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Kalamazoo Christian High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed what they had to offer for sports, and how they had so many things to offer to be involved at the school!
It's a great place to learn about God in the school systems. KCHS has a great community and atmosphere for learning and growing as a student who's going through the early stages of live. KCHS is a smaller school but, you'll be able to really connect with the teachers and other students very well.
I liked how I know everybody as it's not a very big school. All the teachers know my name which is super nice being know and feeling valued. Every morning the principal and some teachers greet you in the morning as you come in by the doors with a smile and occasionally some candy. Also they have 2 local youth pastors at school two times a week for kids to talk to about life and other stuff going on. This is super nice if you want to rant or just get some advice on something you can talk to them and not worry about feeling judged.
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Kalamazoo Christian High School is was an excellent school with which I had the extreme honor to attend and graduate from. The faculty is brilliant, trustworthy, patient, and encouraging. The facility itself help me become more college prepared. The only thing I would recommend is more attention to students individualistically especially if they have a learning disability.
I enjoyed the atmosphere at Kalamazoo Christian High school and the sense of community and good relationships between students and teachers. I would change some administrative decisions made by our board of educators and professional that operate our school.
Staff and teachers are wonderful! They care about the student and show a genral interest in their lives! Children generally excell here, with high GPA averages and athletic opportunities in various sports. To be noted, it is a largely conservative school, and a great many of students go on to attend christian universities. Additionally, this is a very sheltered community of children, with a lack of real world exposure. There is an international student program but most people are white/caucasion. They have most major sports, not including lacrosse. This school does lack in clubs, there is no newspaper, yearbook, or photography clubs. There is a yeatbook class but nothing is offered outside of school hours. There is no regular lunch offered, on wednesday’s there is food brought in from various fast food places and on Friday the school brings in pizza from Cottage Inn. Some AP/honors classes are offered but not many.
Kalamazoo Christian is an excellent, challenging school that equips its students for life after high school.
When you hear higher education, you can think of Kalamazoo Christian. It has the highest ranking teachers who want the best for you and are always looking for the students best interest. I had a lot of success at this high school and I loved my time there as I have learned a lot. I also had the opportunity to learn a second language which was very important to me as well. I had a great experience and I would recommend the school to anyone and everyone!
I love that the class sizes are small so that you can grow a relationship with your teachers! Our teachers really want to help us and see us succeed in life after high school.
I love the small class size, how I know everyone and I can find friends. Its a very good education. I have a good vibe at the school
The teachers know a lot about and our passionate about the subjects they teach and care about how students are doing in classes. They will make an effort to make sure you keep up with classes and know what is going on.
Bullying is terrible at KCHS
We've never had any security problems, but the overall security isn't great. I think that's okay, though, as the school feels inviting.
The extracurricular activities could be more diverse, but what they have is pretty excellent.
The student life has a lot of cliques, but the education is great.
The teachers are very good. They know their subject material, and they help the students whenever they need it.
I love the teachers and classes that this school has to offer. The Bible classes challenge me to think more deeply about my relationship with God. The English classes are my favorite, because they allow me to think outside of the box. I love all of my classes and teachers, they're engaging and they genuinely care about me. However, the students are extremely cliquey. I don't fit the Kalamazoo Christian mold, because I prefer the arts rather than sports and it can be hard for me because of that.
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The guidance counselor is very involved and all you need to do is ask and she will help you out! The office staff is very friendly and helpful! The dress code policy is average, not too strict, but not too loose I would say.
I personally, am not involved in any sports teams, but I go to basketball and football games and enjoy myself. There is plenty of student spirit involved and I know many people who participate in sports teams.
I have a good relationship with most of my teachers. They're always there to talk or help if needed. They control the classroom and have interesting lessons.
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