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My child comes home so happy everyday! Like many gifted kids, my child is triggered by different things and can find certain situations overwhelming. The teachers at Knox are trained to recognize these things and address them appropriately. I know that my child is being challenged in appropriate ways and encouraged socially. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
Knox is a wonderful school. Everything has multiple different topics engraved in the things we do. We have tons of technology, and we have long recess breaks. We have the best teachers and the most engaging projects. We all have the best time of our lives in Knox Gifted Academy. Everyone loves school here.
My daughter is attending Kindergarten at Knox Gifted Academy. It is amazing to see how much she love everything about the school. The activity based learning has been helping her to relate things and she has a better understanding of "what" and "why" of everything she sees and learn.
The teachers are great, they go above and beyond to ensure that the students are attended to and are on track of what is expected to be.

We as parents are so glad that our daughter is attending her Kinder and early years of study at Knox. I would recommend to anyone as one of the best schools around.
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I went here from 4th to 6th grade. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The teachers were fantastic, the learning was hands-on, and I was able to be creative in everything that I did.
My son is a 6th grader this year at Knox and he had had the most amazing year. The teachers care about students’ social-emotional well being just as much as their academic progress. With a philosophy of creative problem solving using PBL, the learning environment at Knox is unique and well suited for gifted learners.
We love it here - principal is amazing - kinder team of teachers are impressive. Lots of family support here
Knox is a very unique school. The teaching style lends itself to developing the skills required to be successful later in school, and in life. It's not just basic repetition and memorization, rather it's true in-depth learning. The teaching staff is great, the administration really cares about the kids, and the school district is one of the best in the state. We have had kids attend other great schools, but Knox is leaps and bounds above even the other great schools. I can't recommend Knox enough - we are so happy that our kids are lucky enough to attend this school!
As a grandparent of three students at Knox I am very pleased with the number of opportunities to volunteer to assist with special projects. Their units are very creative, using multiple hands-on ways to reinforce the focus of that particular study. From my observations the students are actively engaged, working cooperatively and having a great time. The teachers are amazing! A couple of my favorite events are the annual Thanksgiving parade and the Ancient Greece festival. Looking forward to many more years of involvement!!
While I can’t speak to all the grades at Knox, I can say that Kinder and first grades are phenomenal! If you have a gifted child there is no better school in AZ! Their curriculum inspires and they work hard to deal with the struggles of gifted kids (teaching them how to manage frustrations and empathy). My child loves school and learning. I can’t think of anything greater than establishing a love of learning at a young age.
Currently we have three children who attend this school. This school is unlike any school out there. Teachers and staff are dedicated to discovering what your child’s interests are and then using that knowledge to allow them to reach their potential.

The key to this school is it’s emphasis on project based learning, innovation and creativity through building constantly (this school probably goes through more duct tape and cardboard than, and teaching students how to be kind to others.

This school is truly amazing. Principal is outstanding and she has the teacher and staff crew to be the best in the nation, easily.
the food was really good there was burritos, mac and cheese, hot dogs, corn doggs, and many more good foods
the principle was supper nice and when a student had perfect attendance the principle would have a picnic for the students who had perfect attendance and eat lunch with the principle
had many great clubs and dance was one of them we would present our dances to many people or events.
everyone has the chance to show their culture and where they came from
it was the best 7 years of my life i enjoyed being in that school
there is a lot of exercise and fitness in p.e class
The health of the school is well and so are all the staff they treat you how your suppose to be treated and encourage you to study hard and become someone in life.
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