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My personal experience with Kennedy Catholic High School has been an overall fulfilling three years since transferring from a public school my sophomore year. I automatically was welcomed into what feels like a family, Christian-based environment without a single trouble. The strong academics at the high school is a key factor in each classroom. I feel incredibly prepared for my upcoming future while attending a four-year institution due to my strong background in college preparatory and advanced placement courses, which I did not receive as heavily while attending a public school.
My son has been at Kennedy Catholic School System since pre-school- he left for 1 year (last year) and attended the local public high school. Although he liked the public school he prefers the Catholic school due to the family oriented atmosphere, practicing his faith daily, excellent academics that prepare students for college.
I pulled my two children from a very large local public school that had great academics but low student morality and lack of attention to negative student and staff behaviors within the district. My two kids have thrived at Kennedy with the small school setting offering not just quality academics but moral education also. One of my kids graduated in 2018 with honors and college scholarships and the other will graduate this year with the same success! Every student at Kennedy gets the attention they need to develop morally, socially, academically and athletically. You can’t get a better well rounded education locally!
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I am an alumni of KCHS and my daughter is currently in 7th grade there. The administration, teachers, staff and the student body are wonderful. I love that my daughter is receiving religion and faith is a strong focus. The atmosphere in the school makes you feel so at ease, and you are treated like family.
My son came to Kennedy from a public school 6 years ago!
Only regret is...we didn't send him sooner!
Classes are smaller and these kids are family to each other. He absolutely loves everything about Kennedy!!
I have 4 children who attend(ed) Kennedy Catholic and everyone of them have had a phenomenal experience spirituality, academically and also with regards to extra curriculum activities. We are so blessed to be a part of the KC family where everyone is always there for each other and always looking after one another. To be surrounded by so many other like minded parents and for our children to be around other so many other like minded students who truly appreciate and value the importance of Christianity, Academics and Extra Curriculum Activities is so important for our children’s growth now and it will also prepare them for a very bright future. I would HIGHLY recommend Kennedy Catholic. We are Blessed✝️🙏!!
I have 2 children currently attending & 2 that graduated. The 2 that graduated, both loved it, were prepared & got scholarships for college. In college they both excelled, and got jobs before graduation in there major.
My two students that currently are at Kennedy, both love it. The Environment is small, accepting, and open for leadership opportunities. The teachers & staff are happy & helpful. Academics come first, while still offering all of the sports, and learning sportsmanship! We love that they learn service to the community also. KCHS nurtured my kids during the hours they were there. Responsible, respectful, caring, hard working adults is what they helped me produced. What more could you want?
Kennedy has an excellent curriculum, and offers many extra curricular activities. They are an exceptional school, and with financial aid available it is very affordable. I love the teachers and staff at Kennedy and am thankful for everything they do for my kids!!
Both of my children graduated from Kennedy Catholic. One played multiple sports, on played none. Both received an excellent, faith based education. I am
Very happy with my experience with Kennedy and both of my children are successful adults! I would recommend the elementary school and the High School to anyone!
Small classes large scholarships safe family atmosphere Great Academics/Athletics BOTH my children attended class ‘17/19
Can not stress enough how awesome Kennedy Catholic is for your child's education. My son came to Kennedy from cyber school and the kids were so friendly and welcomed him. He loves it there and is excelling. The classes are smaller and the teachers are really great with making sure everyone understands before they move on. Great school❤️
Kennedy has gone through multiple changes throughout its years. Everyone there is always trying to make it a more positive place everyday
My experience with kennedy catholic was poor, the teachers arent very helpful the do not prepare you for college at all.
The teachers were wonderful and my friends were great. However, the administration was so terrible that it puts a bad taste in my mouth about the entire experience. In my senior class of 50 people, the principal did not know at least half of our names. That is unacceptable to me. To most people in our class, it seemed that the administration cared more about making money and "branding," than they did about the students.
Small classes and great teachers. School focuses on basketball too much and academics come second. That's really the only downfall.
Great school to show your love for Jesus
Great faith based education. Prepared us for the academics of college. Small class sizes. The teachers are friendly and have a personal connection with the students.
A wonderful, small school! Going from a public school for 6 years and transferring decision ever!
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This school was so unorganized and I paid so much for so little. I never thought private schools would be worse than public, with no heat or AC, and lack of teachers because the school is "poor", but everyone pays at least $5,000!
Eh. It's okay. At times stuff isn't taken care of with is relevant but it's put to the side. The students are somewhat okay, at times rude and immature.
Our daughter loves the teachers, the faith component, and enjoys the extremely welcoming environment. You cannot find kinder people than at Kennedy Catholic.
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