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Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy Reviews

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I love the fact that the children given advance lessons that prepares them for the upper grade. Teachers are very upbeat and engaging. I found myself loving the science activities that were completed. They truly represent STEM in the fullest dept. The children are provided with great activities. The activities provided are used to relate to what is being taught. The teachers are friendly and engaging, I feel as though I am always heard. The school has an open door policy and I am always given the opportunity to participate whether it is cultural night, or the curriculum night. I can honestly say that this is a great place, school and resources.
My child is going into his 4th year at this school. Parents who are more concerned with their child's education than politics will have an amazing experience here. The staff here is a family and teach and nurture the students. I have seen so much growth in my child over the years. The numbers speak for themselves. This is a great school.
Horrible school and it starts with the staff. Teachers are not invested in teaching the kids and they often set the kids up for failure but shake their finger at the kids when they fail. There is absolutely no support at this school for the parents and it’s very clear that none of the staff are happy to be there. 2 different principals have been hired and quit all within less than a year...not to mention all of the teachers who drop like flies in the middle of the school year. If you want a solid education for your child as well as a supportive environment, then I would NOT recommend this school.
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The teacher act worst than the kids. They are all petty. They also give are kids poison. The kids are terbible. The kids stick up the middle finger.It is like reject school.The after school teachers talk about kids and treathen them. This is the wrost school the students are behind.They don't do anything when kids act up.The teacher are fatties.They are the wrost school.They is a student warning you.
The teachers here are so dedicated to their students and my children have made friends instead of being bullied like they were at their other school.
My overall experience has been great. My oldest is a Kindergartener so I am slowly but surely learning what to expect from a school. I have found the teachers to be responsive to questions/concerns and most importantly a path forward. There are lots of opportunities for parents to engage that take into consideration varying schedules and skills among other things. I love that the administration is preparing children for the jobs of tomorrow not today. They are implementing Project Based Learning as a step in that direction.
The poor reviews on this school are old and don't reflect the true value of KCSMA, which is an amazing charter school. In 2017 KCSMA hired a new principal and Dr. McNealy has been a tremendous asset to the school. He has been involved with the students and made a very positive impact thus far. The teachers at KCSMA are there because they care about the values and goals of the school. Communication between teachers and parents is excellent - I always know exactly what is going on and what my children are learning each week. At KCSMA, the focus is not just on academics, but also on becoming a responsible and compassionate member of your community. Students plant and maintain their own school gardens and can be "hired" to work at Charter Town, in which they serve their school in various capacities and earn "money" to use on school supplies, snacks, or other treats. I have three years of experience with this school and 2 children enrolled.
This is our second year at Kennesaw Charter, I will admit the first year was not my favorite but that was due to the administration in place at the time. The school has a new principal and we are loving the direction he is taking the school! Dr Mc Neely has made great improvements and has shared great vision for the school. He has done a great job of holding his staff accountable and improving communication. We love all of the hands on projects and thinking the kids are doing. They offer a ton of after school activities for the kids to explore new subjects. My kids loved the summer camp last year, they were supposed to go for 1 week but begged me to go the entire 4 weeks. No school is perfect but I am very happy with our choice we have made and feel that our kids are learning and growing. Whenever I have had concerns I wanted addressed I feel they were addressed promptly and appropriately. With the new principal in place I would definitely reccommend Kennesaw Charter.
Love the school and stuff. I am a returning parent after two years and the new Staff and Principal are going a mile and a half to make sure the school and students are a success.
Dr. MCNealey is a great leader!
My daughter has attended KCSMA for 2 years and we are SUPER happy here. This year in particular the new principal, Dr. McNeeley, has made the experience even better and more encouraging. There is an excellent line of consistent communication for parents from the principal in particular. They have family nights which are fun and exciting and create a community feeling amongs the staff, students and their family. The school truly feels like a little family where students are constantly encouraged and praised for their efforts and accomplishments. I believe students know what is expected of them and there is help in place for any time someone falls behind or needs extra guidance. There is a definite focus on preparing our children for the future - in the real world and it’s a fantastic program. This school isn’t just holding stats and numbers and ratings - they are focused on the future minds who will be leading tomorrow.
The school has a new principal and the energy is in the building is very positive. I see a lot more parent volunteers in the building too. The trunk or treat and haunted house was tons of fun!
Our child attended the school for 5 years.
The new building is beautiful but dirty. Floors on some of the classes are disgusting and seem they are never mopped.
Staff is rude and teachers seem to leave every year giving place to new ones that just graduated.
This school treats students "military style". Kids can't speak not even during lunch (they have a ridiculous red light, yellow light, green light system).
Not what they say it is.
Very little funding and the admin is not trying
Inconsistent at best. The admin are the bullies.
A few are wonderful, but now most are not.
So not what it could be! We will leave soon.
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Again, very little funding and the playground has broken equipment.
Thankfully the system hasn't been tested. Not sure they care enough about the students to take appropriate action.
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