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I had an overall good experience at KMS. The majority of my teachers were very strong in their individual subjects and cared deeply about their students.
The magnet program has very good teachers and a positive environment that encourages learning. Very good college prep classes that make it easier to transition to a high school like LASA.
I go to Kealing I think it is awesome for kids who like being challenged . But they give so much homework in the magnet program it really gets stressing
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I've been a student at Kealing for 3 months now, and I can safely say it's one of the best schools in the city for academics. The "commute" in the morning and afternoon is regularly 30/50 minutes, which is very annoying but manageable. The school was built in 1930, and it shows in the facilities and design. I enjoy most of my classes, and the elective choice is higher than any other Middle School in the city. Overall, I would recommend this school as a first choice if you get accepted into the magnet program.
This school is definitely the place you'd want to go to get a mental head start on high school or even college. They have an extensive choice of electives so that everyone has an interest of sort! Amazing afterschool clubs and organizations.
Great academics, sports and teachers! Loved that school! I love the parent involvement! The electives are amazing and way better than any other middle school in Austin!
The heart and spirit are there but sometimes the equipment is lacking.
The teachers are very engaged and fair but about half of them really lack when it comes to keeping ParentConnect (the online grade system for parents to monitor) and returning emails to parents.
There are police that monitor the campus. If anything starts up, it is quelled rather quickly.
It is very diverse with the best teachers. They get to DO things that kids in other schools only READ about. It is challenging, inspiring and motivating.
The building is pretty old, and we dont use lockers at all because we have too many kids. But the school runs well and is on top of things. Anything you need you can ask a teacher or counselor and they can give you the information.
Not the biggest on sports, but many kids played one sport or another. There was only every a rivalry between one school and ours, but it wasn't that big. The coaches were nice, but pretty average.
All the administration are really nice, and the teachers are so great and cool. All the policies were fair, and kids hardly got I'm trouble. It's a nice school.
There are kids from many different ethnicities, and everyone got along well. Almost everyone was involved in some activity at school, and it was just a good atmosphere. I loved it there.
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