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KIPP Impact Middle School Reviews

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So glad we came here for middle school! Can't wait until they add a high school!
College prep all the way! Best in the area BY FAR!
Lots of sports and electives offered. Walk n talk every day, so the kids are outside a lot. Kids love the PE teacher, he teaches step too!
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Bullying has dropped a ton the last two years. Very safe there.
SO much to do. I can't get my kids to leave.
It's middle school, but the staff tries really hard to squash drama. The school is a million times more peaceful than other schools in the area.
The school is very well run and the principal has been there a while, so he really knows the families. He also listens to us, has breakfasts for us and they do parent universities. I also can call anyone there at any time and they get back to me quick.
Teachers work crazy hard and really love the kids.
they need help because in New York kipp school is much better
if someone with ADHD have a problem they don't help
need teachers from all would make the school better
some of the parents are great
Don't know to much about the food
when you need to talk to someone about a problem it take forever or not at all
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