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My personal experience at Kentwood HS is merely going to end this following year of 2021. The spirit and charisma that is displayed at Kentwood brings about a positive outlook on how high schools should function. The staff and students are wonderful & dedicate their time and effort into putting upfront effort.
My four years at Kentwood has been amazing! The classes are hard but the amazing teachers will always make you feel included! You always feel welcomed at the K- Dub!
Kentwood is a great school, just on your part to get involved and have fun. Athletics and Spirit are great together at this school.
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Kentwood has great athletics and a large student body. Lots of clubs to choose from and a very diverse student body. Not many AP classes in the 2019-2020 school year, but there is running start at Green River College, Highline College, and Bellevue College.
The school itself as well as the atmosphere are very happy and well spirited, in my opinion; however, there is a negative circle of doom that daunts Kentwood High School. Running Start is an amazing opportunity. However, it has doomed our high school. Due to the plethora of student that choose Running Star, Junior and Senior classes are minimal. Last year there were cuts to the math, history, science, and arts programs. AP Stats and AP USH were demolished, AP Bio, AP Calc AB and BC, art, band and many other classes were minimized to one teacher, or period, and many teacher have been let go. As more classes are minimized or demolished, more students choose Running Start as an alternative to Run-down. The teachers that have stayed, and the classes that stay in contact are amazing and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I even chose to take a class at my high school with the same teacher again just because I loved him so much.
What I like about this school is that it has a lot of school spirit. The teachers that I had were very kind and supportive. However, I feel as though there should be more activities, events,etc that are more inclusive and welcome diversity.
Kentwood High School spends a lot of their time saying they do not tolerate bullying, but when bullying happens they do nothing about it. While I do feel I received a good education, Kentwood prioritizes sports over academics.
I had a good time, was close to my teachers. I got a diverse experience as I did part-time Running Start with more classes at KW, then more classes at Green River, then did full-time Running Start.
Kentwood High School excels in sports and school spirit/school culture, but is failing in arts and academics because of recent funding cuts.
Kentwood is an average school. Many students and staff show school spirit. The population is pretty diverse, though it has been declining due to reduction of AP classes and the arts.
Kentwood was a very competitive school in sports, more so leaning on Football, Softball, and Cheerleading. The academia is great as it offers a variety of AP classes (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Calculus) and a variety of languages to learn (Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, ASL). The staff is very involved with the school sports and with the academics of their students. There were also numerous clubs for one to join, even though only a few people were in it. For example, I was in the book club for two years before I graduated in 2017 and there were less than ten members in the club. No matter the lack of people, the librarian made a tremendous effort to include all our opinions and experience with reading shine. Great experience overall!
I enjoyed my experience at Kentwood. It’s a supportive environment and the teachers invest in you. The school really promotes school spirit and it’s exciting to be apart of the school. There are many ways of getting involved in the school community and you can make a change. The school really helps students in anyway possible so they succeed and it was amazing to be apart of such a school.
I love being at Kentwood. I am a cheerleader, gymnast and tennis player here I also do leadership and will be an ASB Secretary for my senior year. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. This school has taught me to never give up even when times get hard. I have made some life long friends here and have met teachers and administrators that I will always have to look up to and just talk even when I graduate high school and am where ever I am. I am so tankful to be able to go to this high school and experience the life I have because of it.
I really like the staff, but administration often acts outside of students' best interest. There have been major class cuts at Kentwood for the upcoming school year. Most of my planned schedule has been cut, and my teachers have been very helpful in helping me figure out what to do. I love the community at my school. I get along with many of the students, and I have good relationships with my teachers. I have teachers who I can talk to about anything. I feel that being able to turn to a teacher for help beyond the classroom is truly unique. I love that about Kentwood, I just wish the administration was as supportive of students as the staff is.
I loved my time at Kentwood! Many great memories there. Best school in Kent! Great staff. I'm proud to be a Conk!
We put a lot of emphasis on sports which is a little unfair to the music and drama programs, but the sports do well so there is that. Counselors are often hard to find or talk to, they should post their office hours outside or accept drop ins more often. I love chamber orchestra (0 period), and we're the only school in the district that has that kind of small ensemble performances. Some teachers are okay but others are outstanding, especially math teachers.
the teachers here are clearly out for your own gain, the students however have been slowly growing more, distasteful
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Kentwood High School has a myriad of great students to talk to and have fun with. They have 10s of great entertaining clubs and sports that help bring new friendships to anyone that joins them. However, that's when the pros end. The major cons that Kentwood has is that more than half their teachers struggle to teach or are completely unhelpful towards their students. I can name many teachers I've had at this school who have shunned me for misunderstanding them or simply asking a question. This demotivates the student to learn as their too afraid to ask a question without being embarrassed in front of the entire class. The bathrooms are poorly cared for, with half of the boys toilets being stained with dried urine and markings all around the stalls. The district as a whole is very unsupported and is widely popular for being "in debt" as students claim.
Everything needs to be changed. ASB is adequate at best. Staff is mediocre at best. School spirit is forced down people's throats when people are worried about getting ready for an adult life without the guidance of their parents. Even worse if the student is attempting to be the first in their family to go to college.
I loved how most people were extremely inclusive due to large representatives from the ASB classes. They also had spirit weeks due to the students interests instead of having standard spirit weeks every year. I would however change the way we keep locks on in every classroom. This just makes students come to school on a daily basis thinking that they have a chance of being harmed by our peers.
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