether you have to do assignments or not, they let you make these choices. Having that much freedom truly develops strong, hard-working, and time manageable students. Throughout my senior classes, we have had past alumni come by and talk with their favorite teachers, while talking to us students as how a specific classes we are taking helped them in college, as well as how the school's atmosphere and freedom truly prepared them to succeed in their college. Because of this school, I will be able to further my education with full readiness and preparedness in college.
My experience at L&N was very different then other public schools. L&N helped pushed me out of comfort box to better prepare me for college. The school was like one big family since it’s smaller than other. I wish there was more diversity in the people that go there. Also there needs to be more sports for the variety of the students that they have now.
The L&N STEM Academy is a place where one can show off their knowledge and seek many opportunities to gain as much education as possible. It's also great because of it's diversity and no one is afraid to express their quirkiness. It's like one big wacky family with supportive teachers who care about each student's education and success.
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Great teachers, great community, strong academics, teachers really care about students, very academically focused, sometimes overload on homwork
The L&N STEM Academy provides an excellent educational experience. The teachers there truly care about the students and overall academic performance.
I transferred to the STEM Academy my sophomore year in high school from Central High School. The school is absolutely wonderful and making friends all over campus is incredibly easy. I've never seen a more open-minded environment and a school that is full of endless support for one another. While the academics are a bit tough at times and can be overwhelming, you always have support from your fellow peers and teachers that care so much about you and your success. My teachers at STEM have made a cemented impact on me and who I am today, and who I will continue to be and grow into as I go through life.
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