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Kingsville High School Reviews

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With my 2 years attending Kingsville Highschool I have had nothing less than a time full of memories. The small classes allow you to be close with your classmates and have some one on one time with teachers to get extra help if you need it. The academics are like anything you would get at a large school. The only thing that is a bummer is the low class choices. I'm Kingsville basketball is a huge hit. We may not always win but the student section is always loud and cheering the teams on. If you want small town life with little to no drama Kingsville Highschool is where you should go.
The friendly small town was a very good benefit to my education. I was able to get along with everyone and know everyone by name. The downside was some of the teachers not being qualified to teach. Many did not have a degree yet or did not teach classes that they studied in college.
Typical low quality public school in the middle of nowhere with mostly white students and parents. I would not recommend growing up in this neighborhood. There is barely anything to do here.
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Been involved with the school for all my years of school and I'm thankful for were I'm at now.. I wouldn't have went anywhere else.
I rarely ever see anyone getting bullied and if I do it always gets brought to light to get handled.
They don't offer very much. Just mostly sports.
Some of the students are rude but besides that people are welcoming and everyone pretty much gets a fair chance.
They are available a lot after and before school. Most of them know exactly how to help that specific student.
Although this is a small school, for the most part, policies are kept similar to our neighboring larger districts.

As with any school, there are times when the staff seems to be more strict with these policies than at other times, so unfortunately there are cases where similar scenarios result in different staff involvement dependent on the staff member, students involved, etc.
The sports programs have more support than any of the other programs it seems. As for non athletic programs, there just aren't many. This school also offers student government for those elected. There is a club for Scholar Bowl and depending on current year interest there is usually a Drama Club.
Moving into a small town school district from a much larger district in the 3rd grade made for a lot of ups and downs. Starting school in the middle of a school year with kids that had gone to preschool together was tough at times. Sometimes I was the most popular because I was new and sometimes I was the most excluded because of the same thing.

Over the years, there have been emotional ups and downs, but in the 8th year of being here and my final year of high school, my 22 classmates are my family, and any hard times I may have had in the years past have only helped me become the strong person that I am today.
This is a very small school, so anyone who wants to be on a team, gets on a team. I feel like this can be a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time. We aren't given the drive to better our game on our own time like students at other schools where they have to compete for their spot on the team, and that can sometimes be a downfall. I can say that at a school where almost all of the students are athletes of some sort, every team is supported by their peers, and that is something you don't see at all schools
We are slowly getting rid of extracurriculars activities.
Our school spirit has gone down a lot and we dont do a lot of activities.
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