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Knox Central High School was very open to diversity and had people from all walks of life going to school there. It was very welcoming.

There is a high amount of school spirit there and I think everyone can find a safe space at this school.
For a small town high school, everything is to be expected. Because we all know each other and grew up together, we all have a bond like no other. KC will always hold a special little place in my heart and I will forever have panther pride!
Too strict, dress code way too harsh, absurd standards for tests, don’t treat you like a human being but just as another thing to control or keep in check. Not even really learning anything, just how to cheat or pass the next test rather than actual life skills.
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Jeff Frost has no idea how to run a high school! He is implementing elementary programs at KC. There is absolutely no school spirit and yes you guessed it special treatment for athletes. You might read this and say that this kid is a trouble maker you wont believe him.I graduated with a 3.8 GPA was a 4 year athlete, graduated with honors, and got a free tuition scholarship . Knox Central will not prepare you for the future the only thing they will prepare you for is failure and a test here and there!
The way how the teachers treat the students and they do their best to help them. Their moral ethics are great as well. The school has a variety of race and ethnicity.
Knox central is a unique school, with a lot of different types of people. The teachers for the most part are determined to help you make it to college, and prepare for your future outside of high school. One thing I will say is they are understaffed, with classes being to big for the teacher to be able to help everyone. Even though the teachers can't really help every student they have, they still try their best to do everything they can.
Knox Central is a small school. This comes with advantages and disadvantages. Because it is so small, many classes are not offered, especially AP and honors classes. A benefit of the school being small is that it is very easy to get involved and make connections with the teachers and staff.
I thought that the school was an amazing way to prepare for college, but the amount of care that they had shown students concerning their well being and interests was poor. I would recommend other schools but this school is enough to get students by in respect to college preparation.
I transferred to central my sophomore year of high school and it was a big change. My favorite memories have been from central and I will never forget it. Central was a very culturally diverse school which allowed me to feel at home.
I have attended Knox Central High Schools since I started high school and I'd say my experience has been pretty great. My teachers are great, and so are most of my classmates. Our school spirit is not really the greatest but we make it work. I have taken many AP and Dual Credit classes, the amount of different classes Central has to offer is one thing that has made my experience so great.
I have enjoyed my 4 years at Knox Central. This year they changed the cell phone policy which in my opinion is a little drastic.
They are very set on getting all high schools including myself ready for either the work force after high school or college. What I would like to see change would probably be nothing..
I like how the Knox Central tries to get everyone involved with the school: the students, teachers and staff, and parents.
Knox Central focuses way too much on sports, often at the expense of academic teams. Many of the teachers are wonderful and do there best with the resources available, but there are many there that do not care about their job or their students. Teacher are also criminally underpaid and compensated, making for a bad environment.
My experience was rewarding and challenging. The teachers taught us well and got us prepared for college. The school is very safe, but more can be added. The faculty and teachers treated the students very well and made sure they got the help they needed.
The teachers that I had at Knox Central were very supportive and made sure that we understood the content. During my four years there, things changed all the time, which made it hard on the students, but overall it wasn't too bad.
School at Central is a unique high school experience. The diversity at Central is outstanding, as are the after school activities. Teachers at Central are very personable and you would do better academically if you get on their good side.
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I am a honor student having moved from a close district. The classes here are a joke. There is 6 PE teachers and the majority of teachers graduated from Union College, a tiny liberal arts college in town. When AP classes are offered in a subject there is no one qualified to teach them. This school lacks adequate discipline, academics and culture.
Knox Central became my home my freshman year of high school. Over the last four years not only have I been pushed to achieve the goals I had set for myself, but also got a little taste of what the outside world is like. I've gained and lost, fell down to get back up, and met and became friends with so many wonderful people I would've never met if I hadn't chose to move to Knox Central.
Knox central is a awesome school and has groups to further your education in the pathway you want to take in your future, such as Hosa, Beta , Fccla, etc.
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