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Katz Yeshiva High School Reviews

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I love the tight knit community that Katz Yeshiva High School provides. My teachers are always there to support me and I feel enabled to achieve. I wish there was better equality for both male and female students.
Incredible preparatory school for college. It is a religious school, and the way the administration, teachers, and religious leaders act that exact way towards their students. Despite any flaws it may have regarding an aggressive religious position on Judaism and orthodoxy, it is an incredible institution which thoroughly prepares its students for the future
I loved the home environment of the school. I felt very comfortable and the teachers were always approachable.
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I loved attending this school! I wish they were more lenient with changing class level. Overall, the teachers were fantastic and the kids were really nice.
They help a lot with classes, lots of kids all over south Florida. However, there is a major drug problem with the students. There has been ridiculous measure taken to prevent drugs in school and in school events.
I loved it, it was amazing in every aspect specifically its communal feel and the uniqueness of each teacher actually knowing each student. I think there is nothing I would change.
I find the ratio of Jewish studies to Academic work to be appropriate considering the type of school it is. The Hebrew department is lacking but the school makes up for it with its excellent selections of APs to take. They also offer students the option to take classes online if they so choose. The Rabbis and other administrative staff are always ready to help a student who is struggling in their class. The over all atmosphere of the school is homely but semi-stern. They do a good job of balancing the friendly attitudes of the teachers with the seriousness of the learning.
The teachers are so nice and amazing at their jobs. I never feel anxious to go up to a teacher and ask them a question.
Its a fun school. There is a lot of school spirit. There are school trips and social opportunities that help build a community.
It is a great school with a dual curriculum. The Judaic teachers are excellent and the college guidance team is very helpful and encouraging. Students are encouraged to take difficult classes and very often excel.
I like how even though there is a dual curriculum, there is still a strong focus on secular subjects so that every student in the school is ready to go out into the real world and attend college or any other form of further education that they choose.
I love Katz Yeshiva High School. This school is a perfect Yeshiva enviroment and I believe it preps very well for colleg. The sports here are very good as well.
Great friends, great teachers, great school! I went to school here during my last two years of high school, and they were very meaningful years. Coming from two years of a school lacking in academics, I was thrilled with the education at WYHS. I was able to take advantage of AP courses and a guidance counselor who truly helped me with the college application process. I give WYHS five stars!
This school is an excellent environment for students who are Jewish and are religious or non-religious, as the school values everyone and wants to see everyone thrive.
This is the greatest school. My kid is developing beautifully as a Torah scholar and a student of general culture.
Yeshiva High School has teachers that care about your success. They will work with you until you get it right and will never give up on you. YHS offers an abundance of extra curricular activities that you can join and hopefully lead one day. With a new building coming in January 2017, the possibilities in this school could be endless.
The community and warmth of this school is very unique. Teachers and faculty are genuinely caring.
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Very caring and understanding. Dress code is strictly enforced.
Menus are provided from local food restaurants, ranging from vegetarian options etc.
The school campus includes all necessary amenities and will provide transportation to proper sports fields/ gyms.
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