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I thought Kettle Moraine was a good school that gave me a thorough education. Well some aspects should change, like teaching us more about how to do our taxes or how to file claims as we’re older, the school does well to teach us some basic life skills as well as propel us forward to a four-year college/university.
I loved being a Laser at Kettle Moraine High School. The community is tight-knit and the teachers are absolutely incredible. The school grounds are always clean and updated, with tons of space and different functional areas. Loved it there!
It was decent. Not the best but it could've been worse. Teachers treat students differently and it's clear to see. I was an open enroll student because I live out of district but I wish I chose somewhere else.
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Kettle Moraine is a good school that has been caught into the game of politics with the community. Everyone has something to complain about with the school and its commonly compared to being in the shadow of its northern neighbor, the Arrowhead school district. With a staggering 50% college dropout rate from Kettle Moraine graduates, it's clear that the school could focus more on what's best for the students instead of pushing them to pursue a college career. However, the students that do succeed in a college setting find a large amount of success in some of the best schools in the surrounding midwest and greater US. When considering Kettle Moraine High School, keep in mind that like many other schools, there are pros and cons. The school has potential to be great, and under a new principal it may be able to reach that greatness it's founded on.
Academically, this school was quite easy. You could get help from teachers if you reached out and always had the opportunity to get at least a "B" in every class. It was nice to be able to choose my path as they have schools that include a mostly online format, healthcare concentration, and performing arts concentration. The problem that I had was the teachers being disrespectful towards students. I had a best friend at the school who was black and I am white. I thought nothing of it and had no problem with it. We would go to coffee outside of school, however, and I would always pay for both of us. When I asked why she never paid for herself or returned the favor she said that it was because I made her pick cotton in cotton fields. When I told this to a teacher, I was told that this wasn't racist because I am white and have never been disadvantaged. It seems that important issues are blown over and not dealt with at this school.
I am a former student of Kettle Moraine High School. I am happy I left. The school looks for anyways to get students in-trouble with the law. The office members lie to the students and don’t care about students with mental illnesses along with students who get bullied. The students there are also very rude to others. The school is run by democrats who don’t care about anything but making themselves look good. They are taking away the kids first amendment rights. People are getting into trouble for wearing shirts that support gun rights. When students are in-trouble they take away their phones and do not let them call their parents. Teacher there also only care about getting paid. My parents and others are done with this school district.
I would recommend looking at a different school district if you are considering sending your child to the KMSD or KMHS.
The direction was scattered, and the focus was on the charter schools within our school and increasing the numbers from the school choice program. Unfortunately, this district it is driven by the almighty dollar, as with everything else in this world.

There are many sports and activities to choose from and there is always the opportunity to get involved. I would encourage every student to be involved; volunteer, tutor, join a club, be part of the community. These distractions will keep you focused and on the right path.

I did have some wonderful and understanding teachers that went above and beyond. You have to want to learn and be a self-motivated individual to best succeed. I also had a fabulous counselor that guided me through a tough time and kept me focused. I still communicate with a few teachers from KM through social media and appreciate their insight and guidance.
Kettle Moraine High School has excellent learning and great oppertunities. I would only rate it a four star because the enviroment is not always welcoming. The school has 3 other schools to learn from. the Health Science school has great hands on learning for students. This give students a smooth trasition into any health science work forces. KM Performing Arts is also another school. Perform is for many students who are very artistic. Perform focuses on arts but also teaches students the main priorities like math, english, science and social studies. Global is another charter school KM provieds. This school focuses on giving back and making the enviroment safe. If a charter school is not what you are looking for we have our normal legacy program. Legacy is more like a typical school day. Kettle Moraine High School's create an open learning enviroment but does not always feel like a great enviroment.
I liked how there were so many opportunities for success. Inside the Kettle Moraine campus there are three other charter schools all offering personalized learning.
Kettle Moraine High School is located in a very white, very conservative area of Wisconsin. The diversity is lacking. The teachers are okay; some really care about their students while others have a philosophy of "my way or the highway." The charter schools within the building are taking over, and the mainstream kids feel left behind and not important. The charters get the best teachers, the best equipment, and the best technology. They claim to prepare you for college, but with the reassessment policy, benchmarks, and formatives, it does quite the opposite. I would like to see more involvement from the teachers (in clubs, academics, etc). Additionally, I would like to see more importance on the mainstream high school, instead of the charters.
I really enjoyed my time at KMHS, I had great connections with multiple teachers and felt prepared for the next level of my education. Perhaps the only thing lacking at KMHS is diversity, but that is reflective of population of the district.
Kettle Moraine High School is a great academic school. The teachers are good for the most part, and they do a lot to prepare students for college. The facilities are new and are very nice. The music and art department is phenomenal. As for diversity, this is where the school lacks.
Honestly the school just focuses on all the wrong things. Some of the teachers are fantastic, and some will tell you that you’re going to fail and go nowhere in life straight to your face for things out of your control.
I actually go to the Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance on the same campus as the Legacy high school. This school has given me several unique opportunities to improve my work while also giving me enough room to learn at my own pace. The flexibility in this school is truly remarkable. It is also a very positive environment filled to the brim with other artists just as passionate about improving as I am. I've been attending this school throughout all my years in high school and I cannot imagine spending all this time any other way.
I liked that Kettle Moraine High School incorporates many different styles of learning into our educations. Some classes are more self learning based, while some are more traditional. The classes offered also help you to explore many different aspects that can help to determine career pathways. I also enjoy that there are more challenging courses offered such as college credit courses, and project lead the way courses.
I really liked a lot of the teachers. Most of them were very easy to get along with and had good strategies on how to teach you. Although they did get rid of all of the good teachers last year, it is still a great school. Kettle Moraine has this thing called "reassessment", coming from someone about to go into college, that is not the best thing. It's supposed to help make sure you get all of your homework done, but it just lets us retake tests. You can't just retake a test in college so I feel like it's giving you false hope and not really preparing you for the real world.
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Kettle Moraine High School is not only a regular high school, but it also has three unique charter schools in it. These are: Kettle Moraine School for Arts and Performance, Kettle Moraine Global, and Kettle Moraine High School of Health Sciences. These are great opportunities for students to dive deeper into their potential career choices and get the experience that they need going into college.
I love the environment at KM, and I always feel welcome as soon as I walk in the doors. Even though the school is comprised of a vast majority of 1,300 students, the administrators here still seek out student input in order to better the community and the environment.
Kettle Moraine pushes students learning. I have attended many schools throughout my time growing up but KM was the school I spent the most time at and I grew to like the community there.
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