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I loved how over the years, with small class sizes and 13 years together, I have created great bonds with my classmates. The teachers here also care a great deal about every student and their success.
I went to Kindred Public Schools my entire school career. The one thing our schools do, is both our elementary and high school connect as a team. They combine each other and become one.
I think it’s a great place. #SQUERDFOR LIFE!!! Academics are great, and the teachers are all very caring. The one complaint is the food, because it is not nutritious and is too focused on processed food and simple carbs. They should focus more on healthy fats, such as extra virgin olive oil, and should focus more on vegetables prepared better than from a can.
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I enjoy the student and teacher relationships here at Kindred. I know that if I have a question or concern, I can go to a staff member and they will try to help me through it. I believe that the teachers are fully invested in our success as students and as people in the real world. One thing that I would like to see improved in the future is equality and fairness between all students. It seems at times that specific students receive more opportunities or leniency from the higher ranked staff.
I love the teacher to student ratio as well as how friendly everyone is! I wish we had more privileges as seniors though.
It’s not the best really, a lot of favoritism comes into play. Kids are racist since it’s like 96% white. Some teachers are really great but some barely even try to teach student new things. I would recommend going to the Fargo schools.
For being a small school, we are a tight nit group of individuals who try our hardest to make others feel welcome. We represent our school in our sports, academic, and fine art departments. They have a good variety of classes you have the option of taking like higher level math and English classes in other schools that might be thought of as a 'no big deal.'
Kindred High School is a tight nit community. I has excellent academics and sports opportunities. Teachers are well invested and interested in their students lives and helping them succeed. While it has been slow, it is progressing with higher education options. I truly am glad I was able to go here
Kindred High School is a welcoming environment that encourages student learning in the best way possible. Friendly faces and helpful staff everywhere!
Kindred offers a wide variety of academics, clubs, and extracurricular activities. It has a family feel but with high expectations of the students.
My experience at Kindred High School has been great. The administration at Kindred is superior, and they are always on their toes to keep each and every student safe. Having been educated here my entire schooling career, and ever since I was little, the school strived to give the best education possible. The classrooms usually have a 20-to-1 at most, and you are able to ask questions at any time. Kindred is also a very welcoming school as new students feel at home right away due to friendly staff and students. This school has prepared me for my coming years in college by assigning work that is tougher but still understandable. Kindred High School is a top school around the area and hopefully will continue to be in the future.
I would not trade where I grew up for the world. I truly don't think there is anything better than growing up in a small town. The community of Kindred is irreplaceable. Everyone is willing to help out when you are in need. Everyone is a big family. In the schools the teachers are the same way. Every single one of them is ready to help out at any time. Almost every teacher is willing to stay after school on their own time and help a student if they are struggling. Another thing I loved so much about growing up in Kindred was the opportunity for sports. We have amazing coaches who are in it for way more than how many wins you get. I learned SO much not only in academics, but about life and the value of helping others out and having a good work ethic in the small town of Kindred. I would love for my future kids to go to Kindred one day.
The academics at this school are great. Sometimes the workload is a little much, but it's nothing we haven't been able to handle. There are only a few AP classes offered, which I would like if there were more. The teaching staff is excellent, and scheduling is very easy.
We have a ton of extracurricular activities available at Kindred High. Though it might not be as many as bigger schools, we still have several options. Anything from Speech, Play, Yearbook, Newspaper, FFA, FCCLA, Pay, and so much more! Each activity has a teacher or group of teachers who is their advisor and helps them with whatever they need.
I love the small town feel of the school. Everyone knows everyone, and we all, for the most part, get along great. I could name the name of every kid in my class, and the class bellow me, and most of the class bellow them. I love that I'm able to know everyone in my class and even a little something about them.
All teachers at Kindred High do whatever it takes to help a student. They all have excellent styles of teaching, each one just a little different than the other. Some take a little longer to grade things, but always have them in eventually. Overall, the teachers work hard here and love doing it.
This school offers a great array of academics at this school. If a student needs/wants a certain class, our school will do everything it can to offer that class to the student.
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We have many extracurricular activities to choose from. Many people are involved in them. They are very accommodating to those who are willing to put in the time and effort to be in that extracurricular activity.
I love this school. We are a small school, but everyone likes everyone. Nobody gets in fights. We are respect each other. I really enjoy how you can walk by anyone in the hall way, and know their name. Teachers do everything they can to keep everyone involved with each other.
The teachers make class fun and enjoyable. They always make it fun to be in class. They talk to people as we walk back and forth from class to class. They always keep a positive attitude in the classroom, as well as the whole school.
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