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King's Highschool is an extremely odd place. The schools is split between amazing teachers that offer great support and extremely arrogant teachers that should not being working with children. I have attended King's for practically my whole life and it's a highly stressful environment because of the demanding curriculum and crazy zealots. I would say it prepares students for college yet there are a large amount of boneheads that graduate each year but that is the responsibility of the student. King's does not offer many AP courses so if you want your child to be accepted into an ivy go to Lakeside.
So exited to finally leave this school. Everyone here has a false sense of superiority and all think they are better than everyone else. So many stuck up kids. Do not send your kids here if you care about their mental and social health.
The bible classes are a huge GPA crusher and should be optional. Should NOT be a required class. Not everyone has the same relgion (christian). Also a school that HEAVILY lacks diversity
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everyone knows everyone. And while this may be nice to some people, this school is filled with gossip and relentless talking behind backs it hurts sometimes. This school trains students to not confront their problems but instead forget about them entirely. You do not want your kid to develop this mindset. I encourage you to google any other high school in the area and see their large lists of notable alumni and then google Kings notable alumni and see the list of 0.
Need to fire and rehire an entire new Admin. The way the school is run is a joke and the students are all rich snobs with daddy’s moneyy
Crazy how this school is run. Putting students down to build the kings reputation up is so toxic and disgusting. Please learn how to properly run a school
Kings is funded by the richest families in woodway. The kids of these families all go to kings. When someone gets in trouble who is a part of one of these families, Kings gives them a blind eye. But when it’s anyone else... kings will not hesitate to interogate suspend you and ruin your future
Kings is rooted in racism and trying to protect its reputation. Please go to any other school in the shoreline area BUT Kings. It’s a high school containing students that act like they are in middle school.
Cannot explain how awful this school is in words. Some of the most racist and harmful people of all time are allowed to just walk in the halls at this school and YELL racial slurs at there friends (you only hear racial slurs from white people at Kings because that’s like the entire student body) and the administration does NOTHING and turns a blind eye to this. But then suspends students for what they do outside of school? Make it make sense. If you are a person of color please visit the school as it is an awful environment and one of the worst most disgusting expieriences of my life.
A school of racism don’t be fooled by the calendar they send out with all the “diversity” at kings. In reality it’s about %80 white conservatives who think using racial slurs in hallways and in public is just a joke.
I beg you to not send your children here. They will be put in a bubble that they cannot break out of. They will be held down by the lack of creativity and strictly conservative atmosphere. Racism is used as a joke here. This is a middle school but turned into a high school. No positive benifits from this school but I am so lucky I got out when I did and realized how much better off I was away from Kings. Public school is better than a this school.
One phrase best describes this school. Reputation over education. The kings' administration is one of the worst, most problematic bodies to ever exist. They get off on suspending and getting students in trouble which is disgusting. They DO NOT let parents discipline their children but instead believe they have the power to do so (even if the thing they are being disciplined for happens outside of school) and overdramatize everything. Kings is like no other school in Washington as the kids have the false belief that they are super wealthy and boast about it in almost every conversation. The school has no parties and no extracurricular activities that normal high schools do. DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE. They will want to leave halfway through the year. Please send them to ANY other school. Graduates of Kings are simply not prepared to socialize with normal people and you would be MUCH better off to send them to public school and have them develop a REAL and ACCURATE worldview.
i am currently a junior and i find that its a very aggressively christian, small minded place that gives students unneeded stress on the daily, i dont know anyone in the upper class who hasnt thought about switching schools
I have a close relative that transferred to this school in 2010 and graduated in 2012. She had a terrible experience at this school. As a transfer, she was not welcomed by other students as the school was very clique and lacked diversity. She was mistreated by the counselor at the time who discouraged her from going to college despite her disire to apply and attend a Univseristy. As someone, who works in education I know for a fact this counselor was not doing her job and I hope this counselor no longer works at this school or any other. I feel this school does not reflect how Christians should treat people. The community is judgemental, uninviting and upity. I would not recommend this school to anyone. There are public schools that are more welcoming then King’s and show a better Christian attitude toward students, despite being non-religiously affiliated. The only positive thing that I hope for is that this school has changed. Otherwise, it is a waste of tuition.
King's offers a very safe and community-based culture. Although it is a college preparatory school, collaboration is encouraged. The teachers care about their students and are willing to stay behind after school to help students. Athletics are very good with state-winning programs.
Though the teachers were some of the most caring and hardworking people at the school, the overall culture is toxic. The entire student body is extremely competitive, whether it is in academics, athletics, personal life, etc. The people are not very accepting of those who are different, whether that be political beliefs, skin color, or socioeconomic background. I was constantly being pitted against my peers, and made fun of for standing up for what I believed in. There are some problematic staff members, especially the administration, who do not deal with the extreme racism, sexism, and general lack of sympathy for others. And as you can tell by other reviewers on this site, academics takes a back seat to athletics.

Overall, the school does not carry out and exhibit the Christian values it advertises.
here's the thing, king's is a really cool place! for some people... for others it is easy to feel excluded. some teachers are so awesome and invest into their students lives but, others are really inconsiderate.
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Overall, King's was a good place to attend school for my Junior and Senior year. Most of the people were nice and friendly. However, there are some things that I would love to see change. For example, King's is a very homogeneous community. There are not a lot of cultures of ethnicities being represented within the school. The school also has a lot of cliques that are hard to deal with if you are a new student. However, the teachers are extremely nurturing and I really appreciated that.
King's High school provided me with positive social environment in which I could thrive and grow while receiving a quality education. The teachers all care about you personally, and want to see you succeed. Their are always opportunities to receive help when I need it, and I feel that I have been throughly prepared for level of academics that I will encounter as I go off to the University of Washington.
King’s has a culture problem. The administration won’t admit mistakes and investigate when something is wrong. CRISTA needs to wake up and see the problems at King’s High School.
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