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I have attended Kendrick High School for a completed 3 years since my freshman year; I will be a senior this fall. Kendrick is like a family to me. We have our challenges and what everyone thinks we are but despite that, we stand strong.
School was great in the time I have spent at school with my friends. Teachers and other faculty did great to provide a safe environment.
kendrick highschool helped me gain alot of independence and be ore social. The teachers are very hands on with student to be give a good learning expirence, there's not much i wold change but if i had to chose i would make it so that students with physical impairments could get around the school more easily
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I started at Kendrick when I was a freshman. I've been going there all four years, and these years have been the most challenging years of my life. I didn't start off too great as a freshman. I went into high school thinking that it was going to be a breeze. I wanted to fit in with the kids that didn't act like they cared about they're future. Although I didn't really care about school, my teachers didn't give up on me. I had the best teachers you could ever ask for. I'm now a senior at Kendrick, and doing better than I ever have.
I actually had fun at Kendrick, it was different from what I heard about the school. What really made me enjoy Kendrick was joining the club and meeting the people also talking to the teachers.
I enjoyed my time in chorus while I was there. We are ranked #1 in the district as the best chorus. I also loved our principal Dr. James. He was a great principal and still is.
l actually learned something. The teachers are very understanding and helpful . If I could do it all again from 9th grade I most definitely would.
As a class of 2018 graduate of Kendrick high, I will say that my overall experience was very good. I met some very caring students and teachers. They treated me like family. Anytime I needed something, they were there for me even if it wasn't school related. If I had the choice to go back and relive my highschool days I probably wouldn't because school was stressful but I will cherish the memories FOREVER and come back and visit.
I would like to see a better staff and better lunch menus. They would be better off if they had a new assistance principal due to his actions towards children
Compared to other HS Kendrick is average, the principal has a great vision and I do believe that in a few years Kendrick will improve, there just needs to be more parent involvement and the teachers need to really get onboard with the vision, I believe there is power in unity!
My experience at Kendrick High School is alright. It's not bad and it's not great. My experience is average. I feel the school needs more diversity. More foreign language courses, teachers, and academic clubs are needed. I'm grateful for the teachers that I have the pleasure of knowing who have helped me get ready for college along the way. The school councilors are awesome and have a lot of resources available.
It is the worst school ever . They care more about your dress code the your grade and the food is nasty it be half done and they serve breakfast for lunch when they are not suppose to to they don't care if u getting bullied.
There's a lot that needs to be changed about this school. The only good thing is the few teachers here that actually care about the students' success.
Sexual orientation varies. Race is mainly Black.
It's not bad, but it's not amazing.
The school could be a lot cleaner.
I think the clubs and organizations at my school are run by committed teachers/faculty.
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I would say my stay at my school has been okay because some of the students that attend this school with me don't take into consideration their education, others', or the impact education has/will have on their lives.
The overall quality of these teachers is great.
My experiences at this school left me with lifelong lessons. It taught me self control and patience with everything I do.
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