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Kettering Fairmont High School Reviews

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My experience with Kettering Fairmont High School was great. My favorite parts were the diversity and the Music and Arts Department. I met many kinds of people whose ethnicities varied widely. We also had a foreign exchange student program that we had and that I got to participate in through the school. Just through that there was people from France, Germany, and Japan, really adding to the overall culture and impacting the students greatly. The Music and Arts Department also improved my experience within the school. I was involved with their Marching Band for all four years and I always felt that I had somewhere to go. Their was definitely a major sense of camaraderie, and the fact that we had to go through so much practice and so much hard work made it all the more satisfying when we won all the awards that we did. It was all the more interesting when we got to travel to Indianapolis, Sandusky, and even all the way to Atlanta to compete and cheer on others as they did the same.
A school district which is very diverse and has a very successful fine arts program. The teachers love to be there and are amazing influences and amazing teachers.
I am going into my senior year going to Fairmont High School and so far, I've had good an bad experiences. The kids in school can range from disrespectful to wonderful. And for the most part, the teachers there do their best to make sure you succeed. Fairmont is a great place to learn because of how teachers strive to teach for the best of students learning and future careers.
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Teachers go out of their way to help students. I had numerous teachers go above and beyond to make sure students are able to find success. Being a large school, it is sometimes hard to create relationships with administration/counselors, but overall, all staff will do whatever they can to help students out.
Kettering Fairmont High school is excellent when it comes to academics and extracurriculars. The career technology program is top notch and provides scholarships and a path to a successful college career. They are recognized every year for their academics. Additionally, there are plenty of extracurricular activities whether it is sports, marching band, clubs or orchestra.
I think Fairmont is one of the best high school options in Ohio. They have amazing academics, activities, music, and sports. Next year they are starting a group called the Hope Squad that will try to help students struggling emotionally or mentally. They have one of the best music programs in the state and have won many awards for it. There sports teams do very well during the season and have good coaches. They also provide many college prep classes and great teachers. In my experience here the counselors have provided me with great support.
Great school with a lot of fun. Athletics are amazing as we having a winning football team and basketball team. Watching football is amazing and the academics is even better, definitely recommend fairmont!
Overall I loved my time here. Some teachers really made an impact on me. They helped me bring my grades up and they actually cared. One thing I’d like to change, is to have more options for the Career tech center.
I think the system they have set up there is very well made. They have a large variety of resources and allow for many activities to take place in and out of school. From a strong CTC Program, to a large space for many athletic activities, to multiple extracurricular activities to choose from each year, to even having many clubs and after-school activities to choose from. I was a part of the Engineering CTC in my junior and senior year and was also able to run a club myself once a week for my last couple years. The main flaws with the school are the lunch food, some administrators' favoritism and lack of politeness, and issues in the past with the school attempting to handle aggressive students.
I love Fairmont for so many reasons. There is something for everyone, from tech classes to International Baccalaureate, from an outstanding marching band to great theatre department. I have tried so many different activities and classes and clubs. The friends I've made and the memories I've made at Fairmont will last a lifetime.
Fairmont HS is an awesome school to me because this is where I finally began to feel acceptance from my peers.
The teachers are very helpful and want their students to succeed and reach their full potential. Also, at Fairmont there is a huge selection of classes and courses for students to pursue. Including the Career Tech center where students can learn what jobs they would like to do in the future. As well as many college credit opportunities and college scholarships.
Kettering is fantastic!! Staff goes out of their way for students and it’s a great place to learn. There are so many things being added to make the school even better than it already is. We are safe, responsible, respectful, and kind!! #gobirds!!
My overall experience at Kettering Fairmont has been wonderful! That is until my Senior year. The school has made my college application process a nightmare. They need to improve the transcript and letter of recommendation processes greatly.
Kettering Fairmont High School is a good high school in Ohio. The music department is very good, and so are the academic programs. The Career Tech Center on campus is very cool--students can try out what they want to do and be for free.
I had the pleasure of knowing a great deal of my teachers at Fairmont very personally. They were caring, attentive, and always expressed a desire to help myself and my classmates better ourselves. However, although I witnessed major changes in the involvement of our administrators in my time there, in my first few years at Fairmont, there were many incidents that occurred with underclassmen creating disruptions and problems during classes in which I felt that the administration did not make enough of an effort to get to the root of why those students acted out in the first place. Our administration was severely disconnected from our student body.
There’s a wide variety of class options & safe school environment! There’s also many people to talk to there. Whether it’s teachers or students the school is full of outlets and there’s never a dull moment. The atmosphere is great & there’s a lot of great course options. They give you the opportunity to take college classes & to achieve you goals that you have for your acadmeic career
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Although I’ll only be a sophomore as of next year, I love the school. There’s great diversity, the teachers are amazing and great at their jobs, and there are a lot of opportunities for students to take either towards their career of choice or to meet new people. One thing I would change is the congestion in Central Unit (this unit is in the middle of all the other sections of the building). Going from class to class becomes difficult when a lot of students are pushing through trying to get to their classes first. But, there are ways to avoid this unit, like walking through the courtyard. So other than that, I love this school and can’t wait to finish my high school there!
Even though it is a big school the teachers care about every student and will stay after school or come in early to help a student if they want the help . They will also email you and the majority make class fun.
The only flaw I see with Fairmont is the administration is too strict. I understand it is a school and they are responsible for keeping us safe but we are teenagers, let us have alittle fun.
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