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KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory Reviews

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KIPP San Francisco College Preparatory is a very good school overall. It is a small school which means that teachers can get to know all of their students and build relationships with them. This also means that the principal and admin can get to know everyone as well from all the grade levels. For me as a student, I feel like my teachers are able to focus on my education and know what it is I need to be successful in high school and prepare me for college.
To begin, at first I didnt like KIPP because it had too many rules and it was so irritating that I had to lose my lunch for 20 minutes. I think teachers abused their powers as teachers to punish many students, but the beginning of this school year was different. KIPP now is the best school ever. Our new principal is very chill and he actually understands and listens to what the students want to see at the school. We have more fun and engaging events that make all the students closer.
When I started KIPP it was their fourth year. I was one of three non-minority at the school. Freshman year I felt very uncomfortable at the school as a kid who did not fit in with the different race that was there. Slowly I made more and more friends that I kept until senior year. My graduating year is a closed knitted community where we all create jokes together and even sometimes hang out during the weekends. Our teachers are also great even though we have a high teacher turnover rate. Our relationship with our teacher are really good as I have a teacher who taught me for only 5 months in freshman year before he quit still texts me and we hangout during weekend and share our life stories. Overall my school is an average school because of the turnover rate and also the diversity at the school.
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Attending the school was helpful for finding opportunities and being prepared for college. There is a higher workload at this school, but it is useful for gaining experience with higher amounts of work.
Help me get to my goals. It also help me develop a lot of leadership skills I have today. It also help me see things in different perspective.
Educational wise I believe this school gives a lot of opportunities for students to become very intelligent and open-minded in whats happening in the world. The school also helps create character in the students and be more thoughtful in their actions. The only issue I have is on the focus of sports. They dont have much school pride and it creates a somewhat boring environment to be good athletic and a responsible student.
Staff not professional. Too many over turning staff, young, inexperienced cant handle or have patients for kids. School not strict enough. Lots of kids and families leaving the school.
This school loves to worry about behaviors and they are on you alot. There are some things we dont agree on but the education is better
At KIPP San Francisco College Prep they made sure we were college ready. They made sure our grades and test score were where they needed to be by taking time. Inaddition, they made sure we understand everything that's being taught. Although KIPP is very good with academics we are not a school known for sports. KIPP teachers make sure are academics are good rather than sport. I believe it is to be known for our test scores and grade average but KIPP should make sure the students are more involved with extra curricular activities.
KIPP San Francisco College Prep gives students what they need in order to graduate on time with each of the A-G requirements we need to graduate.
It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support. It has been a long four years with not enough support.
I enjoy coming to KIPP for the past four years. Being here gave me the opportunity get more one-on-one chances and attention. Playing sports here gave me the chance to get into a more comfortable place when I move on in life and play in other places.
What I appreciate about my school is how small it is and how close the staff and student ratio is and how well the school pushes us to the limit and even beyond that. What I do not like about my school is how they do not realize how personally our lives impact the workload they give us which is really extreme and not considerate about how busy our lives are.
It is a good school for academics and that's it. It's a small school so you will get to know your teachers, and you will get the attention you need. Sports aren't that good and there aren't many clubs, or a social life in general.
KIPP SF College Prep is a good school for the education it offers and the sports teams, but the only thing that can be changed is the food, which students have been helping with by selling pizza or other foods.
I started going to KIPP when It first opened, which was four years ago. I'm one of the first seniors to graduate from this school. My experience going to this school has its ups and downs. But looking at the Academic wise, I feel I have improved from my freshman year. For my freshman year, my GPA was a 1.90 to a 2.0( I know its bad). But over the years my GPA has improved, for my senior I have a 3.3. This school is small, so keep in mind that there isn't a lot of things you can do at this schools.
I transferred into KIPP during my junior year in high school. KIPP was a refreshing change from all of the big public schools that I had previously attended. Because it is such a small school everyone knows eachother and I value that. All the teachers and students are kind and outgoing. I sincerely love KIPP SFCP.
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Kipp is a great school the teachers are nice and help quite a lot but the only real bad thing I have to say is that most of the students are disruptive and never want to listen, but what school isn't like that? But over all I would highly recommend this school to others.
Its safe but at the same time it isnt because of the neighborhood our school is in ... its a dangerous neighborhood
ITs okay because some students participate in it but the majority of the students dont because they think its boring
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