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Kearny College Connections Reviews

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Very good school. Everyone is very nice and helpful! The counselors and Teachers help a lot with enrolling in college and scholarships
This school places a lot of priority on giving you Mesa College classes to help save money for your college education. If you stay here for 4 years, you would be done with 1 and a half year of college! The teachers are very understanding and will help you out.
I went to high school here and even though it was not the prettiest or richest high school, it was still a wonderful experience; many great friends and memories. Being in college I really miss being a high schooler in this school sometimes. I began here my sophomore year and I highly recommend going into an AVID class, it was really helpful to me. I especially loved their fast track program which allowed students to take courses in Mesa College and earn credits for a college. It really prepared you for what to expect one you start college and made the transition much easier. Also, across from the school there is many places to eat it so that was very convenient.
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My experience in Kearny College Connections was amazing!! The teachers help you prepare for college and they are willing to help you succeed! This school has helped me get interested in going to college.
Better school than what most people think. I am graduating with about a year and a half of college classes thanks to their free mesa programs. The small school system at Kearny also makes student-teacher interactions pretty fantastic. Plus, I am able to graduate a semester early. School makes sure all students get as many math classes as possible. Everyone will graduate with 5 years of math at this school. This school works hard for students and thier careers.
I like the people there and I also like how the teachers want you to strive to do good at school and also have a good college life. They also show you a lot of scholarships to apply too and as well as community service events to work at
My experience at Kearny College Connections has been really good. What I like about this school are the opportunities they offer us to take college classes and graduate early if we have all our credits. In my opinion I would change anything because it has been a really good school, all teachers are really patient and would help students a lot.
At Kearny High School there should be a less strict dress code. There should also be better decoration, more fundraisers, and better planning for school parties like homecoming.
Great school, lots of scholarship opportunities and fantastic college application guidance. All of the teachers were great and really wanted you to pass each class. Kearny College Connections allowed students to take college classes and earn real college credit very early on and gave students the opportunity to experience college in high school.
This school is very good academically! We take college classes starting Sophmore year which gives us insight into how we will be treated when we attend college.
I attended this school for one year and during that one year, I learned they are great at the academic stuff, BUT the staff and the ATTITUDE just isn't professional.
I like how there is a variety of people that come from many different places, and that there are a good amount clubs which one can join. Two other positives about Kearny, is that the teachers are very nice and helpful, and we can take college classes on campus when we seem to be ready.
This is a great school. It offers many college prep programs, extracurricular activities, community college courses and early graduate. All the teachers are very friendly. The food has improved a lot compared to the past, but I hope to improve it further.
I liked how it is connected to a college and the kids could get college credit while in high school. they let people with free periods off campus which is great! school lunch isn't the best but I mean it is school. There are many different ethnicities there. teachers are good. The only thing bad about this school is how stricted the dress code is, almost none of the other high schools are this stricted on the dress code.
Currently I’m a student attending Kearny High school of College Connections and my experience here has been good. Most of the teachers are helpful and want you to succeed. Being enrolled in the school of College Connections has prepared me for college significantly and it’s certainly helpful when applying to colleges.
Everyone is helpful especially teachers and counselors. They will help you achieve your goal and to be ready for college.
This school is actually called Kearny College Connections. SCC (small school name) is an excellent school academically and overachieving students. However, when it comes down to spirit , there is none. An good thing about this school is that it offers many college courses, that allows the students to graduate early, mid senior year. And go to the local community college, Mesa, to take classes.
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This school is very focused on academics and getting college ready, but the staff and administration are biased and against any progressive ideas
Kearny International Business is an excellent high school. It'd be better if there are AP courses in the future.
Kearny high school is filled with programs and great help in order to achieve anyone's personal goal. It is the best small school in Kearny which allows greater opportunities for every individual student. The only thing i wish would change is the hype behind the school. If there were more outgoing programs to bring students in, the school will succeed as well as the students. Overall Kearny allowed me to follow my dream and support me the whole way through and this is an option every student should be allowed to have.
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