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I have received a good education from Keystone Oaks High School. The teachers care for their student's needs and prepare us for our futures. Also, there is something fit for everyone who goes to this school, including: classes (all levels), trade based classes, arts, clubs, sports and so much more. Keystone oaks prioritizes their student's education and tries to make it the safest and comfortable environment for learning. The school has changed a lot in my twelve years of going to it, and it has changed for the better.
My relationship with some teachers I had helped my high school experience be better. They helped me manage through socially and academically. Some teachers lack to help students and teach the class takes a great tool on the overall success of the class and that is the biggest lesson I learned at keystone oaks.
Keystone Oaks is a small school in a suburban setting. Teachers are invested in student's success. My counselor was very helpful with helping me fulfill all of my graduation requirements and then also when applying to college. I made a lot of good friends while attending Keystone Oaks. They are from all three of the communities that make up the school district: Castle Shannon, Dormont and Greentree.
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Throughout my years at Keystone Oaks Highschool, I’d have to say it was an overall average school with a decent environment. The academics were helpful, but not all quite prepared me for college and I’d appreciate a change in the strictness of the teaching to help students gain more knowledge.
Keystone Oaks is pretty average for a school. Some things that are nice about it are the abundance of clubs and activities, and the lack of bullying. At KO, bullying is actually pretty rare, as most kids are all friends (or just friendly) with all of the kids in school. There are also clubs for almost every interest you can think of. However, one thing that KO isnt so great with is scheduling. Every year there has always been a problem with the schedule, without fail. Other than that, Keystone Oaks High School is just your average school.
Keystone Oaks is a good place to get a good education. They have a very large variety of classes to take and clubs to join. Most of the teachers are good at their job.
Keystone Oaks High School summed up into one word is average. There's nothing special about it nor is there any pride in going here. What needs to change is the school environment.
What I want to change : The people here, god are they annoying. Not to mention many are rude and do not care about my feelings :(((((((((
I have loved my experience at Keystone Oaks High School. The friends that I have made will be people I never forget. From Friday night football games to the prom, I have made endless memories that I will never forget. The teachers and coaches are great people who truly care about helping you grow into a better student and person.
Keystone oaks high school is a diverse place with very supportive people and there are lots of after school activities available for students. I think one thing that should change there is instead of having all 8 periods a day we should have A and B with only four classes each day.
All of the teachers are intelligent, kind, and very well qualified. High school was an amazing experience for me, and I feel very well prepared to move forward to college and have a successful future.
I feel very safe at Keystone Oaks. We have a Keystone Oaks specific cop as well as Officer Patten who are present at all times of the school day. Bullying isn't very prevalent especially in high school. Middle School was slightly more full of bullying, but high school has decreased the bullying in many ways. Special measures aren't really necessary because nothing traumatic has ever really happened but when there is an incident, it is taken very seriously. The school nurse is wonderful and always provides support in any way she can.
Every teacher who runs an after school activity such as Pep Club or Student Senate (Student Government) goes above and beyond to make the club enjoy themselves and remain proud of their stance as an extra curricular partaker. There are various activities that each club provides the school with. Pep club hosts homecoming, the homecoming parade, and the glowfest dance. Student Senate takes its students to a baseball game, and SADD hosts an Ice Cream Social. The administrative staff is very supportive of the school's activities.
I'm not overly observant of the parental attendance in most situations. However, I know many parents on the school board and they constantly fight for the students' best interests and they do what they feel is best. Likewise, parents constantly post on the KO Facebook page voicing their concerns and opinions.
With the exception of a few teachers, most of the teacher staff at Keystone Oaks Elementary, Middle, and High schools all have made a very blatant point to put their students first and ensure success. Most teachers have effectively worked new technology, such as Promethean boards, chrome book computers, and more into their learning techniques.
We have continues secruity to observe and monitor the school, wiht restrictions on allowed and new policies for the student and teachers (maybe too much was enforced at one time!). The nurses besides switching between middle/high school during some of the days are really good.
For the most part the teachers in charge of the groups/clubs have great ideas, but the adminstration mostly does not allow the ideas to be implied!
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Most teachers are available to ask for help while others are not at their best. The most difficult is finding real-world applicantions of the matieral we learn, only a few teachers truelly apply the matieral to completely comphrehend it.
When you're a student at Keystone Oaks, you're not just a student going to school. You're a friend, a Companion, you feel a sense of pride when you walk down the halls. Personally, the main thing that got me through school was the bond you create with the teachers. They will do anything possible to get you to that next step in school and life. They always give you advice, make you laugh, they will get with you on a personal level of things aren't working out in your life. The teacher of Keystone Oaks High School have inspired me so much, that I want to be a teacher and help lives, the same way they helped mine.
Freshmen to junior year was difficult, but senior year everything changed for me. Not only did I make new friends, but got a lead in the musical (for which I was nominated for an award for), got better grades then I ever had, created close relationships with my teachers, and was happier overall. I am ready to move on to college and become a more mature young woman, but the last year of high school made me appreciate the entire experience. KO gave me the opportunities to try new fields and experience new ideas, all which shaped who I am.
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