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Alex Byrd is one of the most racist students I have ever seen. The facility has done nothing about him making other students feel unsafe and his influence on the school. Multiple use of slurs and racist comments. When is this going to stop? If ur looking for a safe community, this is certainly not it.
disgusting racist students. alex byrd was recently shown to have called a black woman the n word multiple times on video completely unprovoked. the school has done nothing about it and merely perpetuatues systemic racism. DISGUSTING SCHOOL!!
Real world life scenarios were hardly taught correctly.
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Food tastes terrible and is not worth the price!
Crationism was mentioned a lot by my english teachers and a few others. It's religion is school people. You don't want that. there's no scientific evidence for it.
The only unique aspect is that if you want to get laid, you're in luck! Watch out for the teachers.
Very biased, unwilling to have players just for fun, it's all about winning and being on drugs.
The food is absolutely terrible.
The cafeteria is in need of a major cleanup. The food needs to be more diverse especially for certain religious groups or for the people who would like to eat healthier.
There is a lot of bias at this school especially when it comes to athletes and musical/theatrical students. They are graded far differently based on the teacher and there are many favorites that receive better grades than the students that do the same work. They have no regard for the students there and Mr. White suggests that any student with any kind of issue go to Barnes or drop out. The staff is very awful and need to be replaced with people that do the job right and are hired on based on experience and credentials. Mr. White and many of those staffed here have been hired on due to who they know and who they were the best man of at a wedding.
Gross. It's all fattening and fake. I've gotten more than one chicken sandwhich with a gray coloring to it. The only healthy food options are little bowls of fruits and vegetables that spoiled long ago.
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