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I️ personally love my experience at this school. You go to school in an environment that feels like home. Everyone knows each other’s name and everyone tends to get along. This is pretty difficult for that many people but everyone supported each other and enjoyed each other’s company. Everyone says that at this age it is the best times of your life and it really was for me. I️ love the people I️ met throughout my journey and I️ wouldn’t change a thing. I️ am thankful for everyone that I️ have come into contact with during my four years of high school.
I like that it is a small school with a small town atmosphere at all events, but the teachers at Keystone are very biased and the favoritism they promote discourages many of the students.
Athletics are good for some types of sports, art programs could use more funding and we could use a library... The teachers are overall very passionate about their jobs and are highly dedicated to providing students with a good education and making learning fun.
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I believe that Keystone High School is a very student-friendly school. They have great academics and teachers that are willing to stay after school to help you. The school also has many club activities and a great variety of sports.
Horrible school. They do not address bullying issues at all. Unless your one of the athletes or an elite member of the school or community your a target. Administration is a joke. I would never recommend this school. To many kids cutting themselves and threatening suicide.
The education is very good, however the personal touch seems only to apply to the most popular children, especially if their playing sports. There is not enough room left for inequalities children, if they are not the majority. if you're a minority you will feel it, however i don't feel its accomplish with knowledgeable reasoning in mind or delivered hard.
The academics were very good and it was easy to find classes that were interesting to me. The students got along for the most part and always came together as a family when necessary. Teachers were always willing to help anyone struggling and always reached out to students doing noticeably poor in their classes. The clubs and sports made it easy for everyone to get involved and meet people similar to them. The administration could definitely be improved as said by many people involved in the district but overall it is a good place to attend academically and socially.
The staff was so friendly and treated you as if you were a friend. They helped whenever you needed the extra help, whether it was after class or after school they would always be available to help. The community and everyone was so friendly and everyone knew each other, it was as if we were a big family.
My education at Keystone was sorely lacking. I greatly disliked my time there, and it regrettably had much to do with the teachers. Very few could have been considered acceptable, and even fewer we're excellent.
I love going to Keystone High School. The teachers really care about us and our success. My only complaint is that kids get away with behavior that they shouldn't.
Keystone is a super small town but filled with amazing people. Being small has it's advantages and disadvantages. Most of the people are very welcoming, loving and filled with big hearts. Everyone comes together for tragic loses and for great accomplishments. They strive for everyone to be the best and succeed no matter what.
I enjoy the small town and how involved everyone is. It is a very close community that always comes together in times of hardship or celebration.
Keystone High School isn't a very notable school. It's not a bad school, but it's not all that good when compared to larger, nor does it have anything that really sets it apart from others nearby. I feel I would've had more opportunities and met many more people had I gone to a different school.
The teachers at Keystone are generally very smart and understanding, but they do not do much individual teaching and very rarely try to help struggling students.
Keystone has a wide variety of clubs and sports. They provide clubs such as: Yearbook, drama club, student council, comic book club, and academic challenge. They also have clubs such as Spanish club, youth for youth and FCCLA, which are programs that give students many opportunities to earn volunteer hours. They also have a program called Big Cats Little Cats, which is a program where high school students work with middle school and elementary school students. They help them with homework, and they play games with them after school. While many clubs are provided, sports are also a very big deak at keystone. They have sports such as: football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as golf, dance team, cheerleading, track, cross country, wrestling, softball, and a bowling team. Our softball team is also one of the best teams in the state. Each grade also has class advisors which consists of president, Vice President, secretary, and treasurer.
The teachers at keystone are always very kind and understanding. They will always work with students that may not understand the class, and will try to help the student as much as they can. If you cannot understand your teacher, you are always welcome to go to another teacher and ask for help.
Keystone provides many health and safety policies, such as: an on-campus police officer, a school nurse, and two school counselors. The counselors are always available to students who need to talk about bullying, or any other personal issues. Keystone also has an on-campus police officer to help insure safe driving, no drug usage, and he teaches students to make good choices. Keystone does not tolerate any drug usage, and they inform students about the dangers of tobacco and alcohol usage. Keystone works very hard to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and any visitors who may come to attend sports, or classes.
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Many accelerated class and college class opportunities are given at this school. There is accelerated mathematics, history, and English; as well as college classes at Lorain county community college, and Lorain county JVS. Many students with disabilities attend keystone and teachers, and counselors work to involve them in school activities and classes. Students without disabilities are also given the opportunity to work with teachers after school if they ever struggle in their classes. The counselors are always available to students unless a student needs to talk to them privately. For any students taking the SAT or ACT, keystone also provides classes to help prepare the students before they take the test.
I just started public school last year and everyone was so welcoming and nice
Always good food choice

Lots of options

Lots of variety
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