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It is quite a small school so I was hard to fit in when I transferred there my junior year. A lot easier to get to know your teachers and classmates because everyone knew everyone. If you like a small, close-knit school I would definitely recommend it.
I like the teachers and how invested they were with their students. I didn’t like the lack of diversity when I was there.
The best thing about Keyport High School has to be the teachers. Because of the fact that it is a small school, students are able to build close friendships with the faculty to the point where if needed, they'd feel comfortable telling them about their problems. What I'd change about KHS is their approach at the attempt to educate their students about problems that are faced in the community. Every once in a while, they'd hold assemblies to lecture about subjects such as vaping and drug abuse. They always bring in a victim, family member of a victim, or anyone with authority to talk for about an hour and none of the students seem to listen. If they'd like to actually make a change in the community, KHS should hold assemblies where they can give students an upfront visual of the consequences of the actions they're trying to prevent or stop.
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In Keyport we were a family. I can say this because Keyport is very small, the Central School is a block over and all of us 2019 graduates have known each other since preschool. Keyport really excelled in school spirit and drove students to join clubs and other events. It gave us a sense of individuality making it a great set up towards college.
What I love about Keyport High School is that it is a very small school were everyone knows everyone, as well as the school being able to provide opportunities for students like myself to excel. However, because of how small our school is, we don't get some of the other amazing opportunities that bigger schools would have.
The professors are very friendly and trust worthy. Their competence is beyond the norm required for a teacher of higher education. The students are usually well behaved with the occasional miscreant here or there. The classes are fun and the school is within walking distance of your place of living. The security is tight and people trust the establishment.
My high school has its ups and downs. I like that we are a small community and everyone knows everyone. Something that can be improved is there is no air conditioning.
i would like to see them prepare students for collage by having mid terms and finals. As a freshman in collage , having graduated last year from Keyport High school I thought I was prepared to enter collage. The sad part of this is that I am not not prepared at all. While in high school I received straight A in honor classes. Now having finished my first semester in collage I can see how un prepared I truly was.
The school needs some work and has some problems that need to be assessed.
The school needs some work done to keep students safe.
Overall the education itself is OK but the school needs some work.
this school was great. really have nothing bad to say about it i really loved it i was with all my friends
My name is Alicia, and I graduated from Keyport High School on June 19th, 2017. My experience attending Keyport High School was entirely different from a typical high school experience. I began high school at Keyport in 8th grade. I got to attend the most welcoming and beautiful high school there is for 5 years. My years were full of hard work and commitment. I was involved in many student activities such as student government, various clubs and sports. Being involved in these activities would mean I am a naturally open and spontaneous person, though that wasn't the case at the start. The faculty and students at Keyport allowed me to break out of my shell, and the experience shaped me to be the person I am today. As far as changes to the school, they would not be necessary. Now as an official alumni, it makes me realize how grateful I am to have been raised in a school were its is safe to call a second home, and the people in it , family.
Although my high school was not academically challenging, I had the best experiences in high school. Coming from such a small town, I've known all of my classmates since pre-school. I've made some of the greatest best friends who I'm still close with to this day years after graduation. The sports were great, and I believe it was a school where if you were involved in activities and became a part of something, you'd love it. I devoted so much of my time to my academics, athletic teams, and clubs. I believe our grade also made a great positive impact on my high school for future generations and classes to come because we were extremely active and with the diverse colleges we then enrolled in, proved that just because you went to Keyport didn't mean you didn't have a shot at an amazing future and career. My classmates were more than just my friends, they became my family. I was also close with many faculty members and staff, and at Keyport, everyone knew everyone, so you were never just a number. So maybe if I did go to a much more academically challenging school college would've been easier for me or I've would've gone to an IVY League - but I wouldn't have wanted my high school experience to have been any other way. KHS provided my greatest teen memories, has allowed me to build life-long friendships, and made me the person I am today.
I believe the teaching depended on the type of classes you were enrolled in. For example, I was enrolled in AP courses throughout my high school years - these teachers therefore attempted to challenge us and push us to be successful because our voluntarily decisions to join them meant we wanted the toughest knowledge and preparation for college. However, I don't believe some standard classes have teachers that would really attempt to guide their students towards being the most productive and successful as they could be because the classes themselves were required. My high school was never known for being challenging; therefore, if you wanted to do the best and push for the greatest success, you had to be as involved as possible.
A lot of students weren't involved in clubs, it was most only sports.
Most of the teachers at Keyport High School go above and beyond. They go out of their way to try to help any student struggling. Most of the teachers I've had have always tried to keep their students engaged. There are some teachers who don't necessarily give 100% and slack a bit on grading, but besides that, the rest of the teachers have done a great job.
It's so far down on the list of best schools in New Jersey. Could use a lot of improvement.
I love that it is a small school and all of the students know each other well and support each other.
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I did not have a lot of friends going into high school, but I did have a family as the first year went by. My Drama Club was the best family I could ever ask for in high school. my passion for the arts was always presented, but we did not have a lot of funds to help the Drama Club. The teachers were really down to earth and never stopped smiling. They lead me to speaking in front of 500 people at the United Nations and so much more. I accomplished endless thing at this high school, I would never change my experience at KHS because it changed me as a person and a performer in a positive way.
the menu is pretty good, cant complain. they are just small portions and if you play a smart that just doesnt stuff you up. it is mainly healthy. the lunch ladies always give us fruits and veggies. yummy snacks too
everyone in school helps who is needed. everyone is involved with the community and offer need for students. Bullying is NEVER aloud or you get suspended. dress code, you have wear short shirts, dresses and shorts. no spaghetti straps and no bad logos like alcohol, drugs, gangs etc. Attendance is good
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