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My time at Kerr High School was enjoyable but I will say that it was really difficult getting information especially if one wants to excel. It seems that the students are all hardworking with no ambition, which is really sad.
I like that Kerr is a non traditional high school but that is also one of its downside. It is a lot of work but I do not think they prepare kids for college like they say they do. The environment is overall really good in terms of activities, school spirit, and teacher involvement. I would like to see them change some of the programs and the work load of the school.
In my opinion Kerr is an academic school and it takes a lot of work but if you are an independent student then Kerr is the perfect place for you. No matter what clubs you join you join, if you make the most out of it, you'll really love it. Also, there is no sports, so if you want sports, its not the school for you
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Kerr High School was the best choice for me. Kerr is set up the same way as a college. There is independent studying and seminars. The academic structure of the school teaches us to be independent which will be quite useful in the future. At Kerr, the students, teachers, and staff are very friendly. Since Kerr High School is a magnet school, it focuses more on academics rather than athletics. This means there are no sports teams like football and soccer. However, there is a gym and an after school fitness club where you can play sports and exercise. This year 2018, the library was remodeled, a new art center and auditorium was built, and the science center expanded. To apply, there are requirements: live in the Alief ISD, have good grades and good test scores, and recommendations. Attending Kerr High School was worth it as it helped me prepare for college.
Overall, Kerr is most likely the best school in the Alief District. At times it's stressful because all they do is hand us packets and leave us to learn on our own which is difficult to adapt to when recently coming from middle school. Because we are only given packets, the chances we have to express our creativity is limited. I really wish that weren't the case because at times I feel like I'm being squished into a box. The education is challenging compared to regular public high schools which is better for college preparation.
The teachers are helpful, the environment is different from traditional high school and it prepares us for college.
One thing that I was overall impressed with in my high school is they way it's organized with homework, classes, and the environment. It's really different from other schools.

One thing I would change would be some of the due dates of homework, but overall, I think it's like college, so we are basically preparing for college in a way.
After 4 years of struggling through this high school and its heavy load of work, college is a walk in the park. Students are given lots of freedom and are expected to be responsible with it.
It is a good school for people that do not like sports or anything like that because there are none. When I was a student, they had a soccer game with another school that also did not have sports. But other than not having an sports, if you;re looking for a school that is only based on academics, this is a good school. Also, it teaches alot of freedom and the student has to stay on top of their work, its very similar to college where no one babysits you.
I like Kerr High School because it prepares me for college. Also the classes are pretty challenging and requires lots of focus. Students have more freedom in this school and by that I meant they can learn and do their work at their paces. There are different level of classes for student to choose from. There's not really anything I think that should be changed.
Trash, the food was so bad i had to stop eating it because i could not stand it. The clubs were cool but there was no connection between them. And i understand there is competition but everyone is so disconnected. Students did not help each other and the teachers were doing it only for the money. As a result of this i ended up transferring on to a different school that actual cared and provided the exact same courses.
I loved Kerr High School. The faculty was always attentive, everyone knew everyone, and it felt like a home away from home. The only downside is that each teacher has a different way of conducting their PAK work, so sometimes the deadlines are crazy. The testing center is almost obsolete for some classes and required for others.
Alief Kerr High School, is a great way to start high school year. Although, it may be hard a freshman, but also it could be hard coming in as a transfer student. As time passes by in this high school, it's all about time management. It actually helps you to prepare and brainstorm as you prepare yourself in college.
Kerr is a very unique but great school. What I mean by unique is that, through the unique block schedule, students are able to experience an environment that is quite different from a "normal" public high school. Often, there is four classes per semester, making it possible to finish four classes by the end of one semester (which is different compared to a normal high school in which you would take 8 classes THROUGHOUT the whole year). The small population of the school (compared to other public high schools) and atmosphere is perfect for creating new friendships. While there are no sports at the school, the fine arts department is absolutely the highlight of the school. Fine arts available includes choir, orchestra, band, theatre, and art. Overall this school is great for those who are looking for a challenge as well as want to become independent learners.
It was a nice high school experience because it was different from other public high schools. Kerr ran on a blocked scheduling which gave me a good idea of how college would be. It made my transition from high school to college simple and fast!
I recommend incoming freshmen students to attend this school if they plan on challenging themselves and be prepared for college.
I really like the fact that Kerr High School provides students with the freedom they believe students should deserve. This allows students to independently make their own decisions before they do so in the "real world." However, there are consequences to this freedom, which includes procrastination.
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Kerr is the best high school in the school district that I am zoned to therefore I have an obligation to go here. There is a lot of good talk about this school but I personally do not believe that it is the best for college readiness. The curriculum is sped up and students spend more time caring about their gpa than the actual material that is being taught. Being a student here, many of the students here aren’t not very optimistic about their future like I am and I feel trapped. The percentage of graduates who go to prestigious colleges are also very low. Many that I know usually attend university of Houston. Although this school may have high numbers and good data, their style of teaching will get you very lost.
most people are nice and no one is ever left out. Many clubs to participate in and field trips for science classes and other clubs
I like the freedom of Kerr. You get to make your own decisions and see how it affects you. I like that everyone is mostly friendly and that you never feel left out. Something that I would like to change is the teaching. I am aware that it is a college-readiness high school, but many people say that college is not even that hard.
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