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Kemps Landing Magnet School Reviews

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Kemps Landing was a challenging middle school with a great sense of community. My only complaint would have been the old building, but they've recently rebuilt the entire school! The new one is beautiful and even has a greenhouse.
The classes are challenging, engaging, and fun. The teachers are generally nice and supportive. The whole school values education to an extensive degree. I found that the teachers were amazing and so are the traditions. The principal, however, only cares about reputation and has taken away many traditions that received stress among the students, favors the younger students, and has a general disregard for students and staff members ideas and emotions.
Good teachers some good some great
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Good opportunity for challenging coursework for gifted kids
It's just like most schools. Government controls the cafeteria and what the kids eat.
Everyone's really helpful, dress code was strictly enforced but not unnecessarily, everything's great.
I loved being at Kemps. Every day was fun and we did so many things that we wouldn't have been able to do if we had gone to a different middle school. I learned so many things and it was the first time in my life when I actually had to work for my grades. I was finally being challenged. I miss being there. On the last day of school every year I'd see the students who were moving on to high school crying when we had to leave. On my last day, even though I tried so hard not to, I cried when I had to leave. We were all from different areas and most of us wouldn't be going to school together the next year, and after three years together we had all become so close. Being at Kemps is something that'll always be a highlight of my life. At that school, they prepare you for the future. If I had a choice to go back and do it again, I wouldn't. I wouldn't go back to the past to change any part of my life. Because even though I didn't want to leave, it was a time meant to launch me into life. It was only a beginning.
School spirit is great, but it's not for any sports programs because there aren't any. There's PE and sometimes some athleticish activity after school, but that's it.
There a very few teachers in the school who aren't amazing. All of my teachers really cared about my education and even though they had a lot of students, they made sure that I was individually taken care of. They want to make sure that you're having the best experience possible.
Most everyone's involved in school activities. There's honestly no problems with diversity. The only clique that really exists is made up of most of the people who do sports, but even then it's not a problem. And we all accept each other.
There are so many things that students can get involved in at Kemps. I don't think there was anyone who wasn't involved in something. The teachers were all really supportive and did as much as they could to help us to have the best experience possible while we were students there. Some of the clubs you had to be really committed to, but most things don't force you to always attend. The school was more focused on academics and those were the first priority. Also, with so few students and being academically focused, Kemps doesn't have a sports program, but after school the buses that you ride home can drop you off at the middle school that you're zoned for if you want to do any sports.
Bullying is virtually nonexistent. Everyone is the same- no one's a nerd or a geek. We all are. The nurses are always really nice and take care of us. As for security measures, Kemps is a special case. With the honor code and so much trust in the school, we didn't have locks on our lockers. We weren't allowed to, but nothing- and I mean nothing- ever happened to give anyone any reason to. We all were able to trust each other. It's just like having another(much larger) family.
Applying was really easy. I had to get recommendations from my past teachers and take an entry test, but I don't remember it being all that difficult. It is difficult for people to get in, seeing as they only took 200 students per grade, but if you really are gifted enough to be there, you'll get in.
We have lots of clubs to do but it is kind of hard to make a NEW club. Each club is truly committed to what they do though. Most of our clubs are full such as Destination Imagination, Choir, and Intramurals. We have a great running and Shamrock club. The new Harry Potter club is a hit at this school as well.
The teachers make the COLLEGE LEVEL curriculum seem easy and fun, but the workload can be kind of stressing at first. Once you get used to it, you learn to manage your time and tutoring is ALWAYS available. Teachers make sure they check their edmodos for each of their classes frequently in order to help students if they have any questions. Scheduling is done when guidance comes to your class and most music classes are packed and TRULY AMAZING
The buses are packed but the people I met are going to be my friends for the rest of my life. The tutoring is always available afterschool and stays usually until the activity buses come. The guidance counselors are ALWAYS available and come in during classes to tell us about college prep, and high school prep. College prep is very easy especially when you have taken the College Bound Reading course which I highly recommend because it will help boost your SAT score, help your reading levels, and make your mind open to the things you will do in college
I love the atmosphere that they put us in. It really prepared me for high school. I was so prepared in KLMS that I barely have any homework due to learned work ethics and time management and I have all A's due to study habits learned. I miss KLMS so much and wish I could go back again. The teachers and staff make the environment of KLMS even better because they encourage you to take challenges and they really extend your range of thinking. Another thing that makes KLMS SOOOO much different than other schools are the field trips you take. No other middle school will take you all the way to an island in Maryland, Peru, or the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
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Bullying is addressed every year and everyone is so nice to each other it is rare to see it.

There really is no need for drastic security measures because everyone has so much to do other than drugs and other bad things such as those. The nurse is always available and health class is super informative.

Everyone feels so safe we have a saying that "Kemps [Landing] is just a safe little bubble."
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