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Keyser High is a very involved and proud school. Many students enjoy going to various sporting events and packing the stadium. Academically, more students need to be challenged because it seems as though only the advanced students try to complete their work.
I like some of the teachers here. I would like to see a lot change. An example of a change is for the sports coaches to stop picking favorites by last name. Another thing I want to see changed is the bullying problem. Our staff does little to no good when students are being bullied.
Experienced grades 9th through 12th there. Good education system but could still be better. Some teachers take their time to cover topics in class, while others don't do the same. Facility is always cleaned daily and food has improved over the past four years.
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I enjoyed the education I received from Keyser High School, the Advanced Placement courses there truly test your skills. I would only change the schedule to include more classes if a student would choose too because there is a variety of classes available, however you can only take a certain amount.
my favorite thing about Keyser High School is that no matter what classes, activities, sports or clubs you're in, you can still feel like you're an important part of the school. One thing about the school that i'd like to see changed is the way the senior projects are done.
I like Keyser High School because I have made memories there that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The teachers are so good at their job and they really care about the students and their future. I feel that Keyser High School has prepared me for collage and that school will do the same for all who are enrolled here.
I love Keyser High School because I have made so many great memories here. The teachers here are so nice and so helpful! I know I can go to any of them if I would ever need anything. The sports are really great too! I have been a four year cheerleader and I am very sad that this is my last year. The journalism program is really great as well! I have been a member of that for three years and I am ads manager this year! I will be very sad when I graduate from such a great school! I am so grateful that I was able to experience being at Keyser High School!
Fantastic school spirit, great academics and sport/clubs, and one of the highest graduation rates in the state. I personally think it's one of the best schools in the state. There are a few things that a lot of people don't like, like the fairly strict dress code, the food, and some of the administration. However, overall this if a great school, and I'm glad I had the privilege to attend The Keyser High School.
Like any school, the reseources are available for those who know where to look, in terms of readiness for higher education. However, there lacks a real push for higher education by teachers and administration.
Only like 2 of the teachers at this school actually care about teaching students and actually do a good job.
The school's main focus is on sports so although numerous students participate in those, there is a large amount that love to do other things and those aren't necessarily funded or included. Since there is a lack of entertainment/activities to do in Keyser having these things is huge. Also because of how they force students to navigate through high school, students miss a large amount of what is out there for job ideas or opportunities. It is so unknown that there are jobs in art, dance, and other job areas. They mostly focus on basic job ideas such as teaching, health care field ( only the broad parts ie. doctor, nurse), mechanics, etc.
Keyser High School does very little to prepare you for life in general, although that is most of the education system. I know that many of my friends didn't know how to balance a checkbook or even write a check. We didn't learn how to apply for loans, buy a house/car, or basic fundamentals needed to move forward in life. Even the classes that were taught weren't necessarily done as well as they could have because I had a huge disadvantage in understanding terms, processes, and other valuable knowledge when navigating through my college classes.
I would defiantly return to Keyser High School because of a couple key reasons. First, even though our school has some ridiculous rules, the amount of extra curricular activities and the unconditional support for the students to participate in these activities are absolutely amazing for a school in such a small town. Another essential reason for my choice of staying at Keyser High is the outstanding career classes that are provided to all high school students in Mineral County. Our county has an exceptional technical center that provides the students with a extraordinary programs. These programs have helped many former pupils in their future careers. These two reason's are why I would choose to attend Keyser High School if I had the chance to do it all over.
She cannot handle emergencies at all and is exteremely unhelpful
There is a very low level intelligence in the school. The student body is mostly made up of Caucasians. Students belonging to a minority are ostracized and bullied for their skin color and how they act; mostly by the more rural of the population. Students with different sexual orientation are the most bullied. There is an extremely high pregnancy and dropout rate at the school. Drugs and alcohol being consumed during school is an everyday occurrence, but most teachers turn a blind eye because they really don't care. Students brand involvement in school activities as "uncool" for the most part.
I do not feel very happy at this school because the staff is almost completely uncaring. I do not feel optimistic about my education.
Clubs at this high school are very student-run. For the most part, the teacher is just to say that the club has a leader. Because of the lack of adult involvement or outside funding, most clubs are a bust.
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The facilities at this school are very nice because they are new and very expensive. As a tennis player, it is a little discouraging that all the other sports teams have their own facilities at the school, and we have to use the city's courts, but the school in debt for the other facilities already.
The only complaint I have with my school's food is the quantity. In order to combat the obesity epidemic in the state of West Virginia, many schools, including mine, have drastically reduced the amount of food that students may consume at lunch. This is a problem for me because I have an extremely high metabolism, therefore I don't feel like I'm getting the necessary nutrients that my body needs. We have three choices of meals per day, which is excellent because I usually can't eat some of the choices because I am lactose intolerant. I don't know how healthy the food is, but it seems decent enough.
I have had many teachers throughout my 4 years at Keyser High School that are excellent. These teachers truly love teaching and care about their students. They are knowledgable in their subjects, and always do their best to make sure that each student understands the course before the end of the semester. However, while I have had the pleasure of working with roughly 6 or 7 teachers who are passionate about teaching, I have also had some teachers who show an utter disregard for their students. I'm not sure if my schedule has just been bad, but I have had over 10 classes in which my teacher does not teach the course that I signed up for. They bully students, have poor attitudes, and teach irrelevant subject matter(if they decide to teach at all) without any repercussions. I believe that the education system has failed me because I have not had classes available to me that prepare me for college.
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