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Kickapoo was an excellent high school to attend! They have a wide variety of clubs and sports that everyone can find something to be a part of. I have been able to pursue my passions and career interests while attending there!
I liked that Kickapoo has a lot of different clubs for everyone to join and to really feel involved. The teachers here really care about each and every student and will try their best to help you succeed. However, Kickapoo is not diverse in the slightest with a majority of students being white. I’d like to see their diversity and inclusivity increase in the future.
Kickapoo is an amazing school with incredible opportunities at your fingertips. I love that KHS offers Kickapoo U, which helps you prepare for college and all of the hoops you will need to jump through. I think that is unique to our school. We also have the best principal in the country (in my opinion). It's been an honor to attend Kickapoo.
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I have really enjoyed my time at Kickapoo. However, perhaps because of its location in Missouri and the typical strong southern values, I did witness some discrimination from time to time. I believe that the administration did a good job of handling it most of the time. Most of the teachers were very caring and wonderful.
I have only been at Kickapoo for a little over a year. It is overall a great school and has a lot of great opportunities, but I feel like some students don't respect others.
I think that in my first few years at Kickapoo the administrated struggled to control an unwelcoming and hostile student body, but in my final year, along with administration changes came a newfound desire to make Kickapoo into a friendly and welcoming environment for all students attending. I wish that this change had come earlier, but I do believe that the school is heading in the right direction. Kickapoo has plenty of teachers and faculty that adore their job and their students and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to help out a child in need or give them a little extra push, which is what I think makes the school so special. There's always an adult who's willing to give advice, direction, or just listen to any problem you might be having.
During my time at Kickapoo, I have made more friendships with fellow students and teachers than I ever imagined I could. Being a student there taught me to be grateful for the resources we had that other schools did not. My biggest complaint about Kickapoo would be the lack of diversity in the student body. Other than that aspect, my time at Kickapoo has been very fulfilling and I will cherish it forever. I am especially thankful for my four years in choir. I have an excellent director, and the majority of my closest friends have been made in choir. I am glad to have been part of one of the top high school choir programs in the nation.
Kickapoo High School is the location of where I have matured and grown into a young responsible adult. Although, I often found myself wondering why my teachers weren't pushing me to accomplish my goals, and why some seemed to attempt to encourage me to pursue an easier path. My teachers and staff of Kickapoo made me doubt myself all throughout high school. Teachers have made me feel as if I were not smart enough to learn their material. The administration in this school seems to hold students back.
I love kickapoo, there are a ton of different clubs and activities one can be in! Not only that, but the teachers are very helpful and understanding of possible conflicts. They truly care about you and value your time. Kickapoo is a wonderful school for any student who wants to be in an activity, do well in school, and still maintain an active social life!
Kickapoo was a wonderful school when it came to the teachers and staff. You could tell they really care about the students. Any issues stem from the large student body size. With that many students it becomes really difficult to become an exceptional student because there is so much competition there is only room for the best. And no room for those who wish to try.
I loved Kickapoo. I think it was a great school with amazing teachers and staff that really go out of their way to help you succeed. That school has given me the best memories and I am so grateful I was able to spend the last four years there meeting my best friends and learning so many new things.
I just moved here. I am very impressed with how administration handled an incident that happened. All of the teachers seem very driven and committed to their students. The counselors are very helpful for college readiness.
Great teachers, a friendly environment, and a beautifully remodeled building. Kickapoo was a fantastic school to attend, although in recent years they have made headlines for some pretty horrific behavior.
The school is one of the best in the area when it comes to cleanliness and size, but the classes are not that challenging and the past few years there have been a lot of issues with hate speech, violence, and bullying.
I loved the teachers and I always felt that I had many resources available. The school is beautiful, but always seems to be under construction. I think it would be a better use of money to offer scholarships rather than such a fancy looking high school.
While some may describe it as kin to "Mean Girls" I found Kickapoo to be a wonderful environment. The new administration has stepped up to make many positive changes. There are a plethora of opportunities for all students, and you are going to have success in one way or another.
Kickapoo was a small community. The teachers and staff was very supportive and assisted with transitioning into college. The education prepared me well for the future!
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Kickapoo is a very good school in the district. They have lots of excellent programs and clubs available for students. Students are given many opportunity's to thrive and find their passions in this school. Teachers are involved and care about students, and administration is passionate about learning and student safety.
The facility is new and clean, and well kept up with. The students are well controlled, and have a good balance of freedom and structure.
My child had enjoyed their time and Kickapoo, and i have felt as though their time spent there has well equipped my child for college.
I think the teachers were very helpful and always wanted their students to do well, so they provided the necessary resources. Kickapoo also supports their student athletes.
I enjoy the school and teachers for the most part, the only thing that needs to be improved are the bathroom facilities and the sports coaches.
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