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Keys Gate Charter School Reviews

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The school is good overall. They need more selection for electives and better lunch food. Also need better teachers and planning
It was such a nice building that was rather small but had everything it needed and then some. It's crazy to think that this elementary-based building has a library, and the High School doesn't! The school lunch was good, the playground was memorable, and the atmosphere was always welcoming. It always felt like a second home.
I like the educational system in Keys Gate Charter high school And the method of instruction that the teachers use in the class .
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The school needs to focus more on her education, instead its focusing on clothes and absences. Many teachers don't even stay at the school they either work there for a couple of months or a year then they leave after a while. The lunch needs to have similar tastes like public school lunches, students rely on junk food so much that they don't even have enough nutrient in their body to work through the day that's when public school lunches is more enticing to the kids more than what's being given at the school.
The school food is disgusting, my kid brought home some food and I his mom dislike the way it looked, smelled, and tasted.My son recently had a stomach virus and this could be the cause.This could be an extreme safety hazard.Please change the school food.Thank you.
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