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A good school with a IB curriculum but needs to focus on community involvement and outreach, Teachers are lovely and you will get an amazing education.
Kennebunk really values education and college-readiness. Honestly, my college classes have been easier than some of my high school ones. Kennebunk offers both Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes as well as Honors, Common Placement, and Common Core.
The teachers at Kennebunk High School are incredibly kind and supportive. When one is struggling, the teachers go out of their way to help them. The administrative staff and guidance counselors are also very supportive and want students' experiences to be the best possible.
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This school gives me the education I need. The only thing is if you are even a minute late you have to get a pass. I am not given too much work. I am granted with all the help I need.
Kennebunk High School is honestly the best high school I could see myself going to. The teachers are amazing and the environment is spectacular! I love the atmosphere that our school has especially with the involvement of sports where 1/3 of the students at our school do sports! The school spirit is really there when it comes to sporting events and school wide events! I don't think it could get any better than what it already shows!
Kennebunk high school has offered me the best four years of my education. From supportive teachers to interesting classes, there's something for everyone here. Students are able to excel at their choice of an IB or AP curriculum, allowing students who may not fit a standard role of education to succeed and learn in their own comfort. The school was renovated in 2017 giving the students access to state of the art facilities to help with anything from engineering to studio art. The guidance counselors are incredibly supportive throughout the college process, giving Kennebunk the privilege of having sent students nearly every year to Ivy League schools, pursuing majors to change their world. I could not have imagined a better place to learn and grow.
A very intense learning environment with well trained staff. Teachers and staff are willing to help students with their academic needs and help them succeed in a school setting.
There is definitely a lot of school spirit at our school... that being said, some people just can’t get enough energy to even come to school. We have coffee though, so that’s a plus for everyone who needs the extra boost in the morning (or in the afternoon if you catch yourself dozing off in class). There is a wide variety of class levels available like Common Core, College Prep, Honors, AP, IB and dual enrollment courses.
God heck I hate it. Finna blast out asap. Teachers can be nice and academics are challenging. I can't imagine looking back on these years very fondly. The school puts a lot if pressure on students and parents have an unexpected and strong power over the school.
Kennebunk High School is a small school that will bend over backwards to help its students grow. If someone has a passion or goal that requires background knowledge or experience before college, the administration will create a class specifically for that student, so that they will be prepared for their future career.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at Kennebunk High School. The majority of teachers have true passion in what they do, and that presents itself through their teaching.
I had a very good experience at KHS. Teachers are supportive and willing to help students in need. Facilities have been all updated and new for students who are now in an safe and healthy environment. They have clubs for just about anything and sports programs.
The environment was very positive. There was no typical “popular groups,” but everyone recognized those who succeeded In what they did. Sports teams, math team, band, and theater were all recognized and applauded. Everyone was motivated and trying to get the best out of their experience as they could.
The school itself is not what is impressive. It's the way the teachers care and teach about the school that makes it such a good place to be and makes people like being there. There is a select group of teachers though that are against AP classes in favor of IB and I think that really divides the school because they are not equally supportive of both programs.
Kennebunk high school is a very passionate school full of enthusiastic teachers and students wanting to learn. Kennebunk high school is very welcoming, but what it is truly missing is diversity. However, we live in a small town in Maine and comparatively is diverse for Maine High schools. It has been a fantastic 4 years and much has prepared me for my college experience
The school even though just being completely renovated still has the same wholesome vibe to it. The faculty and staff are great, they care for every single student very much, and they always come to school every morning with a smile on their face. Not only are the staff very happy at KHS but the students are too! KHS offers many opportunities to explore different aspects of education. The educational system is top-notch and will continue to raise and grow with it's students.
Kenenbunk high school is known for its wonderful academics and sports teams. I love getting involved in clubs and other activities through the school. However, teachers and administrative staff have always pushed their students towards "greatness", but not in a positive way. Since I was a freshman, I always felt pushed to take the hardest classes, even if I was not passionate about the subject. I have always felt that the staff at KHS didn't care about what your passionate about, but cares more if you take every hard class, even if it takes students time away from what they really love to do. I wish that this stigma around taking every hard class would end. A second thing I wish would change, even though I know its not the schools fault, is the amount of diversity at the school. The school is dominated so highly by people who are white, I can only name about 10 people at the school who have a different ethnicity.
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A positive experience when you have teachers that strive in your academic achievement. Pleased in where the direction is going, but still had it's ups and downs. I wish for improvement on the academics as I felt it lacked in certain areas of criteria.
Had a great four year experience. Played 2 sports , football and baseball. Had great teachers. Only bad experience was to not be recognized for my sport achievements because I was not a player who was verbally outgoing with the coaches. I was just a hard working athlete and one of the best players on my football team.
I graduated Kennebunk High School four years ago. My high school did have good resources and some excellent teachers but I didn't feel prepared when it came to college readiness. I think there need to be classes added for college readiness and basic skills of balancing a check book, cooking, and sewing.
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