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I moved here from a small district both socially and academically behind. I have to say, the academics were good and we have a lot of sports and clubs, and there are some wonderful people there. Sure we had a few bad teachers but most of them cared about us. The food was disgusting though, fruit flies and hair weren't uncommon. And the underclassmen were disgusting. They also had a bad issue with Vapes and pills. The counselors and certain staff only cared about those who were doing great socially and academically unfortunately, and some of us were left to figure out how to prepare for adult lives ourselves. I also wish there was more support for those not doing as well in school. Some ended up giving up because they felt they had no one helping them, and they had a lot of potential which went to waste.
Very helpful and nice teachers. Good in academics and student involvement. School has various sports to be involved in with decent coaching. Administrators are very outgoing and involved in the students life in and outside of the classrooms, same goes with the guidance counselors. The school is decent in terms of college readiness. They also offer classes to prepare for life in terms of financial situations. Overall a good school to go to.
Kearsley High School made high school feel like two years instead of four. It was not difficult, it gave me opportunities to create lifelong friendships, and it felt like my whole senior class was like a family. Although we may not have as many resources as other districts, Kearsley high school will always be a reminder of home.
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Kearsley helped me succeed, and overall, gave me a new experience in social aspects and academics. I give them three stars only because, as a edgenuity and special education student, I feel there is not enough opportunities. S.E. especially can be forgotten, or brushed over. It is mostly about athletes and A.P. students. As a student, I was refused many classes solely because I was special education. Don't get me wrong, they have some great aspects academically for special needs if you are behind or have a physical disability. But those wanting to be in "harder" classes are usually turned down. As a high school senior, edgenuity students are almost forgotten in every aspect. We usually are labeled as 'the bad ones who have no future'. Sure, some students are disrespectful and behave terribly, but that isn't everyone. I take edgenuity to move ahead of other students. Yet the reputation unfortunately stands for everyone.
I've been here since 5th grade. To be honest, I've made some amazing friends that are the reason I still live here. However, so many of them have turned fake through the years which made me realize that that's how so many people are at Kearsley. The teachers are mostly rude and arrogant. They just focus on tests and exams rather than the student. The school is trashy and lazy in my opinion. There's plenty of potential but it's not gonna get better anytime soon.
Being apart of the Hornet family at Kearsley High School has been amazing. There is a sense of community that you can't hide. Whether it's sports, classes, clubs, or any number of things, the welcoming ambiance of the school is undeniable.
I have attended kearsley form 2nd grade to 12th grade and it has be overall a good experience. Most teachers care and want to you to seceed. The students are nive for the most part. The only thing i would like to see change is the food, its not very good and sometimes makes you not feel very good.
I like how Kearsley High School makes students involved in activities. I also enjoy how they have councilor
Kearsley is a good school. The students are nice, the teacher are good and the environment is good also. I would recommend this school for anyone.
I’ve been a Kearsley student my whole life, so going into high school I new many of my classmates and teachers. Kearsley High School has brought me different opportunities, such as being in the National Honor Society, being the editor in chief of the school newspaper, and dual enrolling at a local community college. However, if I were to change anything about my school I would change the communication within administration and with students, I end up having to search for information I need instead of teachers preparing me and administration giving me options. I would also like to see more college prep classes in the curriculum, as well as more options for online classes.
Kearsley is a great school with really good and caring teachers. I started going there my freshman year and it has been a great experience with peers that care (some of them). Some of the students don't come from the best walks of life but most of them will treat you like family.
Many of the teachers would like to do more with the students in classes but they do not have the resources. The safety from outside sources is okay, they have changed quite a few things due to recent events including a new front entrance, many security guards and training teachers how to protect students and themselves. But safety from other students is a whole different thing, because of the fights and the anger issues. The staff's person beliefs are being pushed onto the students, and are effecting how the school is run.
Not a great school. Manipulative administration and lazy counsellors. Good teachers though sometimes.
I feel Kearsley has a great academic schedule. And can compete with a great sense of pride in this area.
Kearsley is a diverse school, that has wonderful teachers, yet the admistration is terrible. They are very demeaning to students and do not encourage you to strive to be the very best.
Kearsley high school used to be a good school. It has been going downhill the past few years. Fights among students has become very common. The money aid for sports is mainly focused on just the football program. There are some amazing teachers still working here.
I graduated from Kearsley High School back in 2013, so I can only speak of my experiences in the past. It was a very nice school and accepting of just about anyone. I mean this both in the students' willingness to be friends with anyone and also the teachers and staff generally being attentive and caring. The cafeteria food was also very good and there was a surprisingly large selection of choices. They also offered programs to get discounts on food and even have it completely paid for if your family struggled, although you were also more than welcome to bring your own lunch. Negatives, however, would be a small amount of parent involvement on their part and also very little to no help or involvement with preparing for college after graduating.
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I like the school, there are many nice people. The academic are good with a variety of subjects to pick from that prepare you for college.
I like the atmosphere at Kearsley. All the teachers and counselors are very wise and helpful in ensuring that us students further our career after high school. One thing I would like to see change would be other kids respecting one another a little bit more.
Kearsley is great! Well, it's not perfect, but what is? Most of the teachers are friendly and really care about their students and their education.
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