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Academic wise; its excellent. its diverse and well structured. The staff is nice. Our safety is top priority at all times.
The school was pretty diverse. I enjoyed my athletic time there for the most part (football and wrestling). I enjoyed every teacher I had, especially the History ones, I still visit them on occasion. The only thing I’d like to see change is the school and the school district allowing an open campus, particularly during lunch.
The school's alright, but it's dirty and the administration doesn't enforce the rules. The food is edible at best, and the school is pretty disorganized.
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I attended Kecoughtan High School for the last three years of high school. I feel like some of the teachers were just giving up on their students nearing the end of each year. I really enjoyed my time in their marching and symphonic bands though and their drama club was really fun. I would definitely change the fact that there is a lot of bullying and fighting and most teacher aren't equipped to handle that and they should find a way to solve it.
I like the overall atmosphere of my school, but I think there could still be some improvements! I feel that some of the clubs and sports do not get enough recognition as they should.
I love the teachers at Kecoughtan, we have a diverse group of students and administration that all, for the most part get along. I would like to see the cafeteria food options and quality change. I know many people, including myself who chose not to eat at all rather than buy lunch food.
The teachers work with you. Class sizes are small. The classes are more interactive and not just the teacher lecturing.
I enjoy the athletics program and the arts program. The Field Hockey program is my most favorite because it fosters teamwork, pushes me to my limits and the coaches are outstanding. I feel that some of the teachers talk to me as if I was an adult and provided me with many lessons that are related to real life. I can have real conversations with teachers and coaches relating school and personal life. .
This school is okay. There is not that much diversity here though. It is great in academics and all the teachers here want to see you succeed. This school provides good academies.
I liked that most of the teachers at Kecoughtan really do prepare you for college, they teach on a college level and let you know what to expect after high school. The school administrators do their best to make sure there is proper disciplinary action.
This school constantly has nasty bathrooms with no toilet paper or paper towels. It's either extremely hot or freezing. Most teachers have as much attitude as the students.
Kecoughtan is a pretty good school. The classes are interesting, and the teachers care about the students' education. However, it is very dirty, and every year there seem to be more students crowding the already busy halls, causing schedule mix-ups, tardies, and unhappy students. I feel like it would be a good idea to apply the "red zone, yellow zone, green zone" system, since the administration cares more about phones being out in the halls than actually doing their jobs. Other than that, I like Kecoughtan.
Kecoughtan High School is a place where I enjoyed learning and excelling in academics for the past four years. Although there are a few changes I think Kecoughtan needs. The school spirit is very poor, the student body doesn't participate in spirit week and they don't feel the need to go support our athletics.
Kecoughtan High School is a good school. The only problem that I have with the school is the time management. If we lose days of school due to snow or if you have to evacuate because of a hurricane you should not have to make up the lost days because of a national crisis.
Kecoughtan is just your average high school. I can honestly say that the teachers here do care about our education, and well-being. Even though we could have more class participation and more school spirit the school is decent.
Kecoughtan High school offers a wide variety of classes and electives to choose from. It also offers a vast and diverse environment where students are allowed to express themselves freely.
Kecoughtan High School has everything a high school needs. Great Teachers, Sports Teams, and Clubs. Most importantly, this year they implemented this mandatory collage prepatory academy system in which each student must select a career field and take an elective learning about it. In general, the school is the best in our district; it's not perfect, but it has everything offered towards the students.
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Kecoughtan High School is where I had wanted to go since 6th grade. It was always out of district for me, but they had an academy program for art which I had to apply to, to be able to attend. I got in and so did all my friends, so we were extremely happy to all be going to the same high school! When I got to Kecoughtan, it was much different than what I had expected. I wanted my high school experience to be full of school spirit and all around a good time. Turns out, we have no school spirit. I still dress up for spirit days and go all out for pep rally, but other people in our school make it as if supporting the school is lame. Personally, showing school spirit and making bad situations into good ones makes or breaks the high school experience.
I liked how even though there are a lot of students in the school, there are still some teachers that I have bonded very well with and that I could even call my friends. However, I want to see the students change into a more serious body because as of right now, I just see kids messing around all day, not caring about their education.
Kecoughtan overall is a B school. We have good test scores, teachers are alright. Some of the kids in the school are racist, some are bullies, and some just love to fight. We are good, smart kids too, its just the bad kids makes it uncomfortable sometimes.
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