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Kecoughtan High School is a great school to attend. All staff and teacher really do care about the students who attend. Education is taken very seriously. This school also has great sports and clubs to be a part of.
I always liked the staff there, they were kind and helpful. I was able to stay on task and organized which can be a problem for me. My only problems were with some of the classes you were required to take weren't very helpful. And Hampton Roads was just starting the academies at the time which I don't think are a good idea, especially if you're required to go into an academy and then decide you don't want to go into that field.
My experience with Kecoughtan overall was very good. I had the opportunity to be involved in various organizations including, Student Council Association, Class Office, Principal Advising & Consulting Team, Football Managing, Show Choir, Varsity Volleyball, and The School Announcements Team; Several which I was president of or held leadership positions. Also, Kecoughtan is a very diverse school so I was opened to many more relationships with students of different races and cultures. One of my main reasons for enjoying my time at Kecoughtan is having a relationship with my teachers and administration. Although the student to teacher ratio is not small, many of the teachers will help their students to the best of their ability to make sure they succeed in their class. I am also in the Architectural Environmental & Engineering academy at my school and this program has really helped me prepare for my career. Kecoughtan is not just a school, it is a home. It is a family.
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Kecoughtan High School has been an amazing part of my academic career. I've made many accomplishments through many organizations like NJROTC, Keyettes community service club and varsity volleyball just to name a few. Most of my teachers have become lifelong mentors and continue to support me with kindness and advice. The adminstrative staff is quick to fix any complaint or issue among students, parents, and within the community. I'm proud to have been apart of such a high school and able to say I'm a warrior.
I liked the teachers, most very helpful and inspiring. However, the school cleanliness is questionable.
Spent a really amazing and sadly very fast 4 years at the school. I got to really connect with the people I had classes with and the sports teams I played on. The school also is a great learning environment and the administration tries to keep everyone safe while we’re there.
I am currently a sophomore at KHS. It’s an okay school, but it has its problems like any school. If someone is willing to put in effort, they can get an excellent education. You have lots of options for enrichment of your education. There are many AP and DE classes available to you. There is also a lot of diversity. However, the school is very lacking in sanitation. There are bugs, mold, and the bathrooms are flooded and disgusting. Some teachers don’t care. There is a good variety of clubs and sports. It is easy to get involved. There are often fights, but the administration does an pretty good job of making sure it doesn’t affect the other students too much.
Kecoughtan is a good school. I went there all 4 years of school and I enjoyed it. Kecoughtan put emphasis striving for greatness which is very important to me. What I enjoyed the most is the music program. The Kecoughtan Warrior band has been nothing but good to me. The band director made everyone feel welcome. We also play very good music. Overall I enjoyed my time at Kecoughtan and I'm sad that its coming to an end.
I have been at Kecoughtan High School for each year of high school, and my brother also went to this school. I truly believe Kecoughtan is a family, I was welcomed long before ninth grade and am excited to welcome the new class each year. As a senior this year, it is so interesting to think of how fast the time flew and how enlightening these years have been. Kecoughtan is definitely the home of everyday greatness and I am glad to be apart of this family.
I went there for a school year and a half. My time there was short but pretty cool. The school is pretty good as far as academics, but there are sometimes fights there.
The programs and teaching that are put in place at Kecoughtan High School are tremendous. I have learned a large amount with relative ease.
I didn’t enjoy going to school there. The only thing I am looking forward to is graduation. There were no senior activities put in place. Patricia Lay doesn’t let the seniors have a say so in the senior activities.
It was a pretty good experience both academically and socially. I made amazing friends throughout my years at Kecoughtan. The teachers love what they do which makes me want to learn. Many of the students do have attitude problems which I hope will change.
Kecoughtan is an overall great school. There are many options to become involved and to improve yourself.
It was a decent overall high school experience but due to lack of funding the school is in desperate need of so cleaning and remodeling.
I believe that Kecoughtan High School is an overall decent school. There really hasn’t been a time where I have felt in danger since we have pretty trustworthy security throughout the school. The academics are also good with lots of options to choose from. I do think that the requirement of joining some kind of academy is not that great because I would much rather have free reign over what it is that I want to study but aside from that everything else is just fine.
My experience with Kecoughtan was a very different experience than what I am used to and I say this because I have never attended a school in Hampton. It is very diverse in many ways and stereotypes does no quite apply to Kecoughtan high school. I like the school because the teachers actually teach their students!! The teachers there are also very clear of their instruction, what they accept, and what they do not accept in the classroom. The staff there are extremely welcoming, nice, and full of amazing energy. The students there are just students. We are all teenagers and very typical ones at that. Everybody had their own type of drama or whatnot. But as a whole they can be really lively, fun, and FULL of surprises. Kecoughtan has a some plumbing issues in the girls bathroom considering that there is always leaking toilet water on the floor. At least on the bright side there isn't any solid or liquid waste in the water.
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My experience at Kecoughtan High was basically what is expected of the average high school. Teachers taught and some provided life lessons I will carry with me. The guidance councilors could be a bit more helpful or prepared when it comes to college information. The school could also practice being a bit more influential and follow through on punishments. Bullying, sexual harassment, and destruction of property are all problems I went through first hand and reported yet the school provided nothing but emotional standby. Overall a good school but as expected has big points to improve on.
My time at Kecoughtan can best be described in one word. Bad. There are some wonderful teachers but there’s 2x as many terrible ones. The school is unclean due to troublesome students and lack of funding for a janitorial staff, the bathrooms are never in order so the nurses office is the only place to go, and they will genuinely hire anyone.
I like that some of the teachers at Kecoughtan High School love teaching and that they have a serious passion for being involved to all of their students.
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