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I love my school because it is very small; this allows for a tight knit community that sticks together. Teachers are able to focus on each student individually enhancing their education. Everyone knows everyone which allows everyone to feel as if they have a role to take part in. The only problem with attending a small school with less funding is that there is less opportunity for extra curricular programs and electives.
There are so many things I could say about Kaycee School. As a student who has been in Kaycee Schools for all their life, I know a lot about the school. If you like small class sizes and one-on-one time with teachers, Kaycee School has just that. The teachers are all very welcoming and passionate about their jobs. The one downside would be that since it is a small school, there is limited opportunities and that means that every other student in your class has the same opportunities.
Kaycee school is a family much like the people around it. The teaching staff is great to be around and take the time to get to know their students. The small class sizes allows each student to have one on one help with the teachers when they need it. Teachers want to see their students pass and will take time out of their lives to help ensure it.
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Teachers are capable and knowledgeable. Curriculum is fairly easy to follow but not much diversity. Scheduling process is easy to work through, but is often not set in stone. There is a lot of juggling of classes because of time allotment. Workload is fair. Special Study options are offered but not well attended and the most popular classes are the least academic in nature.
We are a small town and everyone knows everyone. Bullying is our most substantial problem we face. We have some alcohol problems and a few who have had substance abuse problems. In general, the health and safety of my person has never been an issue. I am comfortable with how my school handles these situations for the most part.
We have a hard time with Extracurricular activities because we are a small community. We have 2 active 4H groups, an FFA Chapter, a Destination Imagination (DI) organization, and an Arts/Humanities and Poetry Out Loud. The same people administrate and participate in the few organizations we do have. They are not funded well because again we are a small community. The most popular option right now is Arts/Humanities. The people who support that are mostly Humanities minded and do a sufficient job. I would like to see less favoritism and more learning and corporation between members.
I have not had many really great and memorable experiences at this school, but I appreciate the fact that the population of this school is small and we have a certain relationship with each other that not many people have. Everyone talks to everyone even if they don't run in the same circle of close friends. I also appreciate the help that most of the teachers give to students who are willing to try. Of course there are those teachers that pick out their favorites and cater to them and other teachers who pick out their "pet" project and only cater to them. Overall, I am satisfied with my "school" experience, but wish that "academically" speaking we had more advancement opportunities. Examples of the opportunity would be: online classes, variety of electives, and extra curricular activities- maybe speech and debate.
Student involvement is huge in our school. There is almost a 100% participation in at least one or more sports by each student. This is a small community and there is not much to do and sports everyone understands here. Teams are in the ranking in each sport represented in our community. Fan support is good if you consider the number of people sitting in the stands. We have even had people coming to watch our 6Man Football team practice. School spirit is a whole different ball game. Our students, teachers, parents, and sports goers are not at all active in encouraging players, refs, or coaches. Our facilities have been improved upon in the last few years, but not due to the funding provided by our School District. It has all come from outside sources. Fitness programs are pretty good and teachers look for innovative ways to get student participation, but is not always readily accepted. Last, You are accepted wholeheartedly if you are "good" at what you do. Everyone else is tolerated.
The building and facilities, technology and busing in our school are some really good assets to students and faculty. If we had teachers who knew how to teach "technology classes" we would be doing better. Our school has instituted a college prep resource called GEAR UP. There is lots of information, tutoring, and college prep help. We have been through several guidance counselors in the past 4 years of my High School career. I am not sure any of them have been very helpful or beneficial outside the normal- FAFSA requirements, and these are the colleges that accept the Wyoming Financial Aide Applications. Parent involvement in our school is average and sometimes lax, but in my opinion the parents who come in are the ones that believe that all kids should behave and excel to the standards of "THEIR" choosing not whats best for each individual student.
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