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King School is a great place for students in the Fair-Chester area. There are a plethora of ways to get involved, and the college counseling is phenomenal.
King School is the model average private school. Now keep in mind that I said an average private school, meaning that it has many things that can help students academically. For example, the science fair. King's science department has put a lot of emphasis on the science fair and pays for everything needed for student's projects, allowing kids to explore topics in a place that supports and helps them. However, King has a gaping lack of diversity in the student body. Around 90% of the student body are caucasian, but honestly, this doesn't make a difference in day to day life. Friend groups aren't based on race but interests, hobbies, and other things like history together. Other than that, King does have some problems like with the occasional fight or some vaping incidents but, let's be honest with ourselves, no school has fully avoided that problem as of yet.
I truly enjoy working at King School. I love seeing the happy children skipping down the halls in the Lower School. King reminds me of the independent schools I went to as a child. I spent so much time at school that it was like a second home to me. From the lifelong friends I made, to reminiscing about the teachers who helped mold and support me (some whom I'm running into again as an adult!), I find myself reliving those moments through the children and teachers at King. I know that the students here will look back fondly on these foundational years of their lives.
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good school, not very diverse and very stressful. athletics are okay. social life is good. some teachers have ideas that can be perceived as homophobic.
My experience with King was nothing but positive, and it is clear why the school's popularity and reputation are surging. My years at King were marked by excellent teachers, rigorous programming, and most importantly, a culture of warmth and kindness. Several programs, such as Advanced Research (in STEM and Humanities fields) and college counseling (see most recent matriculation list) go above similar offerings at other private schools in the area, and the campus is continuing its beautiful transformation with a new PAC, makerspace, and turf field all being built within the last ten years, to go along with the renovated upper school.
Terrific programs, responsive administration, and wonderful community. Students seem to really love the global fair that is held every year, the age-appropriate field-trips, homecoming, and many other wonderful opportunities and events.
Small student-teacher ratio. Great communication with the faculty. Very strong academics. Very welcoming atmosphere.
Great learning environment filled with supportive and amazing teachers. Throughout all of high school, there is constant support from faculty that allows students to grow and become ready for higher education.
King school is progressive and prepares students to handle an ever changing future. King students have fun while they learn, celebrate each other’s successes and are grounded, smart and happy.
King provided me with 7 years of high-quality learning along with many self and academic fulfilling opportunities! After all of my years at King, I feel that the school has prepared me well for college!
my daughters will have been at King for six years. Coming from a diverse public school our goal was to find the most competitive academics paired with a culture emphasizing integrity, kindness and values. King has been all of that.
We are off to college and have been accepted to highly competitive schools where my children will be prepared and thrive.
As a parent, I find the King community warm and welcoming and the faculty are extremely qualified. King offers a challenging academic program with a broad array of courses in every discipline and up to the highest levels.
I love King. I've been going to school here for 4 years now and I feel like it was one of the best decisions regarding schools I could have made.
Being a King student has really helped me grow and become the person I am today. I am proud to be a King student and have loved my experience from middle school through high school.
The teachers are kind and helpful. The student body is very friendly as well. The friends I made there are friends are people I will stay in touch with the rest of my life. I am very happy that I attended King.
Its only downfall are the people who attend
The teachers here are not only engaging but qualified.
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The academics are good but the people are ok.
The Health and Safety Program at King definitely deserves a high rating. There are security cameras and door bells at every entrance so that all entrances and exits are monitored. In addition, there are trained security guards that stand guard in every building to ensure safety. For Health, all medications for students with allergies are kept in the school buildings. In addition, the school is located close to Stamford Hospital and Stamford Hospital's Tully Center Branch in the event of an emergency.
I have had the best experience with Extracurriculars at King. The school gives students the ability to join organizations and clubs that are outside and inside the academic setting, which brings more variety and opportunities for students looking to become more invested in community service, competitive debating, photography, and more.
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