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There's so many things I like about my high school. They treat you well as a student and as a young adult. The teachers help you with the homework if you have questions or didn't understand it. They take their time to get you on where you're supposed to be especially for the people that doesn't speak English. Also, the counselors try to get some time to help the students with their schedule for the school year. What it would be great to see a change in the school it would be the commons area. People need space especially since there are a lot of students this year than last year. And hopefully see the school bigger after the construction is done.
I love it here. I think that the parents love it too.
I love it. It is great I feel like the teachers really care.
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The school does have drills for different situations. But I still feel like it isn't enough to keep us safe and away from danger.
I have always been very involved with band. I've only participated in sports a few times. But that is all.
I'd rather go to a school where I actually learned and didn't focus so much on just passing classes.
The staff and school is okay. But I really wish they would have a better education system. Especially with preparation for the future after high school.
Kelloggsville highschool brings is a safe and heathy environment for students. We have a Police Officer that walks the halls and checks the security cameras everyday. principals make sure the doors are locked, and monitor the hallways during passing time. We make sure to have random hallway sweeps and drills to prepare the students for any possible danger.
There are many opportunities to get involved with clubs. There are clubs such as The black student union , The Asian American club, Leadership group, National Honor society , and student council. I am personally involved in The national Honor society and Leadership group. All of these groups give you the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than themselves. The chance to help others and participate in Hard working community service. We have a wide variety of supportive groups that help fund and keep these clubs around for the upcoming years.
This year is my senior year, and I have many stories and moments to look back on in my time at Kelloggsville. Here is where I met my closet friends now, and where I built myself. This school has offered me many opportunities that will help me succeed in the future. From being apart of the National Honor Society to Captain of the Competibe cheerleading team, I am honored and blessed to be a student at Kelloggsville highschool.
Kelloggsville Highschool has many teachers and staff that genually care about their students. This school is fairly small, so most of the students here are close and open with one another. We like to think of it as one big family. Teachers are always willing to help outside of school hours for students that may be having trouble in class. They cooperate with the student and their needs. Teachers, staff, and students are always willing to participate and support all activities, fundraisers, and sports that we deal with at Kelloggsville.
There isn't many clubs and activities offered.
This school makes you feel welcomed. They help you throughout your high school career.
These teachers really prepare you for college. They make you go above and beyond.
I think our school does a great job or keeping kids safe and making sure everyone is comfortable at all times
A lot of students do the extracurricular activities but not a lot of the students put in hard work for those activities so they're kind of a joke in certain aspects
Some things could be better we have very little funding and very little help from parents and boosters for our school clubs especially sports that don't profit from ticket sales
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I'd say our teachers are good just like any school or any work place there will be ones who are more dedicated than others
The staff is very helpful and mostly every one is nice
So far at this school my peers and teachers are very helpful. If you are struggling in a subject, they will always be there for you and push you forward. They aren't just helpful in academics, as well as personal problems. If you need an adult to talk to, any teacher who you can trust will listen to you and give you advice. Once I move to Kelloggsville Public Schools, I've better grades and attendance. If could do it all over again I would without no doubt, choose Kelloggsville.
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