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Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School Reviews

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I have enjoyed my years at KML. It has a family feel and receives all new students with open arms. It has amazing academics and sports team that teach kids teamwork and allow maximum participation!
All of the teachers at KML are very encouraging. The classes are interesting and continue to add more AP classes. I also loved all the dances we had or other fun events. The one thing that I would like to see change is the diversity. It is slowing getter a little better but still needs great improvement.
Wonderful Christian school with amazing teachers that truly care about their students. The smaller class sizes give each student a personal experience with their teacher. The entire atmosphere is safe and loving.
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KML is a wonderful school, with its foundation clearly built on God. We have many well-constructed classes and we compete well with surrounding schools.
We have had nothign but the best experience for our kids at Kettle Morian lutheran. They have grown in Christian faith and fellowship while having fun and still being challenged. The sports and team unity has been a blessing. Great teachers and coaches who care about all the kids deeply
I love how it feels like home. The faculty and students are all so fun to be around and kind to one another. I can walk through those doors each day at KML and feel like I belong. The learning experience is so much more than just the core subjects: every single classroom is filled with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ that makes the education more valuable than any public school in the state.
It is a very good Christian high school. A very Christ-centered learning environment. People are generally nice and teachers are kind and helpful.
Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School for me is a safe place that equips me with many tools and life skills. Kettle helps me grow in my faith because of their hospitality and open hearts. It has become like my second home and some of the people like my second family. I do however wish that Kettle would have provided a bit more of academic opportunities for me.
This school is good for preparation for college. The academics are challenging but there is a variety of course offerings to fit everyone's needs.
I loved going to Kettle Moraine Lutheran. These were pivotal years in my life, and I am so glad that I was able to grow up in the wonderful Christian environment that KML had to offer. It was an amazing experience to be able to go to school with other teenagers who believe the same faith as you do. The size of classes is not very large, so everyone knows your name and resembles a family. Not only that, but the teachers care about your well-being and make an effort to get to know you as a person and spur you on in your faith. For anyone looking for a fantastic school to go to, Kettle Moraine Lutheran is the place for you!
Teachers do nothing about bullying even if the student is being physically assaulted in a daily basis every year... been over 15 yrs since I last even visited the school for events cause of how horrible certain faculty members were in regards to discipline but also in shaming students for being different....
Wonderful school! Teachers are very responsive and want to see the kids do well, academics are outstanding. There are extracurricular activities for every kid that wants to participate. We have been very pleased with KML!
Kettle Moraine Lutheran high school is an excellent, private, Lutheran school that prepares students for life beyond Kettle. With an knowledgeable teaching staff that wants to see their students succeed, the environment is very welcoming. Aside from academics, KML offered numerous extracurricular activities. KML is growing, so much so that they are expanding their already beautiful campus. For the 2019 school year, Kettle Moraine Lutheran will have a new science wing, including extra classrooms. KML's lively atmosphere is seen every day in the hallways, classroom, preforming arts center for chapel, and at sporting events. We are truly blessed beyond belief.
Kettle has a great atmosphere. It is a great place for academics. Any student can walk up to a teacher and ask for help for anything and the teacher will help them. They offer so many activities to participate in. There is almost always something going on during all time through the school year. I would just change the scheduling. Even though there are so many things to offer it is hard to be in many things at once. It can get very hectic trying to go from one practice to another. You usually end up having to skip something. Other than that, there is not much I would change at Kettle.
One of my favorite parts of KMLHS are the amazing friendships which are formed. Concerning education, I feel the classes have more than prepared me for the college level, and the variety of classes and even online classes is wonderful. Also, the teachers have always showed great effort to give whatever help it takes to any students who need it, and they strive to have personal relationships with all of the students. On a critical note, KML advertises that students can be involved in many different activities. However, coaches and directors don't always wish to allow their participants to give of their time to other activities. Finally, when there is punishment for actions, I would like to see universal punishment carried out, an example being dress code. The dress code is rather lenient, but when students break it, very few get punished. In conclusion, while I believe KMLHS is an excellent high school, every system has flaws that should not be overlooked, but resolved.
Phenomenal school, most of the teachers were very skilled and fun. The academics were challenging as the grading scale was different/more difficult than other surrounding high schools, the sports were amazing and other extracurriculars opened students up for other opportunities after high school.
High school is a life change for everyone. It is a big step forward from elementary school and middle school. It can be a scary change but also a good change. As I entered my freshmen year at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High school, I was welcomed in right from the start. Every class understood what it was like to be a freshmen, and you were welcomed in like a family. The whole culture is very closely knit and involved. Because it is a smaller school, there is a lot of one on one with teachers which can really advance learning. The one thing that Kettle could work on is connecting with outside world a little more. We do mission work every year around the USA, and a charity right around Christmas, but reaching out to the local community more could grow the high school as a whole. As I look back on my experience the past four years, I am very satisfied with my experience, and Kettle as prepared me for life and for eternity.
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I have enjoyed my years at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School. I especially appreciate the Christian environment at the school shown through the students and also the teachers. I do wish that there were more opportunities in clubs and extracurricular activities.
It was okay. Religious school so curriculum follows it. Great music program though. It was okay. Religious school so curriculum follows it. Great music program though. It was okay. Religious school so curriculum follows it. Great music program though.
Kettle Moraine Lutheran is a very goal-driven school with passionate teachers and students. The teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand with a struggling student, and they truly love what they teach. Kettle Moraine Lutheran prepares you to go out into the world as a Christian, no matter what you decide to do after high school.
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