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Pretty good school. I loved all my teachers from the 4 years I was there. The campus culture was cool and overall just a great place to be.
This is my first year at Kapolei and I was overwhelmed by the help and Aloha that I received at registration. We are currently doing distance learning because of COVID19 and things has gone smooth and they teachers are wonderful so far.
I really enjoy the environment. Most of the teachers are very understanding and take the time or are open to knowing the students individually. I have made great friendships with students in all grades and have made good relationships with my most of teachers. The school is also full of enthusiastic athletes, due to this many students are full of school spirit and it is easy to work with most people. There are however, some negatives; the bathrooms aren't as clean as I'd like and sometimes there are no doors or toilet paper/soap. In addition to that, some parts of buildings are not the best. It's not revolting, some walls could just be scrubbed or some places could be swept. Also, it's common for there to be a fight most days. The teachers and security do their best to fix the issue, but some kids get very violent. Most people are used to it, but it's sad that it's become part of normalcy.
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I really enjoyed the support of the teachers on campus. Giving students opportunities to graduate on time. What I would like to see changed is more of student contribution when it comes to school events.
Kapolei High School is a very hands-on school in terms of learning. They provide good opportunities to advance educationally if the student chooses to do so. They have a wide range of athletics to choose from. If anything were to be changed it should be the upkeep of the restrooms, other than that it’s a good school.
Very interactive. This school focuses its education on teaching students in groups based on their interests.
Academics could be improved if I were a rich man with a million or two. I’d live in a penthouse, in a room with a view.
I like how diverse our school was and how unique our teaching system was, I would like to see healthier and better tasting foods served at the school and administration be more involved within school activities.
What I like about the school is that there are great teachers, a nice environment, and how small the campus is. I also really like their Fine Arts academy, in which has many performance opportunities that I couldn't experience in any other school. The staff here are really fun and are very caring for their students. Overall, this school is a really great school and can help students reach their goals for the future.
My experience was great with Kapolei High School. I hope to see it thrive as the school gets older and more clubs. The school has a lot of diverse clubs to offer like community service clubs, environment clubs, a gaming club, and more. The teachers there are very helpful and will always be ready to help you when you are there. They try to create a community about being one team. The motto is caring, dignity, and integrity. The football there is getting better each year, our soccer team went to the OIA championship this year. The school is a bit young however, which means some places have bit better academics than our school. However, due to this our facility is a lot cleaner and newer than other schools. The administration works hard to keep everyone safe, and can always be seen interacting with students. They are very student-friendly and always ready to help. There are a very diverse amount of people at our school. There are asians, Hawaiians, Americans, and African-Americans.
I liked that some of my teachers throughout my high school career were there every step of the way, making sure that I made the right decisions. Some of the resources offered at my school gave me the opportunity to communicate with the college that I am attending in the fall.
As a senior at Kapolei High School, I feel that it has prepared me for college and life beyond that. The school has about 8 academies. I am in the Public Human Services Academy. Each academy has their different electives. PHSA has Culinary, Education, and Hospitality/ Tourism. The teachers are very helpful and very understanding of us. They make sure we’re understanding and learning the concept they’re teaching. Not only are they teachers to us, they’ve become a safe place to talk to about our stresses and our personal problems.
My experience at Kapolei High School was pretty good because I felt like we were one team and we had all the opportunities placed in front of us. For example, all the sports teams and clubs was a great way to meet new people. Also, the teachers and counselors would always find the time to help a student if they ask or if they see that they are struggling. I really enjoyed all the extracurricular activities because I have learned how to be proud of your community and always give back. One thing I would change is the grading system. I wished my current grades were updated sooner and not when grades are due abd you can't fix them.
I liked how the school administrators Are here for us when ever we need them. The only problem was that there isn’t a lot of people that are involved with school social activities. Also I feel that our sports programs should improve equipment.
Attending Kapolei High School has been an eye-opening experience. The school has major diversity after all Hawaii is one giant melting pot. Because of this, moving to Kapolei High School wasn't hard. The students and teachers are friendly and it was surprisingly quite quick to find a group of people that would be there for me for the rest of the school years to come. Though education in Hawaii isn't the greatest and we are looked down upon here sometimes it honestly is an amazing experience. Alongside friendliness, the school has a wide variety of clubs and classes for you to select from regular classes to AP and even duo-credit. Something I would like to see change at Kapolei High School would be the bathrooms. The restrooms in almost every building lack doors that lock, toilet paper, and soap. It's to the point where some students bring their own soap and toilet paper to school. But overall Kapolei High School has been good to me.
Kapolei High School has been a good experience. There are times where teachers have shown favoritism. Also, there is never soap in the bathroom, and lastly toilet paper is usually out by the last period of the day.
First and foremost, I would like to say the academies are amazing. Not only as my academy teachers prepared me for the real world, but they also have strengthened my communication skills for when I graduate. For instance, I’m in the health academy and we are in a nurse aide training class, being in the class has given me the opportunity to become a cna by the time graduation comes .
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Throughout the four years i've spent at Kapolei High School, I noticed that the teachers don't care about you well most (except the teachers in Ho'ola). There is different academies which kind of sort of starts fights between students. But its kind of good at the same time because it helps students feel more comfortable. They should change the time we end school though. It gets really tiring ending at 3.
There are too many students and not enough teachers. We dont get the kind of education we deserve because the class sizes are too big.
Kapolei High School has a sense of family. The staff try their best to assist students with whatever they need to excel and succeed.
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