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Kerens Independent School District Reviews

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Kerens is a same school, but it’s a good place for the students and community to get involved. Everyone is very supportive.
This school sucks especially the teachers, one teacher I really dislike would be William Nichols, he is very old and mean and is a terrible teacher.!!!
I would like to see people that cheated get an actual punishment. I would like to see the bullying to stop. I would like to see the stereotypes stops. I would like to see the environment change once we get our new school.
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My experience at Kerens Independent School District has been amazing from the start. Most of the people who go to this school have been their most of their lives or their parents went to this school. Since it is a very small town everyone knows each other for the most part and everyone is very friendly and kind.
My favorite thing about Kerens is it's a small school. Being a small school means everyone gets help with what they need to be successful.
Teachers are caring and interactive with students. Small school environment. Extracurricular activities are engaging and fulfilling.
I like the school the teacher, really get to know their students and what type of home they come from. One thing I would like to see change about the school is showing more spirit throughout the year. Other than that everything at the school is great, the town really supports the athletic program in all sports, and stand up for the students.
Kerens Independent school district is a very welcoming place to everybody. Kerens is currently on the way of getting a new school with everything replaced.
What I liked about kerens school district was the supportive enviroment and how I was close to my family.
Kerens Independent School District is a very welcoming place, I have came to Kerens all my life. Kerens has always made me feel like I was important and does not leave anybody out. The athletics department is very good with the new athletic director.
Pretty great teachers, a few of them didn't seem legitament but all and all it has been a pretty good school.
I like that the Kerens Independent School District supports each and every student in their goals, whether they be short term or long term that extends past high school. The teachers and administrators are determined to help each and every student in their studies, and to make sure they get the best possible education.
The school are good the teacher believe in help when help is needed and will call your parents when get out of line some of the teacher the best we have good grades
The nurse is good there no bullys at this school and we eat healthy food all the time this school is very safe I love my school
We had band clubs and and mostly dress club and most funnys and comic shows
I had a good yr. So far I love kerens would not trade it for any other schools we got good athletes and some good Coach and teacher that care about their students and they learning I have so many members their and all my family went to this school and done graduate and doing good
it's not dirty in the cafeteria area
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Everything is great, i just don't like this place
Teachers here have their favorites, because this town is so small that almost everyone knows everybody or is related some how
They do what they think is best which is good but I don't agree with all the rules. Too many restrictions it is ridiculous.
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