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I found many great classes. I felt challenged and prepared for school, especially with having been enrolled in the AVID program throughout high school.
Not only did the teachers wanted to help you succeed, but when needed, they were also there to be a guide; someone who made sure you were okay physically and mentally.
My experience so far has been great! It's the type of situation where they say "it is what you make of it." The school has definitely improved in terms of sports and academics over the past few years. There have been a few principles coming in and out this past year which was difficult but the new principle is good!
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It overall was a really fun high school experience & most of the teachers are great! The pep rallies are so much fun and the teachers often get involved. The one thing that really needs improving is the food. It is not very healthy and the servings are pretty small.
The teachers and staff are all super friendly! The campus is safe and they all try to help the students as much as possible.
I really enjoy studying in this school. The teachers are great and there are lots of wonderful activities. The diversity is amazing and it’s so great to see how everyone gets along. It’s a wonderful studying environment.
King Kekaulike High School provided a safe space for me to further my education and interact with many new people. I was given much freedom when it came to choosing my courses and extracurricular activities. My teachers were always supportive and showed great interest in the subjects they taught.
King Kekaulike has some AMAZING teachers and staff, and generally just has this open, accepting feel to it. There's really good programs there that allow you to do what you want to do and get good at it. A genuinely great school with a great student body.
During my time at King Kekaulike, I enjoyed many things. From the different people to the many, many different sports that were offered. I think that this school should do more to help students search for scholarships and other college readiness things.
Like most schools, what you get from King Kekaulike HS is what you put in. There are many opportunities provided for students, AP classes, scholarships, clubs, but you have to look for them yourself. School spirit is high and the school has really made an improvement the past 10 years.
I am a student that goes to this school and I do enjoy it. Of course, there are teacher I o not favor but the campus is great and there are a lot of people here that is easy to get along with.
Only writing this for a scholarship, but pretty awesome school. Teachers there are kind & know what they’re actually doing.
King Kekaulike is a decent school with amazing teachers. Most teachers were compassionate and showed that they cared for me. Or maybe I was just lucky enough to get the good ones. The school itself is bursting with many sports and clubs. It offers honors and AP classes. Along with many fun electives like acting, band, dance, and very many art classes. They also offer four different language classes. I wouldn't say King Kekaulike is a horrible school, but I also wouldn't say it's the best school.
I'm a senior and I have been here since freshmen year. It is an alright school, but I would of much rather have went to Kamehameha, but my father just didn't have the money to put me in that school. I feel like the security here do not really know what they are doing. I feel like we need real security guards that do not make friends with the kids here. The teachers here are okay. Some just care about the pay check and some actually care about you and your education. The food here is okay tasting, but they do not give us enough and they often don't have enough for everyone.
Lots of opportunities for students interested in varsity/junior varsity/intramural sports, all kinds of clubs to join (ranging from STEM club to College club), and many rigorous classes like AP Physics and AP Calculus.
King Kekaulike is an up and coming school, determined to provide resources and opportunities for all students. The diversity and cultural aspects of this school is beyond any. One of two schools on Maui who have the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program.
I really enjoyed going to high school here. Majority of the students are very nice and the school as a whole radiates that "aloha spirit". I take a lot of AP and honors classes and found them to be interesting while also challenging me. I just graduated and now I'm going to a college with a really good reputation so I feel that I was academically prepared enough to be accepted into some competitive schools. We also have a lot of generally good sports teams and clubs. Overall, I had a really good time and would definitely recommend anyone to go to school here.
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King Kekaulike High School is a very diverse campus that is full of Aloha. People of all types of backgrounds, cultures, and places get together and act as if we are all family. The school has the highest SAT and ACT scores in the state.
Diversity of students and faculty are great ! Newest high school on Maui, but very high potential to be successful in high school career. Of course, Hawaii public school is not reaching to national level of academic but the students can be independent, and choose their own life.
My experiences at King Kekaulike High School have always been positive. The teachers are caring, the students are spirited, and the facilities create the proper environment for productive learning.
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