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The last 4 years at king high school have been great, the staff they have are amazing people who want the best for their students and will help them in any way they can. The teachers are tough but fair and are willing to help the students that fall behind. Somethings I would like to see more of at KHS is more clubs for students to join in and get connected with each other.
During my time in High School I loved how involved certain teachers were. They truly loved their jobs and wanted you to learn the material the best way possible. For the actual location of the school I loved how it was around an area that was a relaxed neighborhood, and yet next to a well populated area as well. If I could change something it would have to do with changing the college readiness, I wish I'd known more about taking college classes sooner so that i could take as much as I could have and been more prepared at the level.
I enjoyed the teachers, and the office staff because everyone was so kind hearted. The school and club organizations are fantastic. The counselors chose a perfect college for me and helped me be where I am at today.
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To be honest, I wouldn't have enjoyed King if I wasn't in Theater. The kids in that elective were the most kind and welcoming out of everyone. A lot of people would talk about how diverse the school was but I really didn't see any diversity at all. A lot of the staff actually consisted of coaches so I would like to see that improve. The coaches really didn't seem to care about the subject they were teaching at all, they just treated it as a requirement. No one, not the students or the faculty, cared about the arts. Hardly anyone went to plays, or concerts. All of our funds went to the football team, dance, team, or cheerleaders even though there were even other sports winning my games than them. All in All, I really did not fit in at King and the environment of that school did not make it easy.
I loved my teachers! I got lucky for having the teachers I did. There were too many threats going on in all four years.
King High School has its problems like any other school but it was generally a nice place to get an education with nice people and faculty. I was a student-athlete so I did to multitask between sports ad school work and everyone there worked with me.
I always had great teachers who were dedicated to making learning fun for their students. It was a great school when I attended.
I like how King is very traditional. I don’t like that the teachers are rude to students at times and that many students get into fights.
Being a Richard King Mustang was a great experience. With a bustling sports program and top notch band, school spirit was undeniable and infectious! There's teams, programs, and clubs for everyone, should you want to get involved in any way. The school could be improved by starting college preparedness as soon as freshman year rather than a few months before senior year ends.
King High school was overall an average school. The academics at the school were basic, taught by the book. Though this was okay the teachers did very little to help outside of what was taught in the book. The tutoring provided was average as well, the teachers didn't do much to help in the tutoring hours. Another thing that needs work is the food the school food was horrible. King High school had many clubs and organizations though not much could be done in the clubs besides meetings. For the college readiness aspect, I felt as if the career center that helped us with the college application process was very helpful though I wish they would have prepared us starting earlier in our high school career. I didn't feel as if the underclassmen in the school knew the importance of grades and school work until the end of junior year and by then it was too late to make any changes. Overall, King High school gave a average high school experience.
Entering King High School was nerve wrecking. My experience their was average because the environment I was in wasn't terrible but wasn't the worse.
Richard King High school is an excellent academic institution that values learning and achievement. The only thing holding back a 5-star rating is where-on rare occassion- the administration has withheld funding from academic endeavors such as creative writing and film study in the pursuit of athletic equipment.
My experience at King High School, has been wonderful. The schools faculty has been great, teachers are pushing kids to their limits letting them know that they can do what ever they dream of doing and becoming.
There are fantastic teachers at king high school who made a big impact on my life. I had many great learning experiences with the school.
I do not go to King anymore, but I could not find my school. King was an okay school to me, I left though because I felt like the teachers didn't care and there was always fights in the crowded halls so it was hard to get to class.
After attending King High School I can say that I have enjoyed my time here. It is not hard to make friends and the teachers push you to be the best you can be. I do wish there would be some improvements to the school's foundation but other than that it is a great school to attend.
The school has no money, the food is absolutely terrible, and the only thing most teachers care about is getting their students to pass the STAAR. Honestly though, what's new? All the high schools around here are pretty bad.
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The student body is involved with sports which is great, but the attitude from the people in the office is poor as well as some of the counselors and the school spirit is poor.
The staff were nice and friendly. The student base was diverse. The school attempts to get everyone pumped and energized for future events.
Great school, awesome faculty and staff. Enjoyed my time attending school here. Would only recommend they pay the teachers in this district more. They all deserve it.
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