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I did not enjoy going to this school for the time I went. , .
At KCHS you get a small town school in a moderately sized city at KCHS you will know all of your classmates and most of the people in the most other classes too. When you graduate you are prepared for college, and if you choose to do sports then you can do any sport that you choose and not have to worry about being good enough.
The teachers were awesome and always willing to help one on one before or after class or before or after school. They really cared and become more than just teachers of their individual classes but mentors in life. Kearney Catholic also had amazing opportunities that you wouldn't find in a lot of schools its size such as robotics, mock trial, swimming, or trap shooting. Traditions such as homecoming week themes and games, catholic schools week festivities, senior pranks, and the overall student and faculty involvement really made Kearney Catholic a family and a home rather than just a school.
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I liked the family environment and the close relationship with the faculty while studying a faith based education.
I like that its a smaller school so I get more one on one with teachers. I also like how we're small enough that everyone pretty much knows everyone and its nice because its kind of like a family away from home. However, Kearney Catholic does make me feel at home. I don't like the uniforms that we have to wear but I do think it helps eliminate as much judgement and bullying if we're all wearing pretty much the same thing. I believe that KCHS fully prepares me for college.
We have quite a few extra curricular activities, but it would always be nice to have a few more options.
Our principal is always there for help, and he shows a genuine interest in our every day lives.
The technology at our school can be helpful. We have 3 computer labs and a media center with computers. We also have about 50 laptops and a thing of iPods. However, most of the time we can't even use these resources because it seems as if our network is down every other day. Our guidance counselors were extremely helpful, especially during senior year! They held three class meetings where we would go and get all kinds of good information for college. They helped me decide where I wanted to further my education and what I wanted to go into. With all of their support, help, and information, I think I am a lot more prepared for college!
At my high school, I don't think bullying was a very big issue compared to other schools. I felt like everyone knew everyone and wouldn't do anything to hurt someone else. My school had a security system on the front door and all other doors to the school were supposed to remained locked during the day. We weren't allowed to leave through any doors except the front door. We would have to sign out of the office before we went any where. However, sometimes the front door security system would not work and it would be left unlocked. I think a big issue at our school is not having a handicap accessible school. Some of our classes are upstairs and that causes a problem for those that can't climb stairs.
Now a days, you basically get a snack for your lunch meal. The serving size is very small and athletes aren't getting enough protein to make it through the day and practices. Even getting a second serving doesn't always consist of high protein. Students are having to bring extra snacks just to accommodate the lack of protein.
The school spirit is phenomenal! Students cheer so loud to pump everyone up its hard for the team to lose knowing the enthusiasm is behind them. No matter the sport there is a huge following of students. If it weren't for the spirit we wouldn't have as many state champions as we do.
Its been nice growing in my faith beside my fellow classmates. It's a small school, you know everyone along with their parents. It makes it easier to have fun activities such as class retreats, homecoming week, and catholic schools week. With each of these events we grow together as a class. I know I will miss this in the near future.
Our dress code consists of one color pant and three optional polo colors along with brown or black shoeware. It is actually easier to figure out what to wear instead of every morning drama on what you're going to wear. For those that can't afford the in look this policy keeps everyone on the same level.
There is something for anyone to get involved with. From drama to sports and Spanish club to key club every student has the opportunity to impact that club or organization. Some classes start fun groups like chess club just to spice up involvement. One of the teachers uses her own time to implement a robotics team that competes at a state level.
Students are very involved with activities around the school. We get many compliments on how we are so generous with volunteering our time to the community. Everyone attends extracurricular events and supports them. It makes it feel like one big Christian family.
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