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Wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for a fun high school experience. No extracurriculars, not a lot of school events. Only redeeming quality is the opportunity to get your associates degree.
As a senior at Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy my overall experience was very good. Everything I have learned from Gilliam has formed or molded me into who I am today. One thing I would be the way information if given out to students. The school has a habit of not telling the student information intime resulting in people rushing to get stuff done.
Before I enrolled at Gilliam, I went to a mediocre high school. Don't get me wrong, it was suitable for my needs, but I wasn't being challenged. When I switched schools after Sophomore year, I immediately loved the close-knit feeling. All the faculty members want to see their students succeed, and you can tell. The only thing I would like to see change is the amount of uncertainty. By that, I mean that there were some moments were there weren't certain dates or deadlines. For me, I like to have more structure so I won't have to rush at the last minute.
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Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy is a wonderful school because you have the ability not only to take high school classes, but also to take college classes for free!!! This means that when you graduate your not only going to graduate with a diploma your going to graduate with a diploma and an associates degree. Additionally, I also like that the staff really cares about their students. Finally, all that they want is for their students is for them to be successful and accomplish their goals.
The school is very beautiful. The decor and overall feel of the school is nice. The teachers are all pretty decent, but if you need something from the staff you need to stay on top of them.
Im a soon-to-be senior at Gilliam and as I reflect on my experience here, I say it's been okay but there needs to be improvement. What makes gilliam stand out is that it is fairly new to the district. As well as being sorta new, it is also very small with only roughly 400 students attending. This school does not have a sports team, so students have to play for their home school which is a little dissapointing. However, luckily there are competitions students can compete in such as chess, UIL, or the academic decathlon. The thing about GCA is that every student graduates with a high school diploma as well as an Associate's degree which I think is amazing. To be transparent with you, there's little preparation done when it comes to the SAT or ACT and I believe there is a bit of favoritism in regards to the students here. All in all, Kathlyn Joy Gilliam is an average school, it's not special but it does have little qualities that make it good.
I like the teachers there. You also have to opportunity to graduate with an associates degree. The work environment is very good, the lunch food isn't that great much it is alright. the school is new and has a pretty good design both on the outside and inside
My favorite part about Gilliam Collegiate Academy (GCA), was the fact that there was a lot of freedom and flexibility when it came taking classes. Students such as I, were given the chance to take classes in almost any order I wanted, and teachers where very understanding of students who had difficulties completing course work in their own classes. Every student was given the ability to start college early, and were given the opportunity to complete their associates degree while taking high school classes at the same time. The teachers that I have taken classes from where generally good, but there was a disconnect with the fact that I had a mix of very experienced and inexperienced teachers. My favorite classes where both AP 2D (photography class) and chemistry. Both classes were my favorite as the teachers made me confident in my abilities to succeed in their classes, and were very good at explaining the subject.
Though there's plenty of things that could be fixed at my school, overall it's a great school. The school provides a great education that not only benefits your high school education but gets you ahead in your college learning experience, as well. As for its appearance, it is quite small. However, there are plenty of windows to let in light which makes the campus seem more open. The school is environmentally friendly, as well.
My experience isn’t just horrible I like the school a little it’s just the fact that I had dreams or images of how I wanted high school to be and it’s the total opposite I just to think of the up side of going here I’ll graduate with my diploma and Associates degree but I still want all the highschool experiences everybody else gets at different schools
My freshman year at Gilliam, our principal was Ms.Francis. She took the time to build relationships with the students at her school. She knew every one of us. Our school only had about 300 students attending, so we were all a big educational family. Our school distinguished from other schools in our district because we were an all academic school. We didn't have any athletic department, so students that were interested in playing sports had to play for their homeschool. With our academic statuses, we were approved to take college courses at our home community college. Those that reached 60 hours graduated with their associate's degree and their high school diploma. We were able to transfer those credits to the university we decided to attend and start our college journey as either a sophomore or junior. The traditional legacy still lives on. I am proud to say I attended Kathlyn Joy Gilliam Collegiate Academy.
Kathlyn joy Gilliam has been a very great school that got me in the right track my freshman year of high school. If I had the chance of not going to this school, I would not take it. This school got me ready for college and also helped me financially. I would recommend this school to any incoming student 10/10.
Attending this school has allowed me to experience a piece of the “college lifestyle” as I take college courses and high school ones so that I can graduate with an associates degree and a high school diploma. Due to this opportunity it has allowed me to save a lot of money. The math/science teachers are all very passionate about their jobs and excellent educators. The only good english teacher I had was Ms. Moton, the rest were too preoccupied with other tasks they were handed at the school to teach their students. There is a limited amount of electives at the school so you are obligated to take P.E. &Art for almost 2 years and don’t have the choice to enroll in anything that interests you. It’s a small closed-campus school that gives their students little to no freedom. You cannot sit in the designated “study areas” to do your work on your free time, instead you have to wait for an administrator to show up and give you permission to be there.
I attended Gilliam Collegiate for all 4 high school years. The staff is so friendly and a very safe school to be. Their are many teachers considering it is a very small school. You are able to get the help you need.
Gilliam collegiate academy is a school that provides opportunities to minority students that strive to succeed. Gilliam is the type of school that pushes students to become something and someone in life, providing the student with as much support as possible as we go off to college and become part of society.
There is many opportunities that the school offers. Take advantage of every single one of them. They are all free.
At Kathlyn Joy Gilliam you are provided with all the resources you need in order to have a good academic standing in both high school and college. However the downside is that it does not offer any sports however you can play for your home school but it will be a lot of work to mange.
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kathlyn joy gilliam has many good teachers that provide excellent care for the students. They enforce dedication, determination, and hard work into them, and they never give up on anyone.
I was a very good experience. The variety of teachers have a great passion in their jobs and actually teach you not just show you. Also all the teachers are very friendly and understand if your have a bad day.
I like that Gilliam offers great opportunity such as a chance to earn an Associates degree for free.
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