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The teachers located at Kings' are very creative and have a special way of teaching and communicating to the students. The environment encourages everyone to participate in a fun manner without peer pressure or stress.
I have attended King's since Pre-K and both my parents attended King's. As a private Christian school, I can see the faith shine through on campus through the amazing community and faculty. The academics, athletics, clubs, and support is amazing. King's has helped me grow as a person, student, athlete, leader, and friend and in all aspects of my life. The community is welcoming and there is always a friendly face there to help. The teachers are eager to help students learn and prepare them for their future. A variety of classes are offered at King's for students interested in STEM, theater, English, art, and music. There is a place for everyone and the culture is spirited, determined, and the teacher are not only there to help the students learn, but also to help them in all aspects of their life through prayer and support.
The teachers here care for the students whole-heartedly. Expects students to be morally principled. The student body is generally coherent. No bullying or drugs noticed.
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I would like to see more diversity within the school it is primarily white. I do think the food they have is very wide ranged. I also wish they would build a bigger theater for the preforming art students.
The teachers invest and teach they also have played a big role in my life and have served as role models in my life. An example of this was when my bible teacher pulled me aside because she knew there was something going on in my life and she wanted to know how she could best support me through the trial.
One thing that I have not liked about the school are some of the issues that the media has been getting a hold of. King's has been known to be 'anti-gay" and not been very accepting to those who choose that lifestyle. They become very defensive and do not directly address or talk about the issue going around the school.
King's provides a very cohesive blend of rigorous academics and a strong Christianity base. It is a welcoming and supportive place that feels like home. King's High School teachers that truly love and support their students in their everyday lives, academic success and spiritual life. As I currently attend school, even though the classes and homework can be a load, but the teachers are always on hand for help and encouragement. King’s High School teacher are so involved in our daily lives and are consistently praying and checking in on us They deserve the world for how much they care and love us.
If you are a fundamentalist Christian who wants their kids to learn what to think instead of how to think, this is a good place for you.
I went to King’s for 9th-12th grade, but I would not recommend it to anyone. They recently released a statement that is very discriminatory to LGBTQ+ students, and the school is not an inclusive space at all. There is hardly any diversity, however you define that word, and almost no encouragement to explore different ideas and opinions that are not historical Biblical beliefs. Do NOT enroll.
I really enjoyed my time at King's. The community is very strong and you feel loved and cared for by both the students at the faculty.
King's was a great fit for both of our children. They each had their own learning style and King's prepared them both for success in college. The school is small enough that the teachers get to really know their students but big enough to have excellent sports, STEM, marketing and drama programs.
King's prepared me for college and post-grad life in more ways than I thought it would. I still have great relationships with many of the faculty and staff members, I met most of my closest friends at this school, and I grew so much in my faith. I love the environment of the campus. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming.
Dissapointed in the character and religious aspect of this school. Very misguided and troubled kids come out of this school with no real expectations for what the world is actually like. Way too sheltered.
The people are very depressing and boring. No one is unique and no one stands out. Weird school with a very uncompetitive and unmotivated education system.
An atmosphere that is centered around hypocrisy and faux wealth. Very stuck up kids who think they run the world. If your child is someone who likes to stand up for their beliefs and have a voice this school strictly prohibits that. If you dont fit into their desired chrisitan persona, you will be pushed away from the school as they dont like people who are not like them.
So exited to finally leave this school. Everyone here has a false sense of superiority and all think they are better than everyone else. So many stuck up kids. Do not send your kids here if you care about their mental and social health.
One phrase best describes this school. Reputation over education. The kings' administration is one of the worst, most problematic bodies to ever exist. They get off on suspending and getting students in trouble which is disgusting. They DO NOT let parents discipline their children but instead believe they have the power to do so (even if the thing they are being disciplined for happens outside of school) and overdramatize everything. Kings is like no other school in Washington as the kids have the false belief that they are super wealthy and boast about it in almost every conversation. The school has no parties and no extracurricular activities that normal high schools do. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE. They will want to leave halfway through the year. Please send them to ANY other school. Graduates of Kings are simply not prepared to socialize with normal people and you would be MUCH better off to send them to public school and have them develop a REAL and ACCURATE worldview.
i am currently a junior and i find that its a very aggressively christian, small minded place that gives students unneeded stress on the daily, i dont know anyone in the upper class who hasnt thought about switching schools
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King's offers a very safe and community-based culture. Although it is a college preparatory school, collaboration is encouraged. The teachers care about their students and are willing to stay behind after school to help students. Athletics are very good with state-winning programs.
Though the teachers were some of the most caring and hardworking people at the school, the overall culture is toxic. The entire student body is extremely competitive, whether it is in academics, athletics, personal life, etc. The people are not very accepting of those who are different, whether that be political beliefs, skin color, or socioeconomic background. I was constantly being pitted against my peers, and made fun of for standing up for what I believed in. There are some problematic staff members, especially the administration, who do not deal with the extreme racism, sexism, and general lack of sympathy for others. And as you can tell by other reviewers on this site, academics takes a back seat to athletics.

Overall, the school does not carry out and exhibit the Christian values it advertises.
here's the thing, king's is a really cool place! for some people... for others it is easy to feel excluded. some teachers are so awesome and invest into their students lives but, others are really inconsiderate.