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Kent Mountain View Academy is not just a school, it is a family. It is full of loving staff and students. All of the teachers want the best for you. They are there to help you succeed.
I've been a student at Kent Mountain View Academy since the third grade. It's a small school with a great environment for students to grow with one another with the attentive care of a wonderful staff who evidently care for the student body. As wonderful as my years have been at this school, there's unfortunately some limitations that come with attending a small academic environment. For instance, we don't have sports team or clubs which make it difficult to participate in extracurricular activities and honor societies like most other conventional schools. However, it was this very type of environment gave me incentive to take initiative and think outside of the box to find opportunities for my academic and professional achievement. The intimate environment of Kent Mountain View makes it a great place for young students, especially from elementary to middle school, to develop in a caring but competitive curriculum.
I loved the fact that it is a very small school which allows you to get to know you teachers and classmates very well. All the teachers are, for the most part, excellent and work hard to help you learn. There are limited opportunities for classes though.
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Ever since I came to this school in 3rd grade, learning for me has been a wonderful experience! All the staff value every student and cherish teaching each individual student. There is a wonderful sense of community among the students and staff.
I liked the inclusiveness of the school. I started in 4th grade and am now a high school senior. Everyone started to feel like family in that school. The teachers there became my role models and the administration was always there to help if you ever needed them.
Teachers are rude and harass students. They hold personal grudges against students and use this to affect their grades,. Would NEVER recommend this school.
I loved that KMVA was the perfect niché for intelligent, introverted, minds. While we lost a great teacher, the staff are wonderful and personable. However, while KMVA is praised for the academic minded, there aren't enough resources to really give a variety of classes. If scientific minds are inquiring, a regular school has more funding and opportunities.
Kent Mountain View Academy is a great school. Everyone is kind, respectful, and welcoming. Everyone, including the students, help each other strive for success. The teachers are always there to help you on anything. Overall, KMVA is an amazing and well-organized school.
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