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Keyes to Learning Charter School Reviews

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I loved the teachers and felt I got a quality education that prepared me well for college. I will be forever grateful for my years spent as Keyes to Learning Charter school. Of course it wasn't always smooth sailing and I am not sure the principal is the best for this particular school, however overall it was a positive experience.
With a two day schedule, the possibility to do college classes and get a job is very beneficial. The teachers and classroom environment are awesome. A very friendly, close school.
As a parent, I appreciated the positive learning atmosphere, smaller student/teacher ratio, and overall willingness to work with each student's unique way of learning at KTL. We and our child noticed that the transition to higher education was much easier due to the schedule and syllabus the students follow in high school, and both writing and math skills seemed well developed upon entering the university.
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Keyes charter is the best school ever!! It teaches you to be independent which then prepares you for college.
Technology needs to be upgraded
Not very good, I know someone who had drugs in their backpack and the dog didnt even find it
Definitely a ton of different types of kids
Certain teachers are absolutely amazng
Have no clue how to pay for college or transfer cause the school didnt teach me anything
Mainly for education if your looking to have fun, and play in high school, this is not the school for you
I've never really felt much peer pressure; it's really a great environment where everyone isn't involved in negative stuff such as drugs. I'm an anti-social person so I can't really say much in acceptance except that I have been accepted because I'm polite and am a good student. There's not too much ethnic diversity but I'm not too surprised as the school is rather tiny.
We don't have a cafeteria so students get to bring their own lunch that satisfies their own taste and if students have any allergies to certain kinds of food, no problem. Plus, no one has to pay for the cafeteria food, all that they have to put into their lunch is time (unless they buy their own food).
We attend only 2 days of the week and get lectured and do our homework the other 3 days. Since it's a charter school, students, to an extent, can learn at their own pace and have a highly flexible schedule. I have always found most of the teachers to be awesome (but that's just my opinion) and it's easy to form a good teacher-student relationship but mostly if you're a good student or are able to humor the teachers a lot. Unfortunately, we do not have much classes like wood shop or band or stuff like that.
After a certain amount of tardies, a person will be held in detention, if it continues, suspension, and then they get expelled if it carries on. Some people will go beyond the dress code but not to the extent that it is a serious issue, so they don't really get in much trouble except maybe a warning.
My school is really small but that just allows everybody to actually know each other's name rather than schools where there's thousands of students and its hard enough to memorize the names of just the people in your grade. It's a very free school but not liberal; free as in the ability to express one's ideas without being in danger of getting in trouble. I'm pretty sure that no one there does drugs or smokes or drinks but if they do, they don't do it at school which adds to the positive feeling.
Our NHS group is diverse and are encouraged to freely express their thoughts and ideas, and I'm the treasurer!
There were no sports, at all
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I've never questioned my safety or health at my school. It is small and because pretty much everyone knows one another bullying and related problems are pretty much unheard of. Though there is no specific school nurse the teachers put students as top priority if anything does happen.
Also because it is a small school there are not many extracurricular activities. Sports have been out of the question and there haven't been that many clubs formed, though if someone did want to start one they easily could if they could find a group of students who were interested. There are some academic opportunities though beyond the scheduled classes. Several students take college classes either through CSU Dominguez Hills or through the Modesto JC.
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